Living an Enriched Life

Residents experience fulfilled days in this Brandon community.

At 93, Ann Phipps has always lived a full and active life. She and her husband of 58 years, George, often traveled across the United States in a motor home, living a frugal, yet fun-filled existence. When George passed away in 2002, Ann remained in the couple’s permanent home in Zephyrhills up until a few years ago.

Photo by Fred Bellet.

Gayle (left) enjoys spending time with her Aunt Phipps at Hawthorne Village of Brandon.

“Aunt Phipps and Uncle George were inseparable,” shares Ann’s niece, Gayle Osborne. “They shared a love of travel and were full of life. A beam of light is what the two of them always were.
“A few years after Uncle George died, Aunt Phipps developed an autoimmune disease, and I didn’t like her living so far away from my home in Valrico. I wanted to move her closer to me.
“We got her an apartment in The Estates, the independent living area of Hawthorne Village of Brandon a few years ago. My mother [Ann’s sister] also lived at Hawthorne Village, so we both knew how wonderful the community is. Aunt Phipps used to visit my mom every Monday, so she was familiar with the facility. The employees knew Aunt Phipps ahead of time, so it was a comfortable and natural fit. They have so much to offer each stage of life.”
Hawthorne Village of Brandon is a not-for-profit, full-service retirement community conveniently located near Tampa, and provides various options for carefree living. Hawthorne Village of Brandon is composed of three separate facilities, each specializing in a specific aspect of retirement living, all on one beautifully manicured and convenient campus.

The Extra Touch

Gayle says her aunt enjoyed her independence and was capable of taking care of herself in many ways. However, the day came when she had to make the decision to move Ann to Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living, a home-like setting for individuals who need assistance with daily self-care in a supportive environment.
Photo by Fred Bellet.“The autoimmune disease continued to worsen, and her medications really needed to be monitored a bit more,” Gayle confides. “Aunt Phipps and I discussed it and decided that assisted living was the safer environment for her. They make sure she takes her medications at the right times each day and keep an eye on her round the clock. It’s very comforting for me to know that she is being cared for and looked after in that way.”
Gayle says the level of care her aunt receives has made the decision to move her into Hawthorne Inn was an easy choice to live with.
“She has everything she needs here and the staff to back it up,” Gayle confirms. “The staff really take the caregiver’s needs into account. They are always here for me to talk to if I ever need any of them to lean on. They are very supportive and have an open-door policy. I can visit Aunt Phipps anytime I need to. They welcome me with open arms every time I see them and always with smiles on their faces.”
Kristen Calta, assisted living administrator at the Hawthorne Inn, says the success of the program is comprised of three components: The resident, the team and the resident’s family.
“It makes a world of difference in what we do here when we have family members, such as Gayle, who are involved and spend time with their loved ones,” Kristen affirms. “It ensures that the resident feels loved and cared for, and it makes our jobs so much easier. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

So Much to Offer

Kristen says the staff at the Hawthorne Inn strive to get to know the residents and meet their individual needs.
“With Ann, we all know that she loves to walk and move around, and every time I see her in the hallways, I make sure I say hello to her and exchange conversation with her. When we are planning an activity I think she will enjoy, I am sure to tell her because I have gotten to know her likes and dislikes. For example, anytime we are having an event where children are coming, I am sure to tell her. She also loves to exercise and keep moving. If I don’t see her in an exercise class, I’ll check on her to make sure she is alright and encourage her to come next time. We are like an extension of her own family.”
Ann says the amenities are second to none. Photo by Fred Bellet.
“I enjoy the meals they prepare, and I don’t have to cook, which is the best part for me,” Ann shares. “They clean my room for me, too, which is also great.”
“My aunt and uncle were always so outgoing and vivacious, and they just lived life to the fullest every day,” says Gayle. “After Uncle George passed away, Aunt Phipps still maintained an outgoing life. And she still does that at Hawthorne Village. They keep her very busy with all of the activities they offer. They have Family Night, where I can come in and have dinner with her; they also have exercise programs and game nights. It is wonderful to see the joy on people’s faces when they are involved in an activity they enjoy.”
Ann enjoys her lifestyle at Hawthorne Inn and takes advantage of the many activities they offer daily.
“I love to walk, and I walk all over the grounds here; it’s really lovely,” Ann confirms. “I am known as The Walker. I also enjoy when the local school children come to visit. My husband and I never had kids of our own, and it is so delightful to sit and listen to them sing or just enjoy their company. I absolutely love it.”

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