Fatigue Fighter, Pain Reliever

Re-energize with natural healing techniques.

The long, hot Florida summers have a tendency to wear some people down, and Sylvia Jimenez, an endeavoring fitness instructor living in Wimauma, was among those whom the summer of 2017 took quite a toll on.

Sylvia Jiminez discovered the cause and a solution for her fatigue after visiting the Holistic Medical Care Clinic

Sylvia says she feels fantastic after receiving IV therapy.

“By the time September rolled around that year, I was just exhausted,” the 47-year-old mother of one says. “I didn’t have any energy at all. I literally could not go a day without needing to take at least two naps, and I knew that wasn’t normal.”

Sylvia’s battle with abnormal fatigue raged on all through the rest of that summer and fall. When she was still fighting it after the holidays passed, she decided to take action and began searching the internet for solutions.

A “big believer in alternative medicine,” Sylvia’s search led her to Holistic Medical Care Clinic in Brandon, where founders Nataliya Sia, ARNP, and Sunny Sia, PMHNP, treat patients utilizing a blend of conventional/Western medicine and complementary therapies.

“We avoid prescribing medications as much as possible and look to heal patients a more natural way,” Practitioner Nataliya explains. “We specialize in treatments such as intravenous vitamin therapy and ultraviolet blood irradiation intravenous (UV light IV) therapy .”

Intravenous vitamin (IV) therapy is designed to correct a variety of potential vitamin deficiencies often caused by a diseased state. A mixture of vitamins and minerals is delivered directly into the bloodstream.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation is a procedure in which the blood is exposed to ultraviolet light. The light exposure helps regulate the body’s immune system, which allows it to better fight off infection and manage autoimmune conditions such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

After examining Sylvia and performing a blood test that revealed vitamin deficiencies and “bad” antibodies, Nataliya prescribed a series of 40-minute nutritional IV treatments and 45-minute blood irradiation IVs, both of which
had a positive effect.

“Feeling Fantastic”

“The vitamin IVs were very beneficial,” Sylvia reports. “I started feeling great three days after having that. Then I did about six of the blood IVs, and after I had my lab work done again, everything came back great, and I was feeling fantastic.”

The treatments had such a positive effect that Sylvia embarked on a six-week vacation to Nevada shortly after completing them. Her time away was disrupted, however, by back pain that Sylvia asked Nataliya about immediately after
returning home.

Practitioner Nataliya suggested treating Sylvia’s back with ozone therapy, in which ozone gas is injected into the areas of pain. The gas hyperoxygenates the body and helps it naturally heal injured muscles, tendons or ligaments.

“I couldn’t sleep because of the back pain, but after two injections, I was sleeping well, and started going back to my workout classes again,” Sylvia says. “I probably wouldn’t be doing that were it not for practitioner Nataliya and the Holistic Medical Care Clinic.

“Everyone there is just great, which is why I’ve already recommended them to my sister and brother-in-law. I would recommend them to anybody who isn’t feeling right and wants someone who really listens and cares about you.”

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