Farewell, Body Fat!

Safe, easy process results in lost pounds and inches.

Suzanne Goudreau loves her job with the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce. Among her duties, she welcomes visitors to the area, produces festivals and art shows, and develops networking events for local businesses.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Suzanne already lost ten pounds.

In her role with the chamber, the Massachusetts native is very visible within the community. When she started putting on a few extra pounds and inches, she decided she didn’t like the impression she was making.
“I had some really stubborn fat, mostly in my belly and upper thighs,” describes Suzanne. “I’m going through menopause, and I just couldn’t get the weight off and keep it off. I was very unhappy. I didn’t like the way I looked. I was also in a new relationship and wasn’t comfortable with myself.
“My clothes didn’t fit. They were getting much too tight. I wore a size twelve, but I refused to go up to the next size.”
At this point, Suzanne started thinking about doing something more than dieting. It was through the chamber of commerce that she met Tred Rissacher, DC, of Slim Body Laser Spa in Stuart and learned about the Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System he offers. Because she had areas of stubborn fat, Dr. Tred’s program, which targets that, intrigued her.
“The chamber held a fundraiser for the art and music programs in our local school, and Dr. Tred donated a gift certificate for some laser treatments,” notes Suzanne. “It was a silent auction. I chose to bid on that gift certificate, and I won it.”
When Suzanne first arrived at Slim Body Laser Spa, she had no idea what to expect. She was delighted by the staff’s friendly attention. They were understanding and listened without judgment as she described her concerns. After learning all about Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System, Suzanne had her first session that same day.
“The staff was wonderful,” she says. “They were very welcoming and really put me at ease. I sat there and listened to Dr. Tred explain just what they do, and I thought the process was too easy. The laser treatment doesn’t hurt and doesn’t require any recuperation.
“I actually saw a little difference that very first day, but after three treatments, I could really tell the difference. I started losing weight quickly after that.”
The staff at Slim Body also encouraged Suzanne to improve her diet and taught her the importance of good nutrition. The tips they offered enabled Suzanne to make better choices and stay on track with healthier eating habits.
“I didn’t realize I was eating so much sugar and other bad things,” she relates. “The guidelines the staff gave me helped me find foods that were better options than those I was eating. As part of my past efforts to lose weight, I used protein bars and shakes. They recommended products that were healthier than what I was using.”

Amazing Support

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

With her slimmer look, Deb gets lots of compliments.

Like Suzanne, Deb Shockley is in a highly visible profession. She’s a district sales manager for Florida’s largest independent real estate company. She manages an entire office of agents and occasionally negotiates properties for past clients and friends. However, as she got older, the Maryland native started storing fat around her waist that wouldn’t budge.
“I’m five feet two inches tall and almost sixty-four years old, and I had that little muffin top and belly bulge that come with middle age,” shares Deb. “My clothes weren’t fitting very well, but I vowed I was not going to go to a larger size.”
Nothing she did helped to reduce those flabby areas, and Deb became disheartened. Then, she was introduced to the Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System at Slim Body Laser Spa by one of the sales associates in her office.
“The associate told me about the program and even had a coupon for me to use, so I thought, I’m going to check this out,” she states. “I went to Slim Body and met with Dr. Tred.”
Deb fell in love with Slim Body Laser Spa the moment she arrived. The atmosphere was relaxing, and the people were warm and welcoming. When she met
Dr. Tred, she found him very knowledgeable and immediately trusted his opinion.
“It was a very comfortable environment at Slim Body,” she comments. “The staff was very welcoming. It was like visiting family or friends. That’s how I felt about them, and they were very supportive.
“Dr. Tred is amazing. He and I talked about my history and a surgery I had in the past. He felt my problem was probably the result of that surgery, but he believed the treatment would help me a lot.
“I was never one to consider doing any special program, especially anything invasive like liposuction, but the laser treatment is not an invasive procedure. That’s why I was interested in it and why I proceeded with it. I thought, This program makes sense. In fact, I thought it was cool because it was so easy.”
As in Suzanne’s case, Dr. Tred suggested improved nutrition goals for Deb as part of the overall weight loss program. Members of the Slim Body Laser Spa staff counseled Deb about healthier eating, but did so on Deb’s schedule.
“The staff was not pushy about nutrition, but they were there to support me. They taught me about recording my weight and tracking what I eat and things like that,” she offers. “They’d ask me if I wanted to talk about nutrition, and I’d answer, Yes, or No, not today. I just got back from a business trip. They helped me in any way they could.”

Beautiful Music

As part of Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System, patients receive nine 30-minute laser sessions in three weeks. The laser uses eight little “paddles” that house the laser energy. Each paddle is about the size of a cell phone. The laser energy is cool, does not heat up and there is no discomfort.
“They call Slim Body a spa for a reason,” notes Suzanne. “I got to lie down in a comfortable room with these lasers on my belly with beautiful music playing. It was probably the most relaxing part of my entire day.”
During each laser session, a staff member places the paddles on the specific areas to be reduced. These areas are treated at each session. After the 30-minute laser session is completed, patients are encouraged to go to a wonderful area called the whole body vibration room.
“The whole body vibration treatment, along with drinking plenty of water and doing some mild exercise following the laser session, helps the body release the stubborn fat and burn calories at the same time,” observes Dr. Tred. “Whole body vibration is an important part of the program, especially for those who have difficulty finding time to exercise, since the whole body vibration helps in the fat-reducing, inch-loss process.”
“During the treatment, I just lay there, and the staff took care of everything,” describes Deb. “I just listened to calming music and had these paddles on me. It was so easy; I really enjoyed it. Afterward, I loved the whole body machine. It was so cool!”

Safely Effective

Over the past six years, more than 4,000 people have shed thousands of stubborn pounds and inches with the help of
Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System. Dr. Tred’s system succeeds when other attempts at weight loss have failed. The difference is the laser, which works directly on the problem fat cells.
“When applied to the body, laser energy safely causes microscopic pores to form in the fat cells,” explains Dr. Tred. “The fat leaks out and is absorbed by the body. It is then burned as energy or removed from the body naturally.
“Most people want to get the fat off safely with good nutrition, minimum exercise and no downtime,” adds the doctor. “This laser treatment is an effective method that doesn’t take long. In a series of nine
thirty-minute sessions, patients can lose three to nine inches of belly fat, and their health can improve dramatically. This allows for a long-term solution to keeping the weight off.”
Dr. Tred’s laser system can treat many problem areas, including belly fat, muffin top, back fat, bra bulge, chin fat, upper arms, thighs and male breasts. The doctor does mention, however, that diet modification and some exercise can help the process to be more sustaining.
“In order for the results from these treatments to be long-lasting, patients do need to eat right and move around,” he acknowledges. “People will be more than happy with the results they see if they follow the entire plan.”

Comfortable Clothes

Suzanne and Deb are among the thousands of people who have had success with
Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System. Both women achieved excellent results through the program and are thrilled with how they look and feel. Suzanne and Deb have also opted to continue with Slim Body Laser Spa’s maintenance program.
“As of right now, I’ve lost eight and a half inches and ten pounds,” reports Suzanne. “My clothes are all loose. I have to buy a new wardrobe, but I want to wait and see how far down I get. I intend to lose another fifteen pounds.”
“After the nine sessions in the first three weeks, the staff took three measurements. When they totaled them up, I lost six and a half inches,” relays Deb. “I was amazed.
“My clothes are not tight anymore. There’s more room in them, which is always a blessing. I’m also getting compliments from some of my sales associates and people I see at meetings. They say, Have you lost weight? You look like you’ve lost a lot of weight.
Suzanne’s been told she looks good, too. That’s helping to motivate her to continue, but she has other reasons for moving forward as well.
“I invested in myself and don’t want it to be a bad investment,” she offers. “That’s part of the momentum, but each day I feel better, look better and get more compliments makes me just want to keep going. I also have a class reunion in a month, which is another incentive.
“The validation of having people notice also helps, although most don’t know exactly why I look different. The other day, someone told me my face looked thinner. That surprised me.”
Both Suzanne and Deb are pleased with their treatment results and happy with their experiences at Slim Body Laser Spa.
“Dr. Tred is great, and the staff at Slim Body are like cheerleaders,” says Suzanne. “They’re so nice, friendly and interested. They take pride in the fact that I’m taking pride in myself.”
“I drove forty-five minutes each way to get there, getting up early to be there for the early sessions so I could get on with my day,” adds Deb. “If I’m driving an hour and a half round trip, I have to believe in it. I definitely recommend Slim Body Laser Spa!”

Before and after images courtesy of Slim Body Laser Spa.

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