Life in the Fast Lane

Painless, in-office laser treatment eliminates toenail fungus.

Casey Bennett is a 39-year-old working mother of a seven-year-old son, but her “baby” is a shiny-gray 2015 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS that she races against the clock on weekends at a track near her Sarasota home.

hoto courtesy of Casey Bennett.

Casey Bennett

“I do what they call test-n-tune, where you race against the clock for fun. I’ve gone as fast as one hundred and twenty-five miles per hour and run the quarter mile in twelve point nine seconds. That’s my fastest time.”

Like many a working mother, Casey lives a rather hectic lifestyle, one that forces her to move fast, even when she’s not racing her car. She was recently slowed, though, by a mishap that took place at a convenience store.

“I was reaching into one of those big refrigerators to get a bottle of iced tea, and when I pulled the big door open, it caught my right big toenail and pulled it up and off the skin,” Casey explains. “It was not fun, because it really hurt and bled a lot.”

The pain and bleeding were just the start of Casey’s problems with that toe. Because the nail was raised up, the bed beneath it soon became discolored. So, too, did her toenail, three-fourths of which eventually fell off, leaving the bed exposed.

Casey initially tried correcting the problem through the use of over-the-counter remedies, but when those efforts failed, she called her friend, Dawn Chiu, DPM, at Sarasota Foot and Ankle Center.

“I’ve known Dr. Chiu for years,” Casey relates. “I used to babysit her kids at the church we all attend, so when this toe problem wouldn’t go away, I went to see her to find out what was going on and what could be done about it.”

No Tests, No Side Effects

Dr. Chiu immediately diagnosed the problem as toenail fungus and prescribed PinPointe FootLaser® therapy, a treatment Dr. Chiu describes as her preferred weapon of choice in the battle against toenail fungus.

“I prefer it because unlike oral medications, which can upset a person’s stomach, the laser treatment kills the underlying fungus without causing side effects, and there’s no need for the patient to take a blood test beforehand,” Dr. Chiu informs.

Before and after images courtesy of Sarasota Foot and Ankle Center.The in-office laser treatment lasts only a few minutes, during which time the laser is passed over the nail in a crisscross pattern to ensure full coverage. Patients usually feel a warm sensation on their toe while the laser treatment is in progress, but no pain.

Afterward, patients can resume normal activities. When combined with topical ointments, the laser treatment has an 80 percent success rate. Casey, who had the treatment performed about a year and a half ago, is factored into that success rate.

“I noticed a difference in how my toe looked about a week after having the treatment,” Casey enthuses. “The color started to change in a good way, and it started to look better. It took a little longer, but the fungus eventually went away, too.

“It took about a year, but the nail finally grew back, and now, everything looks normal again, so the treatment worked really well. I’m really happy with the outcome and definitely recommend the laser therapy and Dr. Chiu.”

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