GENIUS™ 2.0 Hearing Aids Restore Sound

Paul and Elaine Huber, husband and wife for 41 years, realized they weren’t hearing as well as they once did. They noticed that hearing loss hampered how they communicated with each other and interfered with activities they enjoyed.Paul & Elaine Huber treated for hearing loss by Melanee Bryans, LHAS, with GENIUS™ 2.0 hearing aids at Miracle-Ear.

“We couldn’t hear a thing,” shares Paul. “When one of us would turn their back, it was impossible to hear what was being said. At the movies, it was hard to hear.”

Paul, who is 71 and a retired telecommunications company plant engineer, figures the change came on gradually for him. “I think it’s just an age thing,” he observes.

Elaine, 72, had a career in billing for a trucking company before retiring. Years ago, she developed otosclerosis, a condition that causes abnormal growth of bone near the middle ear. It led to a decline in her hearing.

Not too long ago, Paul and Elaine decided they’d had enough of being unable to hear clearly. They decided to take the plunge and explore hearing aids.

“Hearing loss sneaks up on you. It’s like a lot of things – every day, you probably lose a little bit more, and your body adjusts,” explains Paul. “But it finally got to be too much. It’s like somebody hits you on the head and says, Wake up!”

With a background in technology, Paul was determined to find a hearing care company that was time-tested and trustworthy. His research led him to choose Miracle-Ear®, in business since its founding in 1948.

He and Elaine made an appointment for hearing evaluations at Miracle-Ear’s Palm Coast office. There are hearing care providers closer to their St. Augustine home, but Miracle-Ear’s longstanding reputation for quality in hearing aid technology made it worth the drive.

Superior Sound Quality

At Miracle-Ear, Paul and Elaine met with Melanee Bryans, LHAS, who tested their hearing and made a thorough assessment of their hearing needs. She sought information about where the couple had trouble hearing, such as in a noisy restaurant, and what they wanted to achieve.

The evaluation allowed her to make recommendations about what technology would be best suited for their lifestyle.

“Paul and Elaine are a pretty active couple. They go out to restaurants and are around groups of people when they socialize,” notes Melanee.

“Hearing tests showed they both had a high-frequency hearing loss, which can make conversations difficult. It’s a common form of hearing loss and affects how clearly you can hear speech because you miss parts of words or misinterpret what is being said.”

Due to the couple’s active lifestyle, Melanee recommended a top-of-the-line digital model called GENIUS 2.0. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology developed specifically for the hearing aid industry, GENIUS 2.0 offers superior sound quality, personalization and audibility.

“GENIUS 2.0 hearing aids are able to provide a much clearer understanding of what is being said, especially where it is noisy. They can determine what is background noise and what is conversation,” observes Melanee. “They are programmed to recognize incoming sound characteristics and automatically adapt. Background noise is recognized as more of a mechanical sound that can be filtered out so speech patterns come through clearly.”

What’s more, the technology of GENIUS 2.0 hearing aids was developed to allow sound to be processed much like the brain does naturally. When worn in both ears, the devices communicate with each other as they pick up audio signals. The ability to clearly understand speech expands through a virtual network of digital sound. For instance, when someone is speaking on the listener’s right side, both hearing aids will pick up the sound.

Another advantage is the technology’s VoiceTarget 360, which allows users to hear conversations to the front, side or evenbehind them with precision. The technology is able to detect where sound is coming from and automatically change directional focus.

There is also a Wireless Windscreen feature that can make all the difference for active people who enjoy outdoor activities but don’t like to hear wind noise. Conversations come through clearly in windy environments, like when walking outside, riding a bike or playing golf.

Professional Care

Paul and Elaine each got a pair of GENIUS 2.0 hearing aids on the same day. The change in their ability to hear was immediate and dramatic.

Paul & Elaine Huber treated for hearing loss by Melanee Bryans, LHAS, with GENIUS™ 2.0 hearing aids at Miracle-Ear.

Paul and Elaine enjoy hearing nature sounds on their patio.

“The difference was so huge that I almost can’t describe it,” reports Paul. “For instance, we were in a store parking lot and a black bird passed by us. I could hear its wings beating in the air.”

“We’ve gone to a noisy restaurant and had a normal conversation,” relates Elaine, who adds they also hear easily at parties where there is a lot of background noise.

The technology of GENIUS 2.0 hearing devices can be controlled by their smartphones. In a noisy environment, they can zero in on the person they want to hear by pressing a button that diminishes background noise.

“Just that person comes through,” notes Paul. Paul noticed that not only is his hearing remarkably better, thanks to his GENIUS 2.0 hearing aids, it’s also much richer.

“When I take out my hearing aids, if I’m watching TV, all the sounds coming from the television go flat,” he shares.

Both Paul and Elaine appreciate the professional care that Melanee delivered.

“Melanee is phenomenal,” raves Paul. “She’s very knowledgeable.”

Elaine liked how Melanee explained everything about how hearing loss affected them, and how hearing aids could help, and then encouraged the couple to make their own decisions.

“She wasn’t pushy. She let us decide what we wanted to do,” explains Elaine.

Choosing Miracle-Ear based on the company’s longevity and solid reputation gave Paul what he was looking for. Not only have GENIUS 2.0 hearing aids restored the couple’s quality of life, he and Elaine can count on Miracle-Ear.

“There are probably a lot of other hearing aid companies in business, and maybe they provide a product that is more or less than what we have,” he notes. “But for me, it’s the peace of mind that matters.”

FHCN article by Susan Hemmingway. Photos by Jordan Pysz. Graphic courtesy of Miracle-Ear. mkb
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