I Lost It

Even when every diet on the planet didn’t work.

recent transplant to Florida, Tina Lay-Flanagan was born in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Louisiana at the age of 14. Years later, a job in the marketing department of an assisted living community brought her to the Sunshine State. Her new home and her new job also brought her the solution to an ongoing battle.

Tina Lay-Flanagan lost 25 pounds using Dr. Michael Burr’s weight-loss program at Spring Hill Chiropractic & Wellness in Spring Hill.


“I have struggled with weight issues ever since I had my son,” shares Tina. “Then, when I reached my late forties, I started putting on a lot of weight. We lived on a farm at the time, and my husband didn’t want me to work. He just wanted me to stay at home and take care of the family and the household. That’s when I started gaining the weight.

“The extra weight caused a lot of problems for me. When I walked, I couldn’t breathe. I had problems with my back because I carried so much weight. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and my doctor put me on medication for it. It was bad.”

By the time Tina moved to Florida, she tipped the scale at 190 pounds and was miserable. In her job at Mariner Palms Assisted Living in Spring Hill, she helped organize an event at the community. That’s where she met Dr. Michael E. Burr and his assistant Sandy and learned that Dr. Burr was a wellness consultant as well as a chiropractor at Spring Hill Chiropractic & Wellness.

“I met Dr. Burr and Sandy at our grand opening,” Tina says. “I thought
Dr. Burr was just a regular chiropractor, but Sandy told me they have a special weight-loss program. I’ve done every diet on the planet with no results, but I talked with Sandy a little more about their program and decided to go to their office.

“When I got to Spring Hill Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Burr did some tests on my body. They found that my body was depleted of fat-burning hormones. It was all messed up, and it affected my metabolism.

“I wanted to find out why my metabolism was broken and stopped working, so I decided to go ahead and do Dr. Burr’s program.”

Coach Me Up

“When we met Tina, she was unhappy that people weren’t recognizing her because she gained so much weight,” reports Dr. Burr. “Like many overweight people, she tried everything to lose weight and nothing worked.

“Most people try to lose weight by eating less and exercising more, but that’s not the solution for many. Our program takes a different approach, based on positive lifestyle changes and improved body function. Tina got excited about our program because she knew it would literally change her life.”

Tina was grateful for the encouragement of her weight loss coach, especially at the start of the program. She struggled at first because she was eating well and still gaining weight.

“I ate a lot of healthy foods and fruits, but everything I ate just stuck to me, even if it was just one little thing,” she relates. “So, it was hard to lose weight at first. But I was determined to stick with the program, and my coach really helped me. I started eating the recipes in the book they gave me, then the weight just started coming off.”

Something Broken

Dr. Burr has found that overweight people have one of two problems that keeps them from losing weight: Either they have a broken metabolism or broken behavior patterns. Sometimes, they have both.
Dr. Burr’s weight-loss program teaches participants how to change their behavior patterns in a positive way while also becoming healthier. Together, these make it much easier to become better at fat burning.

“Our goal is to show people strategies that change their behavior patterns and how to have fun while they’re doing it,” he notes. “We also determine what’s broken with their metabolism and talk to them about factors that impact metabolism, such as decreased energy, digestive issues, hormones, stress, sleep challenges and more.

“All those factors play a role in how the body processes food, so if it can’t handle sugars very well, the body will go into fat-storing mode. If it can’t handle stress, it will go into fat-storing mode. We show people how to change their biochemical reactions to stress and the food they eat so they don’t store fat. We help them fix
what’s broken.”

For most, the program begins with a no-charge introductory class during which participants learn ten ways to help their hormones work to turn them from fat-storing machines into fat-burning machines. During the class, people are relieved to learn that there are underlying reasons making it difficult to lose weight and keep it off. It’s not just their discipline or willpower, but partially their body’s physiology.

“As people begin to change their lifestyles and eating habits through our easy-to-follow steps, they get healthier,” observes Dr. Burr. “Many people come in and tell us how their lives are so much better with improved energy, relationships and work performance, fewer cravings, less irritability, and no more mental fog or pain. Patients even tell us about their doctors taking them off medications they’ve been on for years. Sometimes, they forget to mention they’ve lost forty pounds because they’re so excited about
the other things.

“The people in the program become super healthy, and when a person is super healthy, it’s really tough to be overweight. That’s our ultimate goal – to have people live a one-hundred-year lifestyle.”

Breathing Happy

Once Tina got accustomed to her new, healthier lifestyle, she began to see results with her weight loss. She’s pleased with what she’s accomplished in her first months on the program.

Tina Lay-Flanagan lost 25 pounds using Dr. Michael Burr’s weight-loss program at Spring Hill Chiropractic & Wellness in Spring Hill.

Tina After

“So far, I’ve lost at least twenty-five pounds,” she enthuses. “It took me about two months to lose that weight.”

Losing the weight has made a difference in Tina’s health as well. Without the extra pounds, the problems she was experiencing before have been significantly resolved.

“I feel awesome,” she reports. “I have more energy, and I can breathe better. I’m so thankful I can walk around and breathe. I also haven’t had any problems with my back. I haven’t had my blood pressure checked by my doctor yet, but I have a blood pressure machine at home. When I checked my blood pressure recently, it was perfect.”

Dr. Burr’s weight-loss program has helped fix what was broken inside Tina’s body and what was keeping her metabolism from working efficiently. Tina’s hormone levels are now improving, and she credits Dr. Burr, his staff and her coach for helping her reach this point.

“I’m so grateful I found Dr. Burr and his program because the weight is just coming off,” she relates. “I have a little way to go, but eventually, it will all come off, and they do it the right way. Because the program is a lifestyle change, I don’t plan to ever get off of it.

I encourage anyone who wants to lose weight to check out the program at Spring Hill Chiropractic and Wellness, because you can only get it through a doctor. It’s not your normal weight-loss program. It’s a lifestyle change, and Dr. Burr and his staff teach you how to make it. They’re there for you, and they’re just awesome!”

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