Eye Floater Laser

Scott Geller, MD, teaches the technique worldwide.

“Laser treatment of eye floaters is fascinating,” says Scott Geller, MD, a board-certified ophthalmologist with a specialty clinic in Fort Myers. “I look forward to doing this every day. And our reputation has become worldwide with the advent of the internet. We’ve had a steady flow of patients from Europe, Canada, and even Russia, China, Arabia, and Israel.”

Photo by Jordan Pysz

Scott L. Geller, MD

Dr. Geller can rightly claim to have started this niche area of ophthalmic surgery, with the largest, continuous clinical series, having performed more than 15,000 documented eye floater laser sessions.
“I’m always asked why this useful treatment modality is not more widely available, or why some doctors try it but give it up,’’ Dr. Geller explains. “The answer is simple: there are no courses for training, and there is a lack of proper equipment.”
Dr. Geller was trained directly by the professor who researched laser inside the human eye at the famous University Eye Clinic in Bern, Switzerland.
Dr. Geller adds: “They never thought this would be applicable to eye floaters, but I proved them wrong.”
Dr. Geller uses the Swiss made Lasag laser.
“I have tried others, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind this is the most versatile and precise instrument,’’ he notes. “In fact, I have two of them, and I fly in the engineers from Switzerland to update and service them yearly.”

A Doctor and an Educator

Dr. Geller has personally trained the most experienced ophthalmologists in the U.S., as well as the top surgeons from Italy and Holland, who have
visited his Florida facility.

Photo by Jordan Pysz

Dr. Geller has performed more than 15,000 documented floater laser sessions.

“I am concerned about colleagues rushing into something new without having a formal preceptorship,’’ Dr. Geller says. “It is easy to push the button, but not so easy to get the optimal result and avoid complications.”
To improve physician education, Dr. Geller gave an hour-long course this year at one of the country’s major ophthalmology associations.
“This was the first course of this quality anywhere in the U.S.,’’ notes Dr. Geller. “And I am going back to Italy, where I was invited to lecture at a major ophthalmology meeting. This is the fourth invitation, and I will also consult and treat patients there, as I have in the past.”
Dr. Geller welcomes other ophthalmologists to come and observe, and to call if they need advice on difficult cases.

Article submitted by Scott Geller, MD.
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