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Revolutionary dual-wave laser treatment keeps skin looking young.

April* takes care of her skin the way conscientious auto owners take care of their cars. In an effort to keep it in tip-top shape and resolve any problems before they become too great, she does preventive maintenance.

April had a laser facial treatment done with the new Halo™ laser and really liked the results.

Nurse practitioner Nicole Hogue specializes in prejuvenation.

“I’m trying to stay ahead of the game a bit,” the 33-year-old nurse practitioner explains. “So, I’ve had multiple laser treatments before.”

April recently learned of a new facial treatment that unlike most others requires little to no downtime for recovery. The news of this groundbreaking procedure and her desire to correct a few lingering issues prompted her to look a little deeper into it.

“I have large pores, and I wanted those to shrink a little bit,” April offers. “I also noticed a few small, brown spots developing; I had a little bit of acne; and the overall texture of my skin was feeling a little rough.

“All of that was something I wanted to take care of, and the technology of this new treatment was very interesting to me. It’s advertised to require minimal recovery time, and for someone like me who works, that was very attractive.”

The new laser treatment April heard of is the Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser by Sciton. By delivering two different wavelengths to the skin simultaneously, it coagulates and vaporizes tissue all at once to treat an array of mild to severe skin issues.

The Name of the Game

The advantage of the technology is that it allows treatments to be fully customized, which gives patients the ability to obtain the same results they would from more invasive treatments without having to spend days or weeks waiting to recover.

“The name of the game now is downtime, and what this laser does is provide ablative-type results with less downtime through a very comfortable delivery system,” explains Brian K. Zebrowski, MD, who offers the treatment at ZMD Center for Face and Body Rejuvenation – A MediSpa.

“You can wheel and deal in terms of what kind of treatment you get with this laser. You can be very aggressive and get a hardcore treatment. Or, if you’re someone who is twenty-five or thirty years old and doesn’t have a lot of sunspots, you can get a mild treatment, which is like mowing down the weeds before they become big issues.”

The latter is the approach April has long taken to skin care, and after learning more about it from Nicole Hogue, the nurse practitioner she has worked most closely with the past few years, she opted to give it a try.

“April’s goal is what I call prejuvenation,” Nicole explains. “It’s a way of treating the aging process before it starts. It is definitely a trend in the industry, and the Halo is one of the top-notch, state-of-the-art devices Dr. Zebrowski has that allows us to keep up with it.”

April’s experience at ZMD Center began with a consultation with Dr. Zebrowski and Nicole that included a free VISIA® Complexion Analysis to determine the areas of April’s face that needed to be treated.

“We’re very fortunate to have the VISIA system because it allows us to get detailed images of the front, left and right side of the face and picks up all the reds and browns and age spots in the skin,” Dr. Zebrowski informs.

“It’s no longer a matter of me pointing at your face and saying you need to treat this or that. We do the scan, and we all look at the images together and collectively decide what areas need to be treated.”

After agreeing on a plan of action, which includes the amount of downtime she was willing to take on for recovery, April was given a thorough facial cleansing. Her skin was then treated with a numbing cream that ensures the laser treatment is pain free.

“They have you relax in a nice, big, comfortable chair while the numbing agent is taking effect. Nicole explains everything that’s going to happen, including how the laser is going to feel on your face,” April reports.

“They then put protective eyewear over your eyes, and Nicole does all the measurements of the areas of the face where she’s going to be doing the treatment. She then begins the actual laser treatment itself, which was not painful at all.

“You do feel the laser. You can feel the sensation from it, but it’s not severe. And you can feel the heat from it, but again it was nothing severe. I was under the laser for about twenty minutes, so the whole process for me took about an hour.

“Afterward, Nicole went over all the post-care instructions, telling me to avoid sun exposure for a few days and things like that, and she gave me a printout of those as well as a nectar cream to use as part of the treatment.”

In the past, a laser treatment such as the one April received could have required as much as a week or more of downtime before the skin began to look normal again. April confirms that is not the case with the Halo treatment.

“I had the treatment done on a Friday, and the very next day, I was very comfortable going out to the grocery store,” April reveals. “On Sunday, I went to a Rays game at Tropicana Field, and I just basically looked as if I’d been out in the sun for a bit.

Pleasing Results

“It’s been a few weeks now since I had the treatment, and I’m very impressed and very pleased with the results. My pores are very small, and the texture of my skin is amazing. It’s very smooth. Like I said, I’ve had some other treatments done before, but I’ve never seen results like this so quickly. This is the best laser treatment I’ve ever had.”

April speaks just as glowingly of Dr. Zebrowski, Nicole and the staff at ZMD Center as she does about the Halo treatment itself.

“The ZMD Center is a beautiful place, and everyone there is so pleasant and friendly,” April relates. “And Nicole is an absolute expert in her field. She’s very knowledgeable about all the treatments and the science behind them. She’s just wonderful, and everyone there really does a great job.”

*Patient’s name withheld at their request.
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