Healing with Class IV Laser

A family finds pain relief thanks to state-of-the-art Class IV laser treatment and customized physical therapy.

Ann Morana and her daughter Kathy Calcagni have both had some hard knocks.

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Ann Morana and her daughter Kathy Calcagni

“On July 30th, I was on the escalator at the airport when my husband and I both fell,” says Ann. “I fractured my wrist in two places and I also had a slight fracture in one of my vertebrae.”
Kathy lives in Massachusetts but comes to visit her mother for a few weeks each year. She took a fall that caused even greater trauma.
“I fell down a flight of stairs thirteen years ago and broke my back,” recalls Kathy. “I’m a visiting nurse, and I did go back to work…but by the end of the day, it would feel like someone twisting a knife in my back. I had pain in my low back and down my right leg, along with a lot of numbness and tingling.”
Ann and Kathy both ultimately consulted Charles C. Donley, PT, director of Regional Rehab in Spring Hill.
“My son Paul knows the Donleys,” explains Ann, “so he’s the one who introduced us to Charles. The first time I’d been there was after I had knee surgery and needed physical therapy. When I went back after fracturing my wrist, I couldn’t even move my fingers.”
Kathy’s situation was even more challenging.
“It was just unbelievably painful,” she emphasizes. “I had been getting lidocaine injections, trying to deal with the pain, and icing my back at night. When I got to Florida, my brother Paul said, I’m going to take you to my friend Charles and see what he can do for you.”

Personalized Therapy

Regional Rehab runs a state-of-the-art, full-service physical therapy clinic at 465 Mariner Blvd. and also offers aquatic physical therapy in the YMCA at 1300 Mariner Blvd.
“Deep tissue laser therapy is an essential part of therapy for many patients,” explains Charles, who ensures that every patient receives a complete evaluation followed by a personalized physical therapy program.

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Ann, Paul, Nick and Kathy all appreciate Regional Rehab.

“Regional Rehab acquired the Class IV therapeutic laser in 2008, and it’s completely changed the way we do things,” adds Charles, who has 28 years of experience working with virtually every type of pain and injury. “The deep tissue laser is FDA-approved for wound care and for reduction of pain and inflammation.”
The experienced therapist adds that the results have been extraordinary, fast and effective.
“The Class IV laser is used for burn and wound patients as well as for all the different musculoskeletal issues we typically treat in physical therapy, such as acute, chronic and postoperative pain,” says Charles. “The Class IV laser has proven to be an impressive tool.”
The deep tissue laser and a treatment called HIVAMAT 200 oscillation therapy, working together, were essential components of therapy for Ann and Kathy.
“After two treatments with the laser, Kathy reported that the knife-like pain was subsiding,” notes Brandi Girard, PTA. “After three treatments, she said, The knife is gone. Her whole demeanor, countenance and posture have changed.
“Because she’d had chronic pain for so long, she didn’t realize how much pain she was in until we treated her. Her pain has abated, and we also gave her an exercise program conducive to her lifestyle that she’s participating in daily.”
“Ann is recovering well from her wrist fractures,” reports Glenn Gutermann, PTA. “As soon as the cast was removed and she was put into a working splint, we began her laser and HIVAMAT treatments, and the pain and swelling went down very quickly. She gained her function back in good time.”
Charles adds that the customized therapy offered to patients, including the Class IV laser, has proven extremely effective time and time again.
“Since 2008, we have delivered over fifty thousand laser and HIVAMAT combined treatments,” says Charles, “and these two patients are great examples of people who have gotten substantial relief. They both have had great results from the deep tissue laser and HIVAMAT. In fact, we have also successfully treated the men in their family for similar issues. We’re all like family here: their family has come to ours and gotten great results.
“We are trying to decrease patients’ need for treatment by getting to them as early as possible in the process. Fortunately, the Class IV laser and HIVAMAT allow us to decrease patients’ pain more effectively and get them back to their activities sooner than they would with traditional therapy alone.”

Delighted Patients

Kathy’s first visit to Regional Rehab was in February, and she reports an effective, almost immediate result.
“Charles spent an hour and a half with me explaining how all this works and he treated me at that time,” Kathy remembers. “I made an appointment to go back, and after the second treatment my stabbing pain went away. I still had achiness but that sharp, sharp pain was gone,” she confirms, “so I kept going for treatments. I went again when I was here in May, and it was wonderful.”
The treatment was also successful for her mom.
“I’m going for my last treatment and I’m doing very well,” Ann remarks. “It’s amazing what it does: my hand is almost back to normal, and I’ve got a lot more strength in my hand. I can do a lot more things now. They really do a wonderful job.”
She further points out that she is thrilled with her daughter’s results: “What the treatment has done for her is a miracle,” assures Ann.
Both mother and daughter thank the staff of Regional Rehab, adding that they are more like family than a clinic.
“They’re such good people,” Ann continues. “I didn’t want to leave, because they’re really nice and very helpful. They also gave me a lot of different things to do at home.”
“I think that the entire staff is very knowledgeable,” adds Kathy. “You can go in and tell them your complaints and they are really good at treating you. So whatever your problem – whether it’s the back, shoulder, knee or whatever – they’re very knowledgeable in giving you exercises to continue to do at home.
“I’ve had very good luck with going to them. It’s just wonderful!”

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