Home-Like Environment

Short-term rehab center provides high-quality, personalized care.

Abbiejean Russell Care Center has been the last stop on the long road home for a great number of stroke survivors. Clarence Harvey is among those who developed a special affinity for the center’s warm, home-like environment during his stay.

The therapists at Abbiejean Russell Care Center helped get Clarence Harvey back on his feet following a stroke.

Therapy has helped Clarence regain the use of
his right arm and hand.

“I love it there because they don’t treat you like you’re a patient,” the 59-year-old building maintenance engineer says. “They treat you like family. When the time came for me to go home, I really didn’t want to leave because the people are so special.”

Clarence’s departure from the privately owned and operated, short-term rehab center came about six weeks after he suffered his stroke and exactly three weeks after his wife suggested it would be an ideal place for him to complete his rehabilitation.

“At first, I just wanted to go home,” reveals Clarence. “I felt like I was ready to go home, but after I got there, and I saw the level of personal and rehabilitative care they provide, I was just blown away by the place.”

Clarence was impressed with the size and comfort of his room, the quality of the food and how “spick-and-span” the center was kept. What astonished him was the impact the center’s personalized rehabilitation program had on him.

Back on His Feet

When Clarence suffered his stroke, he lost a great deal of mobility in his right arm, right hand and right leg. By the time he left Abbiejean Russell Care Center, he had regained about 90 percent mobility in each of those extremities.The therapists at Abbiejean Russell Care Center helped get Clarence Harvey back on his feet following a stroke.

“And I would say that ninety-eight percent of that recovery was a result of the work they did with me at Abbiejean Russell Care Center,” Clarence raves. “After just two days, I had gone from being in a wheelchair to using a walker, and now, I’m walking with only a cane.

“After three days, I already had a lot more movement in my arms and hands. The therapists there did a great job with me, and they made the whole experience fun as well. I looked forward to going to my daily rehab sessions.”

Clarence is among the many who have benefitted from the spacious rehabilitation center at Abbiejean, where residents have access to state-of-the-art equipment, including the most advanced cycle therapy available today and the area’s only virtual-rehab system.

Designed to help residents regain a high level of physical functioning, the virtual-rehab system uses an advanced, three-dimensional camera and specialized computer software to track the patient’s precise movements while they interact in a virtual world.

The system includes a variety of skilled exercise programs for physical, occupational and speech therapy needs. Abbiejean also employs a full staff of licensed therapists who provide physical, occupational and speech therapy seven days a week.

“I spent a lot of time on the exercise bicycle, and they gave me a lot of weightlifting exercises that helped me regain the movement and strength in my legs, my arms and my hands,” Clarence reveals.

“They also had this big ball that I worked with that helped me with my coordination, and they had me walking with my arms up on the parallel bars. One of the great things about it was how they made the therapy fun and something I looked forward to.”

The Way Home

In much the same was as Clarence, Helen Hinebaugh recently reaped the benefits of all that the Abbiejean Russell Care Center has to offer as well while she spent some time there recuperating from a short hospital stay.

The therapists at Abbiejean Russell Care Center helped get Clarence Harvey back on his feet following a stroke.

Brian helped Helen regain her strength

Prior to that hospital stay, Helen, 85, had been living at home. However, after suffering a fall in her bathroom late one night she was rushed to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center with a rib and head injury.

After being treated at the hospital for three days, Helen’s doctor determined she was in a deconditioned state, meaning she was too weak to function independently without supervision, putting her in danger of falling again.

Helen’s doctor recommended she spend a couple weeks recovering at a subacute care center, and Helen chose Abbiejean, where room renovations on the short-term side of the facility are just one of the recent changes made at the campus.

Because each resident can also design his or her own individual meal plan, the facility recently hired a chef with 25 years of experience and a nutritionist to ensure the resident’s meal selections will enhance their recovery and promote overall future health.

Upon her arrival, Helen was immediately put on a personalized rehabilitation program designed to get her back home within a couple weeks. Just as it was with Clarence, positive results soon followed.

“I did my physical therapy twice a day, and each session usually lasted about two hours,” Helen relates. “I would ride a stationary bike for a while and then they would put weights on my legs, and I’d exercise with the weights on.

“It really felt good. I liked doing the physical therapy a lot. And I can tell you, they really know what they’re doing there. After only three days, I was feeling much stronger and more confident in myself.”

Helen took advantage of far more than just the rehab center during her stay at Abbiejean. She also participated in a variety of social activities, including joining in on Bingo games, card games and trivia contests.

Helen’s stay at Abbiejean lasted less than two weeks. She was home in time to celebrate her 86th birthday with her family, but she enjoyed her time at Abbiejean so much that she plans to return on occasion just to visit.

“The best way for me to explain it is that I felt loved there,” Helen relates. “Everyone cares, and they are just so sweet. I loved my room. I loved the food and the people. It was really a great experience.”The therapists at Abbiejean Russell Care Center helped get Clarence Harvey back on his feet following a stroke.

Clarence is now back home as well, but his appreciation for all the care he received during his 21-day stay at Abbiejean Russell is so great that he plans to return to the facility to do some volunteer work just as soon as he’s able.

“It was truly a humbling experience being at Abbiejean Russell, and I want to be able to give them something back to show my appreciation,” Clarence states. “It’s a great place to visit because the care there is exceptional.”

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