Life-Changing Results

Feel younger, stronger, sexier with bio-natural hormone therapy.

Andrew “Drew” Taylor understands what it takes to be fit. He’s been a health and fitness professional for 26 years. For the past 13, he’s operated a group of personal fitness studios he owns with his wife, called Samantha Taylor Fitness. When Drew’s own fitness took an unexplained dip, he first tried to fix the problem himself.

Andrew “Drew” Taylor and Monica (alias) received bio-natural hormone replacement therapy at Infinity Medical Institute.

With his hormones optimized, Drew’s workouts are productive again.

“I gradually worked to improve on all the areas of my life I could think of,” he says. “I worked on eating healthier, exercising more, stretching better and strengthening my faith in God by participating more in church activities.”

From the physical perspective, Drew’s hard work produced minimal benefits. He continued to lose strength and motivation, and it created problems in all aspects of his life, including his marriage. He lost interest in intimacy with his wife.

“I didn’t have that oomph, that edge,” he explains. “I’d lost the extra drive and desire, and I was feeling lethargic. I was struggling in my workouts, laboring through them, and I wasn’t getting anywhere. I wasn’t having breakthroughs in my workouts. I was just going through the motions, trying not to break down.

“For someone who has studied health and fitness and has really worked at it, I didn’t expect to lose mine in my forties. It was affecting my self-esteem and my relationship, although my wife was trying to be supportive and help me.”

After Drew initially worked to improve the various areas of his life, he realized there was one important area he forgot about – his hormones. He had researched the topic extensively and knew the effects of unbalanced hormones. He decided to have his tested, and was told his free testosterone level, which affects strength and desire, was low.

“I did more research and read that bio-identical pellet therapy is the best way to go to get a sustained level of hormones that actually respond like your body’s natural hormones,” he states. “I looked for places that offer this therapy and found Infinity Medical Institute.”

When Drew arrived at Infinity Medical Institute, he spoke to several staff members, who educated him on the bio-natural Lpellet hormone replacement therapy they offer. This therapy is a safe and natural treatment for hormone-related symptoms.

There’s also a physician on staff, Moriah R. Moffitt, MD, who analyzed his blood work and prescribed a specific hormone combination to help with the symptoms he was experiencing.

“Dr. Moffitt listened to what I had to say about my goals for the hormone therapy,” says Drew. “Then, she gave me a very reasonable idea of what to expect.

“She said she couldn’t guarantee the therapy would take away my self-esteem challenges, but my desire for my workouts, my relationship with my wife, the intimacy – those things would definitely improve.”

Drew responded to the bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy quickly. He began noticing a significant difference in the first three months
of treatment.

“During that time, I had a few weeks where there were aha moments when I was like, Wow!” he shares. “I felt this cloud leaving. My mood and outlook were brighter. I started to feel a little internal drive again, and I had a desire to achieve.

“Between month three and month six, the hormones started to really take hold. It became more like a daily wow. I thought, This is great!

A Different Person

Menopause can hit some women harder than others. When Monica* became “a woman of a certain age,” she no longer recognized herself. She went from being an active, outgoing person to become a lethargic introvert.Andrew “Drew” Taylor and Monica (alias) received bio-natural hormone replacement therapy at Infinity Medical Institute.

“In school, I was a cheerleader and was on the swim team,” relates the third-
generation Tampa native. “I rowed crew as an adult. I played softball as a teenager and as an adult. I was a runner, too. I was very athletic, but had gotten to a point where my motto became, I’ll do it tomorrow, because I didn’t have the energy for today.

“I functioned. I did my job, but it took a herculean effort. Everything took an effort, including getting up and getting dressed. I had no energy. It felt like I was carrying a sumo wrestler on my back. I tried some natural things for menopause from the health food store, but I didn’t get any relief.”

Monica experienced other menopausal symptoms as well, including loss of sex drive, painful intercourse, difficulty sleeping and weight gain. For someone who had always been physically fit, that was especially difficult for her to manage.

“I turned into this blob,” she describes. “No matter what I did, no matter how much yoga I did, it didn’t help. Then, I didn’t have the energy to go to yoga anyway. It became so I didn’t know whose body I was living in, and I felt I should be paying rent to live in it.”

Feeling uncomfortable and unattractive, Monica wasn’t motivated to leave her house and socialize with her friends. Instead, she went to work and went home – and stayed there.

“I couldn’t wait for the week to end so I could just get on the couch and watch Netflix,” she says.

One day, Monica vented her frustration to an old school friend, and the friend offered a recommendation. She told Monica she had gone to Infinity Medical Institute and experienced their bio-natural L3 pellet therapy.

Monica was persuaded to make an appointment when her friend told her how Infinity Medical Institute’s hormone therapy positively changed her life.

“She told me she got phenomenal results,” notes Monica. “She said the therapy gave her back her life and her marriage. Like me, she was just looking for the energy to get through the day, but she got so much more.

“When I got to Infinity Medical Institute and described my symptoms, they said I would benefit from the services they provide because I knew what I used to be like and didn’t recognize the person I was now. I knew I was too young to be feeling as old as I felt.”

There was a reason Monica felt that way. When her hormone levels were tested, the results indicated significant deficiencies in key hormones controlling physical roles such as sexual function and stamina. Her pellet therapy was tailored to address those deficiencies, and Monica responded quickly to the treatment.

“It was about five days after my first pellet was implanted that I started to feel a difference,” she reports. “I was in Starbucks®, and I remember thinking, Either this Starbucks in Boca Raton has the most gorgeous men in it I’ve ever seen in one place, or the hormones are starting to work!

Hormone Optimization

“Often, people reach middle age and start experiencing symptoms such as lack of energy, difficulty sleeping and loss of sex drive,” describes Michael Montemurro, president of Infinity Medical Institute. “They need to visit us and have their hormones checked. Once we get their hormone levels optimized with the bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy, their lives will change significantly for the better.”

The bio-natural L3 pellet hormone therapy is the most natural and effective solution for hormone-related issues. Through Infinity Medical Institute’s pellet hormone replacement therapy, patients can achieve consistent absorption of the proper, predictable levels of hormones their bodies require for optimum health through the simple insertion of a pellet approximately every three to five months.

These bio-natural hormone pellets are made from wild yam plants, a natural plant material that is molecularly changed in structure and function for a 98 percent bio-identical match to the body’s own composition, whereas synthetic hormones can be as little as six to eight percent bio-identical.Andrew “Drew” Taylor and Monica (alias) received bio-natural hormone replacement therapy at Infinity Medical Institute.

“Hormones affect everything, including our growth through childhood, our sexual development, our moods, how we break down our food, sleep patterns, stress, how much weight we gain – just about every function in the body, big and small,” informs Dr. Moffitt. “They also play a role in many health conditions such as diabetes, an over- or underactive thyroid, osteoporosis, obesity, anxiety and depression.”

“The body can never restore lost hormones again unless it is done endogenously, like we do here with the bio-natural L3 pellet therapy,” notes Michael.

Michael emphasizes that patients appreciate the all-natural products used at Infinity Medical Institute.

“Our bio-natural L3 pellet hormone therapy really helps give us an edge as we provide patients with a product that is all-natural, and we stand behind it,” he says. “It’s the most effective hormone treatment on the market. It is felt to be extremely safe because it is replacing natural, normal hormones with biologically identical hormones that the body is used to seeing, rather than synthetic versions of the hormones.”

Customized Treatment

Dr. Moffitt, Michael and the staff at Infinity Medical Institute truly care about each patient and take the time to get to know the individual person they are treating.

“Every patient is unique and we understand that,” relates Dr. Moffitt. “We get to know each one and understand their lifestyle so that we can treat them appropriately.”Andrew “Drew” Taylor and Monica (alias) received bio-natural hormone replacement therapy at Infinity Medical Institute.

“At Infinity Medical Institute, we’ve been offering bio-natural pellet hormone therapy for nine years,” adds Michael. “We take a very therapeutic approach. We customize treatment for each patient, and we use a superior quality product. We cater to our patients, and make sure they get the best possible care, as well as exceptional results.”

“We want to be sure that the treatment we administer is going to be the best overall course of action for each patient,” Dr. Moffitt continues. “Everyone has unique needs. We’re very thorough with the labs at every visit in order to see what has changed and what, if anything, needs to be altered to be sure the patient is feeling the best they possibly can.

“Many patients come in saying they’re not feeling vibrant, energetic, and they have other various symptoms. Our aim for patients seeking hormone replacement is to make them feel good from the inside out.”

“We work very closely with patients to optimize and restore their hormone levels to what they were when the patients were in their prime – back in their twenties,” notes Michael. “That’s our goal, and that’s why we get such significant results for our patients.”

Amazing Results

Improving quality of life is a key goal of bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy at Infinity Medical Institute. However, Monica’s and Drew’s therapies did more than that for them. For Monica and Drew, they changed their lives.

“After my first pellet implant, I went from immobile to unstoppable,” raves Monica. “Now that my hormones are optimized, I feel like a thirty-year-old, like I got into a time machine. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.

“It’s kind of like Cirque du Soleil. Unless you’ve been to Cirque du Soleil, you can’t even begin to explain to somebody what it’s like. That’s how it is with Infinity’s hormone therapy. Now, I feel like a million dollars. It’s such an overwhelming difference that sometimes I can’t believe it myself. I feel like I should celebrate a new birthday.”

It’s been seven months since Drew began his bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy, and he’s experienced dramatic results as well. His fitness is back on track, and so is his relationship with his wife.

“Now, my workouts and recovery times are really good,” he describes. “My desire to work out is there, and when I look in the mirror, my body is responding again. Thanks to the pellet therapy, I have new goals in terms of our business, and the competitive fire has come back.

“My wife has noticed me being more loving and affectionate as well.”

Now, Monica sleeps like a baby, is back to regular yoga classes and is blowing away the competition at work. Being active again also helped her lose the extra weight she gained when she stopped exercising.

“My energy level is now through the roof,” she offers. “I’m getting together with friends more, like for dinner on Friday nights, rather than just planting myself in front of the TV. My dogs have even lost a few pounds because we’re walking so much farther.”

On the other hand, Drew wanted to gain weight, but in the right places.

“With my workouts, I’ve put on about fifteen pounds of muscle,” he states. “My wife noticed. Other people notice. People I see all the time are saying, Wow! What are you doing? They’re not just commenting about me physically; they’re also talking about my affect. They say my face is glowing a little more, and I look younger.

“I’m so excited about this extra piece of the fitness picture that I ignored for so long,” continues Drew. “I also know for some of my clients for whom I’ve done everything I possibly can, there’s yet another area I can suggest they check. And it’s something that could totally change their lives.

“Not only are we recommending the bio-natural L3 pellet therapy at Infinity Medical Institute, we’re actively partnering with them. They’re coming to one of our seminars in July and presenting their information to our clients. I believe people should at least know the role of hormones in their fitness and health.”

“I don’t know what I did before Infinity,” says Monica. “I do know my life was dark and shadowy. I tell everybody about their bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy, even my male friends. I tell them to have their hormones checked. Then, I say, Call Infinity Medical Institute. It will change your life!

FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. Photos by Jordan Pysz. Stock photo from mkb
*Patient’s name withheld at their request.
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