Feel Younger, Stronger and Sexier

A broken finger turned out to be a life-changing event for Debbie Rogers.
Nearly a decade ago, Debbie began experiencing menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, lack of interest in sex and feeling lethargic.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Debbie Rogers

“I didn’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning,” Debbie shares. “I was tired and miserable. I just wanted to curl up and stay at home. And the hot flashes and night sweats were downright awful.”
These symptoms persisted for several years before she finally made an appointment with her gynecologist.
“When I finally forced myself to go in for an appointment, the doctor noticed I had a broken finger. He suggested that, because of my age, I have blood work done and a bone density screening performed,” Debbie says. “The results of those tests indicated that not only did I have osteoporosis, but I was extremely hormone deficient.”
Soon thereafter, Debbie began treatment for the osteoporosis, which has improved her bone density dramatically. But, she continued to suffer with the hormone deficiency.
“I started to do research online, and I was reading about pellet therapy,” Debbie recalls. “I was very intrigued by the possibilities.
“I looked for offices in the Tampa Bay area that offered the pellet therapy and found Infinity Medical Institute. I admit that even though I was fascinated by what I read, I was also skeptical that it would work. When my husband kept urging me to get help, I finally made an appointment.”

What Are Bio-Natural Hormones?

“When Debbie initially came into the office, we performed very thorough testing to determine her exact needs,” explains Moriah Moffitt, MD, of Infinity Medical Institute. “Her hormone levels were extremely low, making her an ideal candidate for our bio-natural hormone replacement therapy.”
Bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy is the most natural and effective solution for hormone-related issues.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Pellet therapy has given Debbie a new outlook on life.

“Through Infinity Medical Institute’s bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy, patients like Debbie achieve consistent absorption of the proper, predictable levels of hormones their bodies require for optimum health through the simple insertion of a pellet approximately every three to five months.”
These bio-natural hormone pellets are derived from wild yam plants, a natural plant material that is molecularly changed in structure and function for a 98 percent bio-identical match to the body’s own composition, whereas synthetic hormones can be as little as six to eight percent bio-identical.
“Hormones affect everything, including our growth through childhood, our sexual development, our moods, how we break down our food, sleep patterns, stress, how much weight we gain – just about every function in the body, big and small,” educates Dr. Moffitt. “They also play a role in many health conditions such as diabetes, an over- or underactive thyroid, osteoporosis, obesity, anxiety and depression.
“Our bio-natural L3 pellet hormone therapy helps to give us an edge as we provide patients with a product that is all natural, and we stand behind it,” Dr. Moffitt continues. “It’s the most effective hormone treatment on the market because it is replacing natural, normal hormones with biologically identical hormones that the body is used to seeing, rather than synthetic versions of the hormones.”
To be sure the patient is receiving the proper amount of hormones, comprehensive evaluations of overall health are performed prior to the pellets being administered.
“We want to be sure that the treatment we administer is going to be the overall best course of action for that patient,” Dr. Moffitt adds. “We’re very thorough with the labs at every visit in order to see what has changed, and what needs to be altered. We want to be sure every patient is feeling the best they possibly can. We not only look at their labs, but we look at their overall health because other issues, like diabetes or high blood pressure, can affect how the treatment is administered.”

Amazing Results

Debbie felt results within about a month of her initial treatment. Today, she goes to Infinity Medical Institute every three months for pellet therapy.
“I feel absolutely amazing again,” Debbie says. “It is like the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders. Everything has improved, from my mood to my sex drive. The results are absolutely amazing.”
Debbie’s energy level has improved so much that she now takes a dance class, travels more and spends more time with her grandchildren.
Dr. Moffitt says it makes it all worthwhile to see patients like Debbie make such vast improvements.
“We see a transformation of our patients from the first time they come through the door and throughout their treatment,” she confirms. “Patients come in saying that they’re not feeling vibrant, energetic, and have no interest in sex. After they receive our specialized treatment, they come back in and they’re smiling and feeling great again. They get that confidence back.
“Our overall goal is for our patients to look and feel good from the inside out, and we work hard to achieve that.”
“I have my life back again, and I am feeling fabulous,” Debbie raves. “Life could not be better!”

Reverse Urinary Incontinence

Carla Taylor, 60, knows what it’s like to experience a brush with death. In January 2008, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor at the base of her brain stem.

Carla can play golf for hours now after receiving the O-Shot.

“I was having really bad headaches to the point that they were ruining my daily life,” Carla recalls. “I was in constant pain. They were so intense, I ended up going to the emergency room, and doctors discovered I had a colloid cyst on the base of my brain that was causing the headaches.”
A colloid cyst obstructs cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) movement, resulting in elevated brain pressure. If left undetected, a colloid cyst can block proper blood flow to the brain and slowly shut down bodily systems.
To remove the cyst, Carla underwent five surgeries and was hospitalized for six weeks.
Not long after the surgery and while hospitalized, Carla had a mini-stroke, which left half of her body paralyzed. As a result, she underwent physical rehabilitation for nearly a year. Carla was on the road to recovery and regaining mobility when yet another life-altering episode occurred several years later: She started having epileptic seizures.
“They just started one day out of nowhere,” Carla recalls. “I was a school teacher for twenty-three years, and one day, I had a seizure in front of my students. That forced me into retirement because I never knew when they would come, and I did not want to scare the kids like that. The seizures, though, left me with an even bigger problem, which is urinary incontinence.
“The incontinence got so bad that I was going through eight adult diapers a day and six at night,” she continues. “It took over every aspect of my life. My husband, Dennis, and I have a boat that I wasn’t able to enjoy because I couldn’t be far from a bathroom. I couldn’t go out to eat in a restaurant because I had to get up from the table so often. We play cards with friends, and I couldn’t do that, either. I had no social life, no life outside my home. It was really, really horrible.”
Carla says she was sitting in the waiting room at a doctor’s office one day when she picked up a copy of Florida Health Care News and read about the O-Shot, offered at Infinity Medical Institute.
“The article was on the front page, so it caught my eye,” she recalls. “It talked about a woman who got the O-Shot to help control her urinary incontinence. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I told my husband about it, and he was encouraging. He thought it sounded like something I should try. The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself to go. I told my husband, This could be a game-changer for me! I have to go see them!”

O-Shot Liberation

Michael Montemurro, president of Infinity Medical Institute, confirms that the O-Shot can, indeed, help reverse the symptoms of urinary incontinence in patients like Carla.
“Carla’s case was extreme and unlike any we have seen here before,” Michael shares. “Her incontinence was affecting every aspect of her life, from her sleep pattern to her personal interactions. She came to us knowing exactly what she wanted, and we were confident we could help her attain that.
“In the past, we’ve found that of the women who have received the O-Shot to treat their urinary incontinence issues, the majority have experienced vast improvement,” he continues. “The O-Shot helps to tighten, or strengthen, the bladder muscles and stop the leakage. As I said, Carla’s case was very extreme, but there are far too many women experiencing incontinence issues when they cough, laugh or sneeze, and we want them to know there is help available.”
According to Michael, on occasion, some women may require an additional shot to receive maximum relief. Typically, most women experience a vast improvement with their first treatment.
Carla confirms she experienced relief from the first day she got the shot.
“After it was over, we left the office in Tampa and drove all the way home to New Port Richey, and I was fine,” Carla shares. “Before, I would have had to stop to go to the bathroom at least once. That night, I slept all night long without having to wake up to use the restroom. It’s been an amazing breakthrough for me! I still have to wear the adult pads, occasionally, but not nearly as many.”
Today, Carla is back to enjoying weekends on the boat, taking her dogs on long walks and playing cards with friends.
“I have my life back. You don’t realize how much you’ve lost until you go through what I have been through. The improvement is like night and day.”

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