Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Oral health care pays off for seniors.

Margit Paczier wants to keep her teeth for a lifetime. At age 68, she relies on the expertise and friendly service at Village Dental, her dental home for the past decade.

Margit Paczier, 68, has healthy teeth and gums because of preventive oral health care at Village Dental.

Margit takes care of herself through regular check-ups and cleanings at Village Dental.

Part of her routine is dental cleanings three to four times each year.

“I’m so thrilled with Village Dental because they do an excellent job. My teeth and gums are very healthy,” she relates.

Studies show that Margit is making a wise choice through diligence about oral hygiene. Not only is she protecting her teeth, she is protecting her overall health.

In fact, the health of the mouth can be seen as a mirror that reflects the health of the body. This makes regular dental care essential for seniors, especially if they have chronic health conditions or want to avoid them.

For instance, studies have shown that periodontal disease can contribute to heart disease and make controlling diabetes more difficult. Preventive dental care also may lower the risk of pneumonia by decreasing harmful mouth bacteria that could migrate to the lungs, according to a study in 2016. It showed that people who never see a dentist had an 86 percent greater risk of contracting pneumonia than people who got cleanings and check-ups at least twice a year.

While not everyone is eager to go to the dentist, the Village Dental staff strives to help even the most hesitant patient look forward to dental visits.

The practice combines the best of both worlds: a highly trained staff that uses the most advanced equipment, plus a friendly, warm atmosphere where people are treated like family.

Personalized Pampering

Margit, who lives in The Villages, first visited Village Dental after friends recommended it. She was having trouble with a crown and consulted Richard P. Hall, DMD.

From the start, Dr. Hall and the entire Village Dental staff impressed her. The staff has worked hard to earn the trust of patients, and it shows. They are welcoming, caring and highly trained, but most importantly, they make you feel comfortable.

For this reason, many patients, like Margit, have remained with Village Dental for years.

It all starts with Village Dental’s chief philosophy: Going to the dentist should be a good experience. To meet that goal, the practice maintains a home-like environment, where patients are treated to personalized pampering.

All three locations are designed to feel warm and inviting. Personal touches include blankets and massage mats on exam chairs. Patients can choose to watch cable TV during appointments or listen to their favorite music on iPods®, with lights lowered during treatment if desired.

An important part of Village Dental’s commitment to Five Star customer service includes comprehensive care. Many services that typically require a specialist can be done in-house.

All four dentists at Village Dental have attained mastership status from the Academy of General Dentistry. This elite distinction puts the practice in a rare league: Mastership status requires hundreds of hours of continued education, achieved by only one percent of dentists in the academy.

Patient Rewards

“I’ve had three crowns from Dr. Hall and never had such good crown work before. The quality is just incredible,” reports Margit.

Patients at Village Dental have the same certified dental hygienist from visit to visit, and for years, hygienist Heather Perry has cared for Margit.

Heather explains that dental cleanings every three months helps control bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

“As hygienists, we can reach places with our instruments that patients can’t reach at home,” she notes. “After about ninety days, certain bacteria in the mouth can become destructive and cause some damage to tissue. By living longer, you also have more opportunity to be exposed to the type of bacteria that causes gum infections. So having cleanings every three months can help people maintain their oral health and prevent bone loss that can occur from periodontal disease.

Preventive care also includes oral cancer screenings, says Heather, and fluoride treatments. The fluoride treatments can protect tooth roots that are susceptible to cavities when exposed by receded gums. Certain medications that cause dry mouth can also put seniors at risk for cavities.

Because preventive care is so important, Village Dental rewards patients who are diligent about appointments. Patients that participate in its Lifetime White program receive a complimentary tube of teeth-whitening gel at cleanings and check-ups.

Margit likes another way the staff of Village Dental says thank you. Each patient goes home with a long-stemmed rose.

“You always get a rose when you leave,” offers Margit. “They really do treat you like family.”

FHCN article by Susan Hemmingway. Photo courtesy of Margit Paczier.
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