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Laser makes toenail fungus disappear.

Belgium-born Elisabeth Timmermans first fell in love with the United States nearly four decades ago when she and her husband came here on their honeymoon. A return trip a couple years later turned into a permanent stay that has now lasted 37 years.Elisabeth Timmermans developed toenail fungus, but Dr. Chiu corrected the problem with PinPointe FootLaser therapy.

“We first lived in Louisiana and then moved to Miami,” Elisabeth recounts. “We lived in Miami for about two years and then moved to Sarasota. We’ve been here in Sarasota for about thirty years now, and I just love it.”

The warm weather is part of what Elisabeth likes most about Sarasota. She especially likes the opportunity the weather affords her to dress comfortably. That opportunity was recently compromised, however, by a problem that developed with her left big toe.

“I love that you can wear shorts and sandals all the time, and as a lady, you usually wear nail polish on your toes,” Elisabeth explains. “One day, while I was changing the polish, I noticed that my toe didn’t look right. It was very discolored.”

Elisabeth first tried curing the problem by applying over-the-counter ointments. As time passed, however, the discoloration only grew worse. At the same time, Elisabeth developed an ingrown toenail on her right foot. It was that ingrown nail that finally prompted Elisabeth to see a podiatrist.

After reading about her in Florida Health Care News, Elisabeth chose to see Dawn Chiu, DPM, at Sarasota Foot and Ankle Center. While Dr. Chiu cared for her ingrown nail, Elisabeth asked the doctor if she would take a look at her left big toe.

“When Elisabeth first came to me, she had already tried a couple of treatments for her left big toe, but to no avail,” Dr. Chiu reports. “So, we took a biopsy of it and confirmed it was a fungus that was causing the discoloration.”

Pointe Taken

A fungus such as the one that developed in Elisabeth’s left big toe can be treated in a variety of ways. Topical treatments or oral medications are often effective, but Dr. Chiu recommended Elisabeth undergo PinPointe™ FootLaser™ therapy.

Elisabeth Timmermans developed toenail fungus, but Dr. Chiu corrected the problem with PinPointe FootLaser therapy.

Before & After

The PinPointe FootLaser therapy has become Dr. Chiu’s weapon of choice for eliminating persistent nail fungus because it kills the underlying fungus, no blood tests are required, there are no side effects and the procedure can be done in the doctor’s office.

The in-office treatments take only a few minutes, during which time the laser is passed over the nail in a crisscross pattern to ensure full coverage. The patient usually feels a warm sensation on their toe while the laser is passed but no pain.

Afterward, the patient can walk out of the office and resume normal activities. Dr. Chiu recommends the patient return for follow-up visits every three months for a year, which is the length of time the nail needs to fully grow out as a clear nail grows in.

When combined with topical ointments, the laser treatment has an 80 percent success rate, Dr. Chiu states. Elisabeth is one of those who realized the positive results the PinPointe FootLaser was designed to produce.

“The results were very good,” Elisabeth confirms. “I first went to see her last June, and now the fungus is all gone. I’m really glad I went to see Dr. Chiu. She’s really nice and works very fast. I’d recommend her to anyone who has a toe problem. She’s great.”

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