Laser Legwork

Painless treatment seals varicose veins.

New York native Barry Clymer has a job that involves a lot of legwork. He wasn’t too surprised then when his legs started to swell, and his leg veins began to pop out.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Barry Clymer

“I’m not vain; I don’t really care how my legs look, but I was concerned about the swelling,” says Barry, a warranty administrator for a local car dealership. “I went to my primary care physician, who said the swelling was from my varicose veins. He referred me to Vein Treatment Center of Palm Coast.”
Vein Treatment Center of Palm Coast is the practice of Charles I. Stein, MD, and N. John Collucci, DO. The doctors began their care for Barry by ordering an ultrasound of his legs. The results showed that the tiny, one-way valves that help move blood back up toward the heart were not functioning properly. This was causing blood to pool in Barry’s legs and his veins to enlarge, a condition called venous reflux disease.
“I met with Dr. Stein, who confirmed that the problem was with my leg veins,” shares Barry. “He explained everything he and Dr. Collucci could do for me, why they should do it and how they would do it.”

Painless and Effective

The procedure Dr. Stein and Dr. Collucci recommended for Barry’s varicose veins is called endovascular laser treatment, or EVLT. During these minimally invasive procedures, a high-energy laser directs heat into the affected veins, which seal shut within a week and are slowly absorbed by the body. Blood is then rerouted through healthy veins nearby.

“Now, the swelling is pretty much gone, and my varicose veins are all gone.” – Barry

EVLT requires no incisions, stitches or anesthesia, only a few Novocain® injections. The doctors strive for a two-hour maximum for each in-office procedure.
“We work on the worst area first,” notes Dr. Stein. “Then, if a second procedure is necessary, we’ve eliminated much of the blood supply. This makes the second procedure easier.”
“I was awake during the whole thing,” states Barry. “First, they numb the area pretty well. Then they use the laser to close off the veins. It didn’t hurt at all.”
Following EVLT, patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities, hot tubs, swimming pools and sunbathing for a number of days. Most can return to work or other routines the same day.
“Now, the swelling is pretty much gone, and my varicose veins are all gone,” reports Barry. “My legs look and feel fine. Dr. Stein told me I’d get my sexy legs back.
“My treatment from Dr. Stein and Dr. Collucci was a success. I absolutely recommend them and Vein Treatment Center of Palm Coast.”

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