Drop That Weight

Weight-loss program trims fat drop by drop.

Tampa native Thomas Aguero, DC, has spent more than 20 years building the South Tampa Chiropractic Clinic into one of Tampa Bay’s leading health and wellness centers. Along the way he has also built what he describes as a “great” life.

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Dr. Aguero is a ChiroThin success story.

“I’ve been very, very blessed,” Dr. Aguero asserts. “I have lots of nice things. But I haven’t always been as healthy as I need to be. I’m five-foot-three and not long ago I weighed one hundred and eighty pounds and was just getting heavier and heavier and heavier.
“No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get my weight down and keep it down. I couldn’t lose the belly fat, and in addition to that, my blood pressure was out of control. At one point, it was literally one hundred and ninty-five over eighty-four, which is very dangerous.
“That’s stroke territory and that pushed me to see a cardiologist who told me, You’re not in trouble yet, but you’re getting there. I knew I had to do something to lose that belly fat, because in men, belly fat is the greatest predictor of heart attacks.”
Dr. Aguero knows a thing or two about heart attacks. He’s 64 and by the time his father reached that age he had already suffered three heart attacks. Dr. Aguero thus deemed it imperative that he find a remedy for his weight gain.
What he found was ChiroThin.

A Change of Habit

ChiroThin is a doctor-supervised, custom, six-week weight-loss program. A few drops of a natural dietary supplement each day helps participants lose stubborn weight and break the bad habits that resulted in them becoming overweight in the first place.
When taken in conjunction with specific amounts of healthy foods such as lean meat, fish and vegetables, ChiroThin helps the body do a more efficient job of turning stored fat into energy. That leads to an increase in metabolism, which helps participants lose weight.
“The drops are made up of a combination of amino acids and proprietary blends that help you reset your basic metabolic rate, which is a measurement of the number of calories your body burns while at rest,” Dr. Aguero explains.
The drops are combined with the ChiroThin eating program, which involves specific amounts and combinations of low glycemic index foods. This makes your body more efficient in converting the stored fat into energy. In general, the ChiroThin program helps the body metabolize fat more efficiently and use it as energy.
“For example, if your body is used to having four-thousand calories a day to function properly, it’s going to encourage you to consume four-thousand calories a day. But if we can lower that baseline number and get it down, you’ll need fewer calories to function and when you consume fewer calories you lose weight.”
Dr. Aguero decided to try the program himself before he would offer it to individuals through his practice. His is a ChiroThin success story. He began the program on January 2. In the 42 days that followed he lost 25 pounds and five inches off his waist.
“When I searched for a weight-loss program for my patients I wanted something that I could have success with myself,” Dr. Aguero explains. “My thinking was, How am I going to look a patient in the eye and tell them this is a great program if I’ve never done it?”

“The best thing about it is, it’s effective. It’s safe and effective, and I’m proof that it works.”-Dr. Aguero

The program begins with an evaluation of the participant’s weight and body fat index as well as their basal metabolic rate. Based on those readings the doctor designs an individualized dietary program specifically for the participant.
Unlike many dietary programs, ChiroThin does not require participants to buy any pre-packaged foods, drink protein shakes or even exercise. The drops of ChiroThin, five to seven of which are taken sublingually (under the tongue) three times a day, do all the work.
“That’s one of the things I like the most about the program,” Dr. Aguero states. “This program is not designed for you to go to the gym and hit it real hard three or four times a week or buy special foods or drink shakes or anything like that. On this program, everything you eat is something you can buy at your local grocery store. You are eating four ounces of lean meat or fish along with four ounces of fresh vegetables at every meal. There’s nothing tricky about it.

Before and After

“It’s the same with the drops. They are manufactured at an FDA-approved facility, and there are no drugs in the proprietary formula. They do not contain amphetamines or strong appetite suppressants. Consequently, you will not get the shakes or jitters associated with stimulants. All they do is what they’re designed to do, which is help your body reset its own metabolic baseline of how many calories a day you need to burn.”
Another advantage of the program, Dr. Aguero notes, is that it is designed to change each participant’s eating habits. That part is critical for participants in the plan to keep the weight off once the program has been completed and they enter the maintenance phase.
“It’s a very safe program because everything about it is natural,” Dr. Aguero asserts. “And one of the interesting things about it is that after you’ve eaten properly for forty-two days, you reach a point where you want to continue to eat properly.
“We coach you all along the way, texting you recipes and pictures of the meals others involved in the program have made and enjoyed. Once you start making good choices about the food you eat, you lose that desire to go out and have a pizza or a hamburger.
“With most programs like this, you get through the two or three months and you say, I’m not going to eat this stuff anymore, and you go back to eating the way you used to. But that’s not what happens with this program.
“With this program, you’re eating healthy and you’re eating good food and consequently, you start to feel like, This is how I’m supposed to be eating. I’m supposed to be eating these foods and they’re good foods.”
“And you’re not going to be hungry on this plan. You’re going to eat food that is good for you and tastes good, and we coach you through it all the way. The best thing about it is that it is safe and effective, and I’m proof that it works.”

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