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Customized care relieves headaches, body aches and more.

Tampa Bay resident Heather Louden was constantly on the move during the summer of 2016, traveling from Florida to North Carolina to Ohio before wrapping up her long and winding summer journey with a church mission trip to Cuba. It was while she was in Cuba doing the Lord’s work that a devil of a headache stopped her in her tracks.

“It was August, and this trip to Cuba was the last hurrah before school started up again for my children,” Heather, 42, explains. “I was feeling a bit tired when I first got there and then, a day or two into the trip, I got this massive migraine headache.”

Heather Louden finally found a cure for her migraine headaches and body aches after she discovered The Root Cause Medical Clinic.

After a busy and painful summer of 2016, Heather has been relieved of her neck, back and body aches.

Along with everyone else on the mission trip, Heather had been careful to drink only bottled water and was very mindful of the food she ate. However, by the time she was ready to head home, vomiting and diarrhea convinced her she’d eaten something she shouldn’t have.

The vomiting and diarrhea lasted only a day or two, but they were soon replaced by a bewildering array of aches and pains that got progressively worse over the course of the next year. In addition, her migraine headaches returned with a vengeance and greater regularity.

“It got to a point where I was walking around like an old woman,’’ Heather says. “Finally, my husband said, You’ve got to do something about this.

Heather, who does clerical work for her husband’s software company, Blue Sky Technology Solutions, thought her problems might be the result of inflammation and first tried massage. However, that did little to ease the aches, pains, and headaches. She was then advised through some friends at her church to seek the aid of Dr. Jordan Axe, DC, at The Root Cause Medical Clinic.

At The Root Cause Medical Clinic, Dr. Axe and his staff seek to do more than simply mask a patient’s symptoms through a one-size-fits-all approach to healing. They dive deep into each patient’s issues to find the true cause of their pain and discomfort, knowing that true healing often requires time and customized care.

“When Heather first came in to see us, she complained mostly about her migraine headaches, so we did orthopedic testing and analyzed her x-rays in a way no other doctor had done before and found many structural issues in her neck,” Dr. Axe reveals.

Learning Curve

“The biggest issue was the disappearance of the curvature in her neck. Unfortunately, this is very common nowadays and it’s causing an epidemic of headaches, neck pain, sciatica, and herniated discs. People that don’t specialize in chiropractic don’t know how to fix this issue and instead order pain medication to mask the symptoms.”

The human spinal column is constructed much like a bridge in which the bones, or vertebrae, are held in place by ligaments and muscles. Major traumas such as whiplash can result in immediate damage to that support system, causing the structure to change.

But what we don’t realize is that seemingly insignificant activities such as sitting at a desk for too long, lowering your head to read a text message, or driving for hours on end can build up over the years and cause a major pain epidemic when not treated. These micro traumas result in damage and significantly change our spinal support system.

“Think of it like a domed roof that has been flattened out,” Dr. Axe educates. “That roof is eventually going to collapse because it’s lost its structural integrity. Now, when that happens in your neck, it’s not going to break, but it can stretch your spinal cord by eighteen to twenty-two percent, and that can lead to your headaches, herniated discs, sciatica, carpal tunnel, drop foot and chronic pain. And this won’t end there as your spine houses your central nervous system, which controls every organ in your body, resulting in further widespread symptoms.

“We tend to think symptoms such as headaches are the problem, but that’s just your body’s check engine light coming on, alerting you of a larger issue. According to a Harvard study, you don’t see symptoms until you’re operating at sixty percent of your optimal health. That is why our bodies scream in pain when our system is compromised.

“Christopher Reeves, who played Superman, was a great example of this. He injured his neck by only one centimeter. As a result, he required a heart pacemaker and massage therapy for his stomach to digest food for the rest of his life. He never injured his GI system. He injured his neck. People like Heather have spinal issues and they feel the pain but what they don’t realize is that it may also be the cause of many of their other ailments.

Total Body Treatment

Heather was feeling the effects of spinal issues not only in her neck, but also in her lower back. To rid her of both issues – the headaches and the lower back pain – Dr. Axe treated the entire spine with a technique called cervical vibration traction (CVT).

Studies show that CVT, performed by a large, horseshoe-shaped collar that wraps around the back of the neck and delivers 4.5 rolling, massage-like movements per second, heals the ligaments and discs, which helps restore the neck’s natural curvature. The same technique can be used to treat numbness and lower back pain.

In addition to the CVT, Heather also did postural exercises to strengthen the muscles in her lower back and neck. She now reports that after a dozen 45-minute sessions, she is no longer experiencing those crippling migraines, and thanks to Dr. Axe, her aches and pains have also disappeared.

“We’re a holistic medical clinic, so in addition to treating the spine and getting people out of pain, we also do specialized blood work, heavy metal hormone and thyroid testing to figure out why people are fatigued, gaining weight, or just not feeling right,” Dr. Axe explains.

“We did that with Heather because she still desired more energy and wanted to lose weight. Her results told us that she not only had an undiscovered hormonal imbalance, but her food poisoning experience was instead a parasite infestation.”

To treat the parasites, Dr. Axe first prescribed an herbal extract cleanse. This rid Heather of most – but not all – of the parasites. To eliminate the rest, Dr. Axe prescribed a second cleansing using ozone, an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent that increases the oxygen level in the blood and detoxifies it.

“Sarah Bingham, the Root Cause nutritionist, put me on a special diet to create a hostile environment that would help balance out my natural gut bacteria,” Heather adds. “The diet, along with the cleansings, finished the job. It was amazing to me that in one place, I was able to take care of all the issues I was having.

“Now I feel great again! My headaches are gone, and the aches and pains all over my body are gone. It all happened in stages, but they took care of everything, and I have to say I am so thankful for Dr. Axe. He has such a tender heart, and he’s so compassionate. I strongly recommend Dr. Axe to anyone who knows there’s something wrong but hasn’t found the right answers.

“I wouldn’t be feeling anywhere near as well as I do now without him.”

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