Goodbye Girth!

Lose pounds and inches while relaxing on your back.

Busy doesn’t begin to describe Gail Flesche’s life. Before retiring, she wore many hats, including those of a teacher and business owner. Now, she spends her time volunteering and fundraising for local charities. She even served as Commodore of the Pelican Yacht Club. She was the first woman to hold that position.
“I have a well-rounded social life,” reports Gail. “I help plan fundraising events for several local nonprofit organizations; therefore, I am in many public settings. My appearance is important to me. At one event I attended, there was a silent auction. One of the prizes was a package for laser-assisted weight loss sessions. I won it.”
The package was donated by Tred Rissacher, DC, of Slim Body Laser Spa in Stuart. It included a complete course with the Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System he offers at the spa. Gail was reluctant to redeem her prize at first, but then reconsidered when she felt her clothes against her body.
“I’m not terribly overweight, but I’ve had three children so I was a little plump around the midriff,” she describes. “My clothes were a little tight around my waist, and my pants were hard to snap.
“I prefer a sculpted look. I like to dress nicely and have my clothes fit well. Being healthy, feeling strong, having high energy and looking good are important to me. When I feel good about myself, I’m confident and happy. So, I looked in the mirror and said, Why not give Slim Body Laser Spa a try?”

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Gail’s ready for the little black dress special events.

When Gail arrived at Slim Body, she was pleased immediately. The staff was welcoming and friendly, and the atmosphere at the spa was calming. The day of her first appointment, a staff member took her measurements and got her started right away. Gail was delighted that nutrition was a component of the program.
“There were no lengthy group meetings or any confusing, calorie-counting diets,” she observes. “But at each appointment, I was reminded to eat healthy without consuming too many carbohydrates, begin my evening meal with a salad to lessen my appetite and eat lean protein to enhance energy.
“The laser treatments are safe and very relaxing. And there’s no discomfort. Each time, I went into a nice, warm room. The technician put a warm blanket over me and gave me a pillow for my head. They played a little music, and the technician applied paddles to a problem area for ten minutes.
“When the buzzer went off after ten minutes, the technician came in and applied the paddles to another problem area for ten minutes, for a total of three areas.”
After the 30-minute laser session is completed, patients are encouraged to go to an area called the whole body vibration room.
“The laser treatments release stored calories from the fatty layer of cells,” explains Dr. Tred. “It’s a slow process for the body to absorb and convert those calories into energy with normal exercise and time. Whole body vibration accelerates this transfer of energy.
“Without whole body vibration, it takes two to three days for the body to burn the released calories. Whole body vibration does it effectively in only ten minutes, so patients get results quicker and see inch loss more consistently than they would if they relied on home exercise to burn the calories.”
“At first, I thought the vibration machine was a bit uncomfortable,” notes Gail. “Then I spoke with the technician, and she told me all the good things it does for you. It reduces pain and soreness and improves circulation. I spoke to some older people, and they told me it reduces the achiness in their joints.”

Frustrating Reality

Unlike Gail, Richard Merce is a transplant to Florida. Three years ago, he moved to Port St. Lucie, but he could not escape a frustrating reality about his appearance.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

After his laser treatment, Richard’s shirts no longer bulge.

“I’ve been heavyset throughout my adult life,” he admits. “I’ve always had difficulty losing weight, and the older I got, the harder it was to lose it.
“I finally grew tired of my stomach getting physically larger and my clothes not fitting nicely. I would buy an extra-large shirt, but my stomach would still push up against it when I sat down. The buttons weren’t stretching, but the fit of the shirt was unsightly, and it wasn’t the way I wanted to look.”
Last October, Richard and his wife met a representative from Slim Body Laser Spa at a community event in Stuart. She explained how Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System worked, and Richard was intrigued by the process and its results.
“My wife and I both thought it would be a good way for me to lose a little weight and get some shape back,” he offers. “After talking to the Slim Body representative, I went to the spa and talked to Dr. Tred.
“Dr. Tred’s a terrific guy. He’s very informative, outgoing and honest, and he made me feel very comfortable.
“Slim Body Laser Spa is a very comfortable place to be,” he adds. “Each one of the staff members I met was friendly and supportive. Then I started the actual program. They treated my belly and my chest.”
Like everything else about Slim Body Laser Spa, Richard found the treatments calming and effortless, especially after he adapted to the routine of the sessions. His only wish was that the sessions lasted longer than 30 minutes.
“The treatments are very relaxing,” he says. “They do three ten-minute sessions with the lasers in different places. The first couple of times, I was a little unsure about what was going on. But after that, I got very comfortable with the treatments. Now, the sessions seem to fly by too quickly.

“Following my first nine sessions, I lost nine and a half inches around my midriff. I was thrilled!” – Gail

“The laser treatments are not painful, and I’ve come close to falling asleep during the sessions.”
Richard is also pleased by the nutrition component of Dr. Tred’s program. Like Gail, he notes that the Slim Body staff gives advice for healthy eating and weight loss, but doesn’t require a restrictive diet. He’s been able to use the advice to adjust his eating in small but significant ways.
“They’re nutrition conscious at Slim Body, and they are there to help you with slimming down,” he confirms. “They recommended some dietary changes for me to make, and those have been working quite well. I’m down ten pounds.”

Dream Come True

Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System is like a dream come true. With it, many people can lose one to five inches of measured girth while lying on their backs for 30 minutes three times per week for three weeks. That’s with no strict calorie reduction or excessive exercise.
“This dream has become reality in the form of today’s FDA-approved
technology called low-level laser lipo machines, also known as ‘red light’ lasers,” states Dr. Tred. “There’s no longer a need for people to subject themselves to the risks associated with surgical interventions such as liposuction and tummy tucks, or the use of thermal energy such as fat freezing and hot lasers.
“When applied to the fat layer underneath the skin, low-level laser therapy will produce predictable, consistent, sustainable inch reduction without pain, downtime, rigid food discipline or strenuous exercise. Areas such as the belly, chest, back, thighs, arms and chin can all be safely improved using laser lipo.”
The difference is the laser, which works directly on the problem fat cells, causing them to release their contents and shrink. Each laser session releases approximately 40 to 60 grams of free fatty acids, or 400 to 600 calories, into the body’s surrounding tissue.
“Those released fatty acids are absorbed naturally and made available to the body in the form of energy, which is typically utilized over the following day or two,” educates Dr. Tred. “That’s where whole body vibration comes in. It enables that fatty acid to move more quickly from the surrounding tissue into the body’s metabolic system, where it is burned as energy.”
While the program does not require calorie restriction or strenuous activity, Dr. Tred does mention that diet modification and some exercise can help the process be more sustaining.
“Patients do need to eat right and move around in order for the results from the low-level laser treatments to be long-lasting,” he verifies. “People will be more than happy with the results they see if they follow the entire plan.”

Upgraded Appearances

Using Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System at Slim Body Laser Spa was a smart decision for both Gail and Richard. They each realized excellent results and feel more secure in how they look.
“Dr. Tred and his accomplished staff at Slim Body encouraged me to stay on track and be the best I can be,” raves Gail. “They helped me achieve my personal goal, which was a more sculpted appearance. Following my first nine sessions, I lost nine and a half inches around my midriff. I was thrilled!
“I think I look good. I have a pretty, black dress I like to wear for special occasions. Since my waistline is down a few inches, I feel really good about wearing that dress. And I feel good about being in public.”
The program was successful for Richard as well. He was able to accomplish what he hadn’t been able to do previously with typical diets and exercise.
“After the first nine sessions, I lost over six inches total off my belly area,” he discloses. “They do three different measurements, and I lost over two inches in each area. I also lost over two inches off my chest, plus I dropped ten pounds.

“After the first nine sessions, I lost over six inches total off my belly area. I also lost over two inches off my chest, and dropped ten pounds.” – Richard

“I feel great. My clothes fit much better. I’m wearing clothes I hadn’t been able to wear for two years because they were just too tight. Now, they fit comfortably. My shirts no longer bulge, and I feel good about my appearance.”
As a socialite who works with many charities, Gail is often in the public eye. Having lost more than nine inches, as well as five pounds, she feels more assured now when she’s out in the community doing her fundraising.
“I definitely have more confidence,” she says. “When I look good, I know I can get up in front of people and speak my mind and not worry about what I look like or what people are saying. I’m more confident and happy.”
She should be confident. Not only does Gail look good to herself, others think she looks good, as well. She wants more people to know about Dr. Tred’s laser-assisted weight loss system at Slim Body Laser Spa.
“People have told me, You look so good. What are you doing?” comments Gail. “They think maybe I’ve had surgery or something, but I certainly haven’t. Dr. Tred gave me another donation, which I’m putting into one of the charity drives I’m doing. I’m going to stand by it and encourage people to bid on it.”
Richard gets compliments on his inch and weight loss, too.
“People I associate with notice the physical change in me and let me know about it,” he enthuses. “That always makes me feel good.
“My wife is going to Slim Body now, as well, and she’s happy with her results so far. Going to Slim Body Laser Spa is something my wife and I are doing together.”

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