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Patrick* is the man. He’s a motorcycle-riding hearing aid specialist from New Jersey. He’s been living in Florida for 28 years and working in the hearing aid business for more than half of them. At 60, he doesn’t consider himself old, but the diabetes he’s been battling for 15 years was beginning to affect his abilities in the bedroom.

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GAINSWave treatments help stimulate stem cells and break up scar tissue and plaque.

“Things were happening to me that I didn’t like,” he confides. “I was experiencing ED, erectile dysfunction. It was frustrating because there were times I could perform and times I couldn’t. It was also frustrating for my partner, even though she said she understood. I’m not so old to not worry about ED. I still feel young, and sex is a part of my life.
“I started looking up different treatments, like the blue pill, VIAGRA®. I took that, but I didn’t like the aftermath – the feeling of pressure building up in my head and how everything turned a slight blue. I looked at other avenues to see what else was out there, and I tried this, that and the other thing.”
ED is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection suitable for sex. It’s essentially a circulatory problem. Under normal circumstances, when the penis is stimulated, it inflates with blood into two large chambers, resulting in an erection. With ED, that blood flow is impeded.
For years, medications such as VIAGRA and CIALIS® were the first line of defense against ED. If medications were unsuccessful, the next treatment option was generally injections into the penis. If they failed, the last resort approach was penis implants.
“I was really thinking about going under the knife and having the implants put in,” admits Patrick. “I didn’t want to do it, but I didn’t want my partner to leave me, and I didn’t want her to have to go on like that. I knew I had to get help.”

Sonic Solution

Patrick did an internet search for ED and found Gulf Coast Men’s Health in Fort Myers. They offer another, better option for treating men with ED called GAINSWave therapy, which is drug-free, noninvasive and virtually painless.
“I was kind of hesitant to go to Gulf Coast Men’s Health at first because I thought there’d be a woman out front, and as a guy, I didn’t want to open up to someone of the opposite sex,” Patrick relates.
“But I went in, and sure enough, it was a guy who greeted me. I talked with him for a while and then another guy came out and we talked some more. After that, I decided to give the GAINSWave therapy a shot.”
“GAINSWave therapy works to improve blood flow by directing sound waves to the penis and surrounding areas,” describes Lou Cambino, a nurse at Gulf Coast Men’s Health. “The treatment also stimulates the growth of new nerve tissue, which is vital for achieving and maintaining healthy erections.
GAINSWave uses low-intensity shockwaves, or sound waves, to improve circulation in the penis. It works through the physical vibration from sound.
“It’s the same as a sonic boom when a jet passes by except in this case, the sound waves are created by a convex metal plate,” explains Nicholas H. Kalvin, MD, medical director at Gulf Coast Men’s Health. “This metal plate sends radiating sound waves an inch into the penis tissue, give or take a quarter of an inch.
“The sonic boom from a jet rattles the windows,” he adds. “The rattling of the GAINSWave sound waves stimulates stem cells in the penis to wake up, reproduce and repair damaged cells. It also stimulates blood vessels to rejuvenate and the endothelium to create new blood vessels. GAINSWave improves the vascular and cellular health of the penis.”
The sound waves also help stimulate the tissue in the penis by breaking up scar tissue and plaque. When this is done repeatedly over a brief period of time, it restores the tissue of the penis and improves blood flow.
“Sometimes, men who have not had good erections or intercourse for a long time start to lose sensitivity during sex,” observes Dr. Kalvin. “Another benefit of GAINSWave therapy is that by increasing blood flow, the nerve endings in the penis are also stimulated, improving sensitivity of the penis.”
A GAINSWave treatment session takes about 20 minutes. A course of therapy is generally six sessions twice a week for three weeks. However, older men with more comorbidities, such as lifetime smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, may need more sessions.
“For younger men, one course of six sessions is generally sufficient,” states Dr. Kalvin. “However, men in their seventies, eighties or nineties with health issues have to be more realistic. It may take them twelve, eighteen, twenty-four or even thirty treatments. But it does work. More than seventy percent of men who have GAINSWave therapy respond to it.
“Results do not happen right away,” the doctor cautions. “It takes several treatments, but most men notice a significant change in their status between treatments six and eight. The effect of the GAINSWave therapy will last one to two years. Some clinics recommend a refresher ultrasound treatment every three to six months.”
“There are some clinics offering GAINSWave that say it’s a cure,” warns Lou. “I wish I had a cure for men with ED. What GAINSWave really does is drop the men’s conditions down a notch or two in severity. Maybe it brings them back to where the medications are effective for them again. The bottom line is that GAINSWave therapy restores proper blood flow, and that’s what’s most important.”

Back in Time

For someone who was considering penis implants, GAINSWave therapy at Gulf Coast Men’s Health saved Patrick from surgery. He also responded amazingly well to the treatment.
“Even after the first session, I felt something going on,” Patrick enthuses. “By the third or fourth session, it was like a kick-start. Everything started performing correctly at the right time. I went to Gulf Coast Men’s Health and gave Lou the biggest hug because he told me it would work.
“My partner is absolutely loving it. I’m back to who I used to be. It’s like I’m twenty years old again. I can’t believe it.”
Patrick is so thrilled with his results that he plans on returning to Gulf Coast Men’s Health on a routine basis for a tune-up.
“I’m absolutely satisfied with my sex life now,” he marvels. “But I’m going to continue with GAINSWave therapy. I’m going to go back for sessions probably every three to four months just to be sure everything stays the way it is now.
“I recommend GAINSWave therapy to anybody who is starting to have a little issue here or there. They need to get in to Gulf Coast Men’s Health before the problem gets really bad. I think what they’re doing there is phenomenal.”

*Patient’s name withheld at his request.
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