Home Sweet Home

Enjoy a worry-free, carefree lifestyle at this full service rental retirement community.

Claude and Kathleen Byington found love the second time around just over 13 and a half years ago. Claude, 91, and Kathleen, 88, met at the First Baptist Church in Brandon, where the couple attended church services for many years.

Photo by Fred Bellet.

Claude and Kathleen Byington

“We have known each other for forty years,” Kathleen shares. “We had long first marriages, and we both lost our mates when they passed away. We enjoy each other’s company, and one day, we decided to get married. Why be alone when you don’t have to be?”
Today, the couple spends their days enjoying life, and each other’s company, in The Estates at Hawthorne Village of Brandon.
“We had our own home, and it just became too much for us to take care of,” shares Kathleen, a Brandon native. “My daughter’s mother-in-law lived at Hawthorne Village years ago, and I knew this would be a perfect fit for us when it was time for Claude and me to sell our home.”
In 2016, Claude and Kathleen moved into a two-bedroom apartment in The Estates, a neighborhood for independent living.
“The move turned out to be the best decision we have made,” Claude says. “The apartment is just the right size for the two of us.”
Kathleen says she and Claude now have the time to enjoy daily activities and socialize with their neighbors, no longer worrying about cooking, cleaning or doing yard work.
“Once a week, they come in and clean, and that’s something I truly appreciate,” Kathleen says. “I rarely have to cook anymore. I really love that, too.
“Claude and I are able to enjoy many activities they offer here, like afternoon teas and monthly musical entertainment. They have a band that comes and plays instruments and sings. We dance and sing along with them. We really enjoy living here. It’s a wonderful and enjoyable life!”

Back on Her Feet

A fall at home left Janet Levy with a broken left shoulder.
“I live with my son, and I was cleaning out an upstairs closet. I tripped over some boxes,” Janet shares. “As soon as I hit the floor, I knew I had broken something. I was in a lot of pain.”

Photo by Fred Bellet.

Janet Levy and Jessica Estrada

The Brandon resident was transferred to Hawthorne Village Health and Rehabilitation once released from the hospital, where she remained in the inpatient Bounce Back Rehab program for several weeks receiving nursing services, as well as physical and occupational therapy.
“Once she recovered in the inpatient skilled nursing and rehab area of our community, she was discharged home and began coming in twice a week as an outpatient. I have been working with her to regain her range of motion at our outpatient Bounce Back® Rehabilitation Program,” shares Jessica Estrada, a physical therapist with the program.
Bounce Back Rehab is comprised of a team of licensed physical, speech and occupational therapists that provide the therapeutic help people need to regain mobility through the use of state-of-the-art therapy equipment. The team helps patients return to their highest functioning level possible. The goal of Bounce Back is that all patients rehab, recover, and return home.
“Janet took quite a fall, and she was in pretty bad shape. She wasn’t able to drive or even lift her arm to get dressed by herself when I started working with her here,” Jessica recalls. “In less than two months, she can raise her arm above her head again, get dressed and has been cleared to drive.”
“Jessica has worked with me so well over the last few months,” Janet shares. “She is very demanding, yet fun at the same time. She pushes me, but she does so with compassion.
“I am fortunate that the Bounce Back program is just a few minutes away from my home. When I was unable to drive, they picked me up and took me home each day I had therapy. They make it convenient, so there are no excuses. I’ve come a long way, thanks to them!”

Assisted Days and Nights

During a 2015 visit to see her parents in North Carolina, Karen Kelley knew it was no longer safe for the couple to live so far away from her.

Photo by Fred Bellet.

Karen Kelley and Edna Crouse

“I moved to Florida in 1990, and my parents remained in their native North Carolina,” Karen recalls. “But, when I visited them that fall, I quickly realized my father’s health was deteriorating. I suggested they move to Florida to be closer to me. I never dreamed they would be so quick to say yes.”
Edna Crouse and her husband of 57 years, George, relocated to Florida and settled into their new home in The Estates at Hawthorne Village of Brandon in 2016.
“Hawthorne Village was the first place we looked at,” Karen shares. “We knew right away it was perfect. Everyone was so welcoming and enthusiastic. It felt like home.”
But soon thereafter, life changed quickly for Edna and George.
When George passed away in June 2016, Karen realized her mother needed a different level of care.
“Mom had some issues with falling, and I was afraid for her to be in the apartment by herself,” Karen remembers. “That’s when I decided to move her over to Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living.”
“I absolutely love it here,” Edna raves. “They check on me every few hours, and even at night, they continue to check on me. They come in once a week and clean my apartment. They make sure I take my medicine every day. They are very caring and compassionate.”
Karen says she can rest much easier, thanks to the care her mother receives at Hawthorne Village. She visits her mother several times a week and is always welcomed with open arms by the staff.
“Everyone here is always glad to see you when you walk in the doors,” Karen says. “They treat you like family.
“It’s a huge weight off my shoulders to know my mom is being checked on regularly and she is being taken care of,” Karen adds. “I am so appreciative of the care she receives. It’s a wonderful place for her to call home!”

Carefree Living

Hawthorne Village of Brandon is a not-for-profit, full-service retirement community conveniently located near Tampa, and provides various options for carefree living. Hawthorne Village of Brandon is composed of three separate facilities, each specializing in a specific aspect of retirement living, all on one beautifully manicured and convenient campus.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Hawthorne Village of Brandon

The Estates at Hawthorne Village of Brandon offers exquisite apartment homes for the independent retiree. Worry-free and maintenance-free living awaits those who seek an active lifestyle with an all-inclusive, monthly rent. Weekly housekeeping and linen service, two restaurant-style meals per day, transportation to medical appointments and scheduled life-enrichment activities are just a sampling of the amenities available to the tenants.
Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living offers a home-like setting for those individuals who need assistance with daily self-care in a supportive environment.
For those seeking physical, speech or occupational therapy, the Bounce Back Rehabilitation Program is comprised of licensed professionals ready to help both the inpatient and outpatient clients rehab, recover and return home.

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