Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Fitting hearing aids is both a science and an art.

A 30-minute walk each day and 30 minutes of light weightlifting at the gym three days a week are among the physical activities that keep Rex West, an 81-year-old retired commercial banking executive, from feeling his age.

“I definitely make sure to get a fair amount of physical exercise in throughout the week,” Rex says. “That’s important. It’s also important to have a good medical team around you, and I have that as well.”

For years, that medical team lacked one key component. No matter how hard he tried, Rex could not find someone who could help him adequately resolve a hearing loss issue that arose shortly after he moved to Florida in 2002.

“Since then, I’ve probably been fit with hearing aids four or five times, but I wound up taking them back every time because all they did was make things louder instead of clearer,” Rex states. “They really didn’t help my hearing much at all.”

Rex had all but given up on finding a solution to his hearing problem when a visit to Atlantic Ear, Nose & Throat for an unrelated matter eventually led to a discussion with Daniel Rothbaum, MD, about hearing loss.

Comfort and Functionality

“During my examinations, Rex mentioned he had some ringing in his ears,” Dr. Rothbaum explains. “I told him that kind of ringing is often associated with hearing loss. That’s when he told me about his history with hearing aids.

“I wasn’t surprised by that, because about one in four people who purchase hearing aids wind up leaving them in their drawer because of the quality of the hearing aids or because something went wrong with the fitting of them.

“That’s why I say that fitting hearing aids is both a science and an art. The science is making sure patients get the right hearing aid with the right features and functionality. The art is setting up the device so the patient gets maximum use and comfort.”

The staff at Atlantic Ear, Nose & Throat includes an audiologist specifically trained in the science and art of fitting hearing aids. After learning of Rex’s hearing issues, Dr. Rothbaum turned Rex over to that audiologist for help.

“The next thing I know, I’m getting a hearing test and getting new hearing aids,” Rex relates. “And they’re good hearing aids. It took a couple of trips to get them adjusted, but that’s fine. After what I’d been through, I didn’t mind that at all.”

Rex received a pair of digital hearing aids with rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth® technology that allows for sounds generated by external electronic sources such as a TV set or smartphone to be heard directly through the hearing device.

“These hearing aids are really good, and I’m really happy with them,” Rex says. “I’m finally hearing clearly again, so I’m a happy customer. Everyone at Atlantic Ear, Nose and Throat was very thorough and did a great job, and I highly recommend them.”

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