In Denial?

Hearing aids provide positive, life-changing experience.

During the 35 years he spent installing and repairing fire suppression systems in and around his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, Scott Simon seldom if ever experienced a “quiet day’’ at work. Wherever Scott worked, it was always loud. Very loud.

Scott Simon didn’t think he had a hearing problem until he finally broke down and went to see Dr. Duran.

Scott Simon

“I worked at a lot of different places but mostly in steel mills, and when they’d blow those kettles open and pour all that molten steel out, it was very, very loud,” says Scott, 69. “I dealt with that every day all my working life.”

He’s paid a price for it, too. Now retired and living in Fort Myers with his wife, a retired school teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing, Scott began losing the ability to hear clearly years ago. It wasn’t until recently that he did something about it.

“My wife had been complaining for a while about how loud I kept the TV and how I was always asking her to repeat herself,’’ Scott explains. “Finally, after we got to Florida last October, she said, You’re going to get your ears checked.

That order prompted a visit to Drianis Duran, AuD, at Gulf Coast Audiology. It wasn’t the first time Scott’s wife recommended a family member visit the board-certified audiologist. She did the same five years earlier when her mother’s hearing began to fade.

Hearing Is Believing

“When she first brought her mother here, Scott’s wife was saying, I wish I could get my husband to come here, but he doesn’t think he has a hearing problem,’’Dr. Duran recalls. “That’s typical of a lot of the patients we see.

“Many people are in denial about their hearing. They don’t think they have a hearing loss, because they can hear, but they don’t hear things clearly. For example, they’ll think someone said, That person is fat when in fact they said, That person is fast.

“That’s what was happening with Scott. Our testing showed that he has a significant high-frequency hearing loss in both ears, which means he could hear but he could not hear things clearly. That’s why his wife spent years trying to convince him he had an issue.”

Scott says he wasn’t necessarily in denial about his hearing loss. He just didn’t think the issue was as great as his wife made it out to be. He says he realized how wrong he was the first time his hearing was tested by Dr. Duran.

“When I finally broke down and went for the testing, it turned out I was actually pretty deaf,’’ conveys Scott, who was eventually fit in both ears with Phonak hearing aids that include wireless technology and Bluetooth® technology.

“His hearing aids will help him in just about any environment automatically,’’ Dr. Duran says. “He doesn’t need to worry about adjusting volumes or changing programs, and the Bluetooth technology allows him to receive a phone call without even picking up the phone.”

Scott has been “blown away’’ by the changes the hearing aids have made in his life, adding that “it’s an absolute joy to hear the way I hear now compared to the way I heard, or didn’t hear, before.

“And I just can’t stress enough how great Dr. Duran and her entire staff are. Dr. Duran will sit there as long as she needs to in order to make sure everything is right. She’s so considerate and just an angel to me. She’s one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. If anybody is looking for a wonderful audiologist, she’s the doctor to go to.”

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