“It’s Like a Miracle Has Happened”

Noninvasive, drug-free magnetic therapy relieves chronic pain, swelling.

That Wilma Nelson can walk today is something of a miracle, one forged in no small part by her father, who built from scratch the exercise equipment she needed to rebuild her right leg after it was crushed during a lumber mill accident some 55 years ago.Wilma Nelson has spent most of her life in agonizing pain. It wasn’t until she began receiving PEMF therapy at iPulse that she found a solution.

“I spent ten days in a hospital after that accident, and when it was time to go home, the doctor put me in a wheelchair and asked me if I was comfortable in the wheelchair,” Wilma, 90, remembers. “I said yes, and he said, Good, because you’ll never walk again.

“That’s how bad my leg was injured, but my father went out right after that and built three pieces of equipment that are now pretty standard in physical therapy offices and showed me how to use them. It’s because of that that I was able to walk again.”

Walk yes, but not without consequences. Wilma’s journey to free herself from the constraints of her wheelchair took nearly 20 years, and along the way, her legs became so inflamed that when she finally did walk again, every step was taken in agonizing pain.

“I’ve spent most of my life in tremendous pain,” Wilma confirms. “There have been times when the pain was so acute, I thought I was going to lose my mind because of it. Thankfully, my daughter found someone who has helped me with that.”

Pulse Away Pain

The person Wilma’s daughter found is Peter DeSimone. He’s the founder of iPulse, a technology-based wellness center offering a promising remedy for chronic pain and swelling called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, or PEMF therapy.

The science behind PEMF therapy has been around since the discovery of electricity and is approved by the FDA for use in correcting a variety of maladies, including nonunion bone fractures, muscle stimulation, urinary incontinence, post-operative pain and swelling, migraines and even brain cancer.

Also approved for use by the FDA in the treatment of depression and anxiety, PEMF is a noninvasive, drug-free therapy that uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic pulses to energize cells or, in the case of depression and anxiety, modify neurochemical imbalances.

The safe, low-level pulses are similar to those emitted during an MRI and can be delivered through a variety of devices, including a mat, paddle or ring, the latter of which is most often used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

“The devices we use all replicate the electromagnetic field of the Earth,” Peter explains. “That’s important because every cell in our body communicates and functions through electromagnetic energy. But our cells are like batteries; over time, they lose their charge, become weak and stop functioning properly.

“When that happens, they stop taking in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oxygen. That allows waste and toxins to become trapped inside, and that is generally the starting point for every sort of chronic pain, illness or disease known to man.

Encouraged by what her daughter told her of PEMF therapy, Wilma first visited iPulse shortly after the first of the year. During her first visit, Peter determined the cause of her pain to be inflammation and swelling in her legs and recommended PEMF therapy.

“Wilma was excited to try the PEMF therapy. I started working on her by treating multiple areas up and down both legs,” Peter says. “My intent was to improve the circulation because as circulation improves, oxygen builds and inflammation reduces.”

Wilma visited iPulse twice a week for the next few months and says the PEMF therapy has worked “wonders” for her. For the first time in decades, Wilma is walking mostly pain free and without the aid of the painkillers she had been taking regularly.

“Before I went to iPulse, my legs looked and felt like tree trunks,” Wilma says. “Now, they look and feel like legs. It’s amazing what PEMF therapy has done for me. It’s like a miracle has happened, and I can’t thank Peter enough.”

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