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Short-term rehabilitation center provides quality, personalized care.

Abbiejean Russell Care Center has been the last stop on the long road home for a great number of stroke survivors. Clarence Harvey is among those who developed a special affinity for the center’s warm, home-like environment during his stay.

The team of professionals at AJRCC helped Clarence Harvey get home quickly following his stroke.

The Transitional Care Team from left to right includes:
Sherry Apple, Cassietta Sanders, Karen McCarthy, Kit Trowell,
Jeff Remsen, Nerlande Cadet, Jen Alfano, Carlene Clark

“I love it there because they don’t treat you like you’re a patient,” the 59-year-old building maintenance engineer says. “They treat you like family. When the time came for me to go home, I really didn’t want to leave because the people there are so special.”

Clarence’s departure from the privately owned and operated, short-term rehab center came about six weeks after he suffered his stroke and exactly three weeks after his wife suggested Abbiejean Russell Care Center was the best place to complete his rehabilitation.

“At first, I wanted to go home because I felt like I was ready to go home,” Clarence confides. “But after I got there and saw the incredible level of personal and rehabilitative care they provide, I was blown away by the place.”

Providing that care is a team of eight specialists from different areas of the caregiving realm who meet daily to review and alter each resident’s recovery plan so that the resident can return home or move on to the next level of care as soon as possible.

“The first thing we do is sit down with the resident and/or their family to learn what their activity level was prior to the incident that brought them to us and what their goals are now,” says Karen McCarthy, case manager at Abbiejean Russell Care Center.

“We then build a case around those goals, a game plan to help them achieve their goals from the day of arrival to the day of discharge. We identify their needs and put together a plan of therapy that allows them to transition home.

“It’s all very specific, and our objective is to avert any returns to the hospital, so included in all of that are follow-up communications with family members or home-health-service representatives to make sure everything is going well.”

Among the many amenities at Abbiejean Russell Care Center is a spacious rehabilitation center where residents have access to state-of-the-art equipment, including the most advanced cycle therapy available today and the area’s only virtual rehab.

Designed to help residents regain a high level of physical functioning, the virtual rehab system uses an advanced, three-
dimensional camera and specialized computer software to track the patient’s precise movements while they interact in a virtual world.

The system includes a variety of functional exercise programs and is managed by a team of licensed, in-house therapists who provide skilled physical, occupational and speech therapy needs seven days a week.

Back on His Feet

When Clarence suffered his stroke, he lost a great deal of mobility in his right arm, right hand and right leg. By the time he left Abbiejean Russell Care Center, he had regained about 90 percent mobility in each of those extremities.

“And I would say that ninety-eight percent of that recovery was a result of the work they did with me at Abbiejean Russell Care Center,” Clarence raves. “After just two days, I went from being in a wheelchair to using a walker. Now, I’m walking with only a cane.”

Clarence is now back home as well, but his appreciation for all the care he received during his 21-day stay at Abbiejean Russell is so great that he plans to return to the facility to do some volunteer work just as soon as he’s able.

“It was truly a humbling experience being at Abbiejean Russell, and I want to be able to give them something back to show my appreciation,” Clarence states. “It’s a great place to visit because the care there is exceptional.”

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