Eating Your Way to Better Health

Dave Mixon’s waistline gradually expanded during his first 22 years as an Orlando police officer, but it was the final years of his career in law enforcement that had the most impact on his lifestyle and overall health.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Ideal Protein has allowed Dave to return to his proper weight.

In October 2002, Dave was stopped at a traffic light when another motorist hit his patrol car from behind. Dave suffered a broken vertebra just above his tailbone and was off the job for eight months while undergoing rehabilitation.
“After I returned to work, my mobility and comfort level were drastically reduced,” he shares.
Then, in October 2005, Dave’s patrol car was rear-ended yet again, the collision further exacerbating his previous injury, which led to his retirement.
“As time went on, I was able to find other, sedentary employment, but my activity level dropped drastically, and I began to gain weight more quickly than I had over the previous twelve years,” Dave says. “I was just spiraling out of control.”
Sugary foods such as cakes, doughnuts, cookies and ice cream were Dave’s weakness. He tried the Weight Watchers®, Atkins® and South Beach® diets, as well as weightlifting and other exercise, but nothing gave him lasting results.
Then one day, his wife showed him an article in Volusia Health Care News about an Orlando police officer named Ben Stanaland who shed more than 120 pounds on the Ideal Protein® program administered at DeLand Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression.
“I know that officer, and I read his story and said, If he can do that, so can I,” recalls Dave, who weighed 272 pounds at the time. “I discussed it with my wife, we visited the DeLand Chiropractic office and had a consultation to learn about Ideal Protein, what it entailed and what would be required of me. Then I jumped in with both feet.”

Effective, Easy to Follow

Ideal Protein enables quick weight loss while boosting energy, fostering better appetite control, improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reducing blood pressure.
Easy to follow, the comprehensive, customized program helps people like Dave achieve and maintain a healthy weight in a way that becomes second nature. Cooking classes, one-on-one coaching and other support services guide patients along the path to wellness and better eating.

Before image courtesy of Dave Mixon.


“Ideal Protein helps limit the amount of sugars and dietary fats you take in while providing a high-quality form of protein that’s easily absorbed,” explains Jeremy M. Gordon, DC, of DeLand Chiropractic. “Some other plans merely restrict caloric intake so the body burns fat, which also burns muscle. Ideal Protein burns stored fat while preserving lean muscle.”
Dr. Gordon recommends Ideal Protein over other diet plans and surgery. While people can lose weight by cutting back on calories, he educates, “most can’t sustain that long term. And it’s not healthy to keep that lower level of calorie intake for an extended period.”
Appetite suppressants, meanwhile, not only carry the risk of dangerous side effects, “they also don’t address the underlying issue, which is that patients are eating unhealthy foods or excessive quantities of healthy foods,” Dr. Gordon cautions. “We make sure our patients learn healthy eating habits so they can maintain their weight in a healthy range for the long term.”
Surgery to reduce stomach size does decrease the amount of food a person can eat at a sitting. But some of those patients still don’t achieve the results they expect and end up turning to Ideal Protein, he states.
Rigorous physical activity isn’t necessary to lose weight while on Ideal Protein, “but if patients are already doing a certain exercise routine, we encourage them to continue,” Dr. Gordon comments.
Dave and other Ideal Protein participants do need to take a multivitamin and also potassium, fish oil and calcium supplements.
“We have to supplement because we’re removing most of the dairy, grains and fruits from people’s regular diets while they’re on the program,” Dr. Gordon informs. “Those food groups have a lot of mineral content, so we need to make sure patients still get an adequate, balanced amount of minerals.
“None of the supplements are what you see with the different fad diets,” he continues. “There are no diet pills or stimulants in Ideal Protein. The program teaches people to eat healthy.”
Ideal Protein is perfect for those who enjoy snacks, “especially if they like salty foods, chocolate or sweets,” the chiropractor says. “All of the plan’s food is designed to be low-carb, low-fat, with a moderate amount of protein and typically high in fiber. They help satisfy your cravings and hold you over until your next meal. One thing we don’t want patients to do is be hungry.”
Like others on Ideal Protein, Dave saw immediate results. He lost eight and a half pounds his first week and nearly seven pounds his second week.
“For the next several months, I maintained a weight loss of four to six pounds a week,” he notes. “The next thing you know, you’re down forty pounds or more and you’re like, Oh my goodness, I can do this.”

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Dave Mixon

While Dave admits that sticking to the diet was difficult at first, he was determined to really go for it instead of settling for a 20- or 40-pound loss.
“Dave made sure he followed the protocol as it was designed,” Dr. Gordon confirms. “We tell our patients that this type of diet is not meant for cheating. It’s not one of those yo-yo diets where you drop the weight and put it back on.
“Because patients come in for weekly check-ins with our weight-loss coaches and do a weigh-in and a body composition test, they’re able to see their progress,” he adds. “That helps keep them accountable and ensures they’re getting the results they’re looking for. For example, if they’re losing half a pound a week, we know they’re cheating. We can redirect them and address any issues that may not be allowing them to reach their goals.”
Studies have shown that weight-loss programs with one-on-one coaching are much more effective than plans that bring dieters into a group setting or provide no support at all, Dr. Gordon reports.
“Patients eat a combination of Ideal Protein foods along with their own lean meat and four servings of lower carbohydrate vegetables a day, things like broccoli and cauliflower, asparagus, kale and lettuce,” he informs. “They can have an unlimited amount of salad. It’s kind of half and half between the Ideal Protein foods and their regular food.”
Ideal Protein’s grocery line includes some 80 products such as oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies, chili and soups that aren’t available in stores. Dave says the Ideal Protein food he purchased from DeLand Chiropractic was very tasty.
Patients eventually taper off their consumption of Ideal Protein products over a four-week period and begin eating more dishes they prepare on their own. At this stage, “they add some fruits, some grains and some dairy back into their diet as well,” Dr. Gordon expounds. “Unfortunately, dairy and grains are the biggest contributors to weight gain, so we do encourage patients to keep those to a minimum long term if they want to maintain a healthy weight.”

Discovering New Favorite Foods

As Dave approached his ideal body mass index – the proper weight for his height of five-foot-eight – his weight loss began to slow because he had less body fat to burn. Some six months into the Ideal Protein program, he was six pounds from his goal of losing 102 when his body told him it was time to be done.
“I’m at the point where I don’t focus on the number so much,” Dave asserts. “I focus on how I feel, how I look and what clothes I can wear.”
As Dave’s waistline shrank, his palate expanded and he discovered he enjoyed foods he wouldn’t have touched before. One of those is riced cauliflower, which he eats nearly every day.

“If you’re serious about wanting to make a genuine lifestyle change to maintain your weight loss, not just lose weight, Ideal Protein works. It’s been life-changing.” – Dave

“It’s really versatile,” Dave enthuses. “You can mix anything with it,” including seasonings and hot sauce. “You can eat it with practically any kind of meat or mix it in with soup.”
Spinach, green beans, zucchini and mushrooms also have become staples for Dave, replacing corn and carrots.
While he does crave peanut butter, Dave says he’s no longer tempted by sugary foods. He occasionally has pizza or cake but has learned that such treats “need to be the exception and not the norm.”
“Your indulgences aren’t a weekend or a week, maybe not even a full day,” he stresses. “It could be a meal or two, and then you get back to eating foods that are fun and healthy.”
Along with losing weight, one of Dave’s early goals was to bend over and tie his shoes without straining or holding his breath. He’s achieved that, and so much more.
“I’ve shed ten inches off my waist,” he marvels. “My energy level has drastically increased. The aches and pains that come with carrying all that extra weight have disappeared. I no longer have sleep apnea and no longer need the CPAP machine I used for ten years. I go to the gym three days a week and do only cardiovascular exercises, and weight training. I take the stairs at work now when I used to take the elevator.”
Dave’s appearance has changed so dramatically that people he hasn’t seen in a while have walked past him without recognizing him.
“The biggest reaction I get is, If I didn’t hear your voice, I wouldn’t have known who you were,” he relates. “It’s been overwhelmingly positive with my friends, my church family and my work family.”
Dave’s wife, Donna, is extremely pleased with his results, too, because she’d been terribly worried about the impact of the extra weight on his health.
While Dave still deals with chronic pain from his back injury, it’s a lot more tolerable since his weight loss, which has allowed him to postpone the spinal fusion surgery a doctor recommended years ago.
Dave has been such an enthusiastic proponent of Ideal Protein that he now works two evenings a week at DeLand Chiropractic as a weight-loss coach in addition to his day job conducting traffic engineering studies for the Florida Department of Transportation.
“If you’re serious about wanting to make a genuine lifestyle change to maintain your weight loss, not just lose weight, Ideal Protein works,” Dave recommends. “It’s been life-changing.”

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