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Anxiety, excess weight reversed with bioidentical hormones.

Jay Watson thought he was having a heart attack. The Dallas, Texas native and owner of a facilities management company out of Orlando feared his racing heartbeat was a sure sign of trouble. He headed for the nearest emergency room only to find out his heart was fine.

Patient photos by Nerissa Johnson.

Jay Watson

“It turned out to be anxiety, and that episode was a panic attack,” Jay shares. “I never had anxiety before in my life. Then for about two years, I had it constantly. I had anxiety every day. I also had two panic attacks that put me in the hospital thinking something serious was wrong.
“The anxiety left me with an edgy, uncomfortable, nervous feeling, and I had that underlying feeling daily. But when I was having a panic attack, I felt like I was dying. My heart would beat out of my chest and wouldn’t stop, and I couldn’t calm it down. Then I’d start thinking about my heart rate, and the more I thought about it, the worse it got.”
Doctors at the hospital, as well as Jay’s family physician, recommended anti-anxiety medication along with an antidepressant to help relieve his anxiety. But Jay didn’t want to take those medications.
“The doctors gave me some kind of pill that knocked me out and wanted to put me on an antidepressant,” Jay confirms. “Apparently, the cure for anxiety is antidepressant pills. I refused to take them because I wasn’t depressed, and I didn’t want to go down a path with a medication that’s potentially lifelong.

What Dr. Pearson has done for me has been life-changing in an extremely positive way. . . I feel better now than I’ve felt in years.” – Jay

“A friend of mine works at Back In Action Medical Center, and he told me I needed to see Dr. Pearson for hormone therapy. At first, I shrugged it off. I thought, I don’t need to do that. I’ll be alright. Six months later, I had my second panic attack while snow skiing in the Carolinas. I called my friend and asked for Dr. Pearson’s phone number.”
Edward W. Pearson, MD, is a board-certified integrative physician who practices functional and holistic medicine at Back In Action Medical Center in Palm City. Dr. Pearson creates treatment plans for his patients for medical weight loss, detoxification and hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones.
“I called Back In Action Medical Center, talked to Dr. Pearson and described my situation,” Jay states. “When I went to my appointment, the doctor took a blood sample from me. Keep in mind, I’ve gone through hormone therapy before with other doctors and really never got anywhere. I didn’t have my hopes up very high.”

Detecting Deficiencies

Soon after Jay’s appointment, Dr. Pearson called him and explained that his adrenal glands weren’t producing the hormone cortisol. Among its many functions, cortisol helps regulate metabolism, the body’s process of turning food into energy. It also helps control blood sugar, reduce inflammation and assist with memory formation.

Patient photos by Nerissa Johnson.

Jay started to feel better within a few weeks of receiving BHRT.

“Jay suffered from many of the mental and physical discomforts that go along with a hormone imbalance,” reports Dr. Pearson. “He had a little loss of mojo that happens to some men. He didn’t feel very vigorous or powerful or manly. But mainly, he had increased anxiety and panic attacks. He was treated before but didn’t have good results at all.
“Because injectable testosterone, which is what most clinics offer, is a synthetic toxin that has many side effects, Jay didn’t feel better on it. In fact, he felt worse. After I tested him, I treated his imbalance with a blend of modalities that included detoxification, which purges the system of toxins, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, that included cortisol.”
“Dr. Pearson told me that as soon as I take the cortisol pill, I’ll feel normal in about ten minutes,” Jay relates. “I chuckled at that. I thought, I’ve been dealing with this for two years, and he’s going to cure me with one pill in a few minutes. I found it hard to believe, but I agreed to try it.
“Amazingly, Dr. Pearson was right. I couldn’t believe it. He cured me. He told me one of two things would happen next. I would either have to take cortisol for the rest of my life, or if my adrenal glands rested for a while, they might start producing their own cortisol.
“I started out taking fifteen milligrams of cortisol a day, then over the course of a year, I went from fifteen milligrams to ten to five to two. Now, I haven’t taken a cortisol pill in a year and a half, and I haven’t had any problems. I guess my adrenal glands rested long enough.”

Methodical Approach

When Jayne Nye moved to Florida three years ago, she noticed some changes in how she felt and looked that didn’t make her happy. The Connecticut native likes to stay active and enjoys golfing, fishing, kayaking, weight training and other physical activities. The changes she was experiencing weren’t fitting in with her vigorous lifestyle.

Patient photos by Nerissa Johnson.

Jayne Nye

“I knew I had multiple signs and symptoms that my hormones were out of balance,” she discloses. “The list of symptoms was pretty long, but it included low energy, sleepless nights and hot flashes. I also gained a little weight.
“I knew I needed help restoring the balance, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I didn’t want hormone replacement therapy because I thought it involved taking multiple prescription medications. Living the fit, healthy, active lifestyle I do, I wasn’t interested in putting synthetic chemicals in my body.”
Jayne had been given estrogen from her OB/GYN but didn’t want to take unnatural hormones to balance her system. A friend told her about Dr. Pearson and Back In Action Medical Center. Before making an appointment, Jayne did some research on the doctor and his clinic. What she discovered intrigued her.
“I learned that Dr. Pearson offered a more plant-based approach using completely bioidentical and chemical-free compounds, and that really interested me,” she offers. “I made an appointment and was impressed with the doctor right away.
“I found Dr. Pearson to be very knowledgeable. He explained what each hormone did, how hormones worked in the body and what would happen if I didn’t rebalance them. He was very good and took his time with me. He took a very methodical approach to getting to know me and getting a clear understanding of my issues.
“Dr. Pearson’s approach involved a personal consultation with a full panel of bloodwork. The bloodwork results showed I had imbalances in some of the most important female hormones, and the balance needed to be restored. He put together a customized treatment plan for me based on my bloodwork.”

Appropriate Attention

“With most hormone therapy, women don’t get enough balanced hormones the right way, and they often get the wrong hormones,” says Dr. Pearson. “Jayne had taken hormones in the past, but without the proper attention to her adrenal glands, which are a huge part of hormonal health. They must be addressed, so I included treatment for them in her BHRT protocol.”
It didn’t take long before Jayne began feeling the effects of Dr. Pearson’s hormone therapy. After just a couple of weeks on the treatment, she began noticing some positive changes in how she felt.
“One of the changes that happened really quickly was that my sleepless nights went away,” she recalls. “Being able to sleep through the night right away was really a big thing for me. I also wasn’t sluggish in the afternoon after a big meal at noontime.

Patient photos by Nerissa Johnson.

BHRT treatments have alleviated Jayne’s symptoms.

Dr. Pearson was able to correct my low energy, as well, with the hormone therapy.”
In addition to looking for relief from her uncomfortable symptoms of low energy, sleeplessness and hot flashes, Jayne also wanted to lose that extra weight she had put on. She wasn’t heavy, just a little plumper than she was comfortable being.
“I’m very fit and work out all the time,” she emphasizes, “but I wasn’t as lean as I wanted to be. Dr. Pearson said he could help me lose the weight by correcting my hormone imbalance.”
“Weight loss is actually a secondary benefit to balancing hormones,” Dr. Pearson explains. “When the patient’s system is balanced, the body becomes healthier and functions more efficiently. Excess weight generally comes off pretty quickly, and the patient feels much better.
“The beautiful thing about BHRT is that on retesting, patients can see their underlying health problems being corrected. Diabetes can be reversed, appetites can be normalized and inflammation can be removed. Issues such as pain and achiness, anxiety, loss of energy and not feeling well in general go away.”

Hormone Heaven

Being overweight, feeling anxious or experiencing the unwanted symptoms of perimenopause are all related to biochemical imbalances in the body, asserts Dr. Pearson. A key part of human biochemistry are compounds called hormones. Hormones are regulatory chemicals that stimulate organs and tissues into action. When hormones are out of balance, the treatment is generally hormone replacement therapy.
“When people think about hormone therapy, there’s a misconception about what that is,” notes the doctor. “Most people think about men getting testosterone and women getting estrogen, and that it’s rejuvenating and makes them feel better. In fact, people are a huge bag of hormones that are working together to help the body function properly.
“There are hormones associated with adrenal gland function and adrenal stress, thyroid imbalances, pituitary issues, you name it. Hormones are very powerful if the physician knows how to work with them correctly. I practice functional medicine, which includes intense education on the body’s complicated biochemistry.”

I feel great. I’m full of energy, I don’t get tired, I don’t wake up at night and I don’t have hot flashes. All those symptoms I started out with three years ago are completely gone.” –Jayne

Hormone replacement therapy at Back In Action Medical Center begins with bloodwork. Dr. Pearson takes a little more blood from his patients than is taken for routine bloodwork because his analysis is significantly more extensive. He may also use saliva testing and other tests to get a clear picture of his patients’ biochemistry and overall health.
“If hormone levels are imbalanced, either too high or too low, that’s a problem, and we recommend certain steps to correct it,” Dr. Pearson informs. “We’re going to take specific steps to lower the excesses and specific steps to replace what’s missing.
“For hormone replacement therapy, we use very natural, plant-based hormone compounds to replace the missing hormones. We have a unique and proprietary blend of oral, encapsulated, bioidentical hormones that are nearly organic. We can also use other methods of hormone delivery, but I believe the pills are the best way to deliver hormones.”
When there are excess levels of certain hormones, Dr. Pearson counts on good dietary training and detoxification protocols. This is not based on a diet, he says, although there are food guidelines to follow. The result is restored balance and improved health.

Positive Responses

Like Jayne, Jay began to feel better very quickly after beginning treatment.
Dr. Pearson notes that there’s generally a quick response to BHRT. Patients typically know within the first few days of getting the proper hormones and following his instructions that they’re headed in the right direction.
“Jay got that feeling within a few weeks to a month after starting BHRT,” comments
Dr. Pearson. “He told me he felt great and his anxiety was gone. Jay did a great job. He followed instructions to the tee and did everything we asked of him. And he got positive results.”
When Jayne took the hormones from her OB/GYN, she got limited benefit from them. She went to Back In Action Medical Center looking for a better, more natural option, one that would help her feel her best.
“I changed Jayne’s treatment almost one hundred eighty degrees, and she also felt better very quickly,” observes Dr. Pearson. “Her body started doing the things she wanted it to. Now, she knows how to manage her own symptoms. When she gets a little adrenal fatigue, she’s aware of it and takes the steps we taught her to support those glands before there’s a problem.”

Long-Term Success

Jayne and Jay confirm Dr. Pearson’s opinion that they achieved good results from the BHRT. They both describe positive outcomes that have passed the test of time.
“I feel great,” Jayne raves. “I’m full of energy, I don’t get tired, I don’t wake up at night and I don’t have hot flashes. All those symptoms I started out with three years ago are completely gone.
“Most notably, I’m down eighteen pounds from where I was when I first met Dr. Pearson, and I’m maintaining the weight loss three years later.”
Jay has had lasting results as well. Like Jayne, he appreciates the methodical approach Dr. Pearson took in creating a treatment plan for him. He’s especially amazed by the doctor’s intense attention to the results of his patients’ bloodwork.
“What Dr. Pearson does with the bloodwork baffles me,” he admits. “He says bloodwork is like a road map of the body. He goes through his patients’ vitamin levels, iron level, everything. If they’re deficient in iron, a vitamin or hormone, he finds it and corrects it, and they feel better.
“I’m a perfect example of that. I have no anxiety now, and it’s been more than two years since I’ve had a problem with it. My adrenal glands are producing cortisol just fine. Not only do I not have anxiety, I’m also not taking any medication for it. Dr. Pearson cured my anxiety overnight, and I don’t need to take any antidepressant pills.”
Jayne found Dr. Pearson very knowledgeable about hormones and excellent at explaining their role in the body. Jay is also impressed by the skilled physician.
“Dr. Pearson is very upfront and honest and has a good bedside manner,” describes Jay. “I always feel comfortable talking to him. I never feel I can’t ask him something, no matter how personal. He’s great.
“He’s also extremely knowledgeable about holistic medicine. I have family members who are doctors, but I think he’s the most knowledgeable guy I’ve ever dealt with when it comes to holistic healing and medications.”
Jay and Jayne are overjoyed with the care they received from Dr. Pearson at Back In Action Medical Center. They’re both willing and eager to pass the word to others about the doctor and his BHRT.
“I recommend Dr. Pearson one hundred percent,” says Jayne. “In fact, I’ve recommended him to many friends. He performs consultations over the telephone as well, so I’ve recommended him to some of my friends in Connecticut, and they’ve had similar results as mine.
“I’ve recommended Dr. Pearson and Back In Action Medical Center to many people, and I’ll continue to do so.”
“What Dr. Pearson has done for me has been life-changing in an extremely positive way,” adds Jay. “It’s just been huge. I feel better now than I’ve felt in years. I absolutely, one hundred percent recommend Dr. Pearson and his bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.”

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