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Sophisticated treatment for hearing loss, tinnitus available.

Husband and wife Nic and Judy Foster have a lot in common. The two Ohio natives are both 75 years old, they both like to play tennis and they both lived and worked for many years near the nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Nic and Judy Foster

“I’m from the Shaker Heights area of Cleveland, but my family moved to Clearwater in the late Fifties,” Judy shares. “I went to college at Florida State University, and it was after graduation that I moved to the DC area, where I worked for the federal government.”

“While I’m originally from Ohio, I only lived there for the first two years of my life,” Nic clarifies. “I consider myself from Virginia because I lived in Virginia and Maryland from the early Sixties until I moved to Florida in 1991 after meeting Judy.”

Although Judy is currently retired, she stays active playing tennis and volunteering as a consultant to a number of charities. Nic has yet to retire. He continues to work as a software developer, but plays tennis and volunteers whenever time permits.

“I worked full-time until a couple of years ago in a variety of jobs, mostly in federal and state government,” Judy describes. “I worked in the environmental field, and really enjoyed that.

“Later, I worked full-time as an independent consultant in marketing and event planning. Now, I do a lot of volunteering for different organizations. Most of Nic’s and my volunteering revolves around tennis, but volunteering is a big part of our lives.”

The tennis crowd Judy and Nic run with is a very social group. The players often go out for lunch after a match or get together for dinner and other engagements. It was during one of those outings that Judy, who wears hearing aids, noticed the hearing aids weren’t helping her hear clearly while she was with her companions.

“I was having a terrible time understanding people in group settings,” Judy recounts. “I could hear, but I couldn’t understand the words being said very well. That’s the main reason I sought out Dr. Hansen.

“Dr. Hansen is also a tennis player, and many other players who had been to her recommended her. And I really like her as a friend, so I went to Trinity Hearing and Balance Center.”

Trinity Hearing & Balance Center in New Port Richey is the practice of Kelly Hansen, AuD. Dr. Hansen treats all types of hearing loss and hearing-related conditions. She also treats a host of balance disorders. Nic, who also wears hearing aids, accompanied Judy to the center, hoping Dr. Hansen would take a look at his devices as well.

Program Enhancement

“Nic suffers with tinnitus, which is a medical condition characterized by persistent sound in one or both ears that can only be heard by the affected individual,” Dr. Hansen observes. “Many who suffer with tinnitus describe the annoying sound as ringing in the ears, but a whistling, hissing, buzzing or pulsing sound is also possible.

“Judy’s issue was hearing individuals clearly in social situations such as groups and crowds. She often had to ask people to repeat themselves, so I tested Judy’s hearing and fit her with a new set of hearing aids. The devices we chose are the newest technology for processing speech and background noise to help her hear more clearly in group situations.”

The hearing aids Dr. Hansen recommended for Judy are the first ever to include embedded sensors and artificial intelligence. They are also compatible with cell phones and tablets, which can carry an easy-to-use app with features that give patients more control over their hearing aids.

“I found the app that I downloaded onto my cell phone to customize the programs on my hearing aids to be very useful,” Judy comments. “If I’m having trouble in a group setting, I just turn on my phone, go to that app and adjust my hearing aids as needed.”

Dr. Hansen says she resolved the issues Nic was having with his hearing aids by making a few simple adjustments.

“I reset one of his speaker wires and went over the devices’ programming so Nic could get the most benefit from his hearing aids,” Dr. Hansen says.

“I’m using a program called Zen, which puts white noise in my ears at certain levels,” Nic discloses. “There are actually two Zen programs – one that I use every day and one that’s louder if I’m not feeling correction from the first program. Dr. Hansen was familiar with both programs.”

Defining Philosophy

What sets Trinity Hearing & Balance Center apart from other hearing centers are its philosophy and dedication to patient care.

“Trinity Hearing and Balance Center is proud to be an AudigyCertified practice,” Dr. Hansen acknowledges. “We are one of only two hundred and fifty clinics in the nation to hold this certification.

“AudigyCertified professionals are among the country’s most experienced hearing care professionals, with its members possessing some of the industry’s highest credentials. Our expertise is measured by our commitment to patient satisfaction, continuing education and the expert application of current technologies.

“We work side by side with our patients to help find a solution to their hearing problems,” Dr. Hansen continues. “Many patients who have gone through our Patient for Life® program experience greater satisfaction with their hearing technology and a greater quality of life.”

Confident Recommendation

The new hearing aids Judy received from Dr. Hansen enable her to hear clearly in group situations. She’s thrilled with how well the devices work for her.

“My hearing is much, much better now,” she raves. “Not only did Dr. Hansen order the proper type of hearing aids, but she also worked with me on the various programs. I hear much better in groups now, and I’m much more comfortable. I don’t get frustrated because I can’t understand the words, so there’s been a great improvement overall.”

The adjustments Dr. Hansen made to Nic’s hearing aids have made a significant difference for him as well.

“My hearing aids are working so well now that there are times I forget to put them in because I don’t have the ringing sensation in my ears,” he reports.

“Dr. Hansen was able to adjust my hearing aids so that I’m getting the optimum function out of them.”

At an appointment with her family doctor, Judy mentioned how pleased she is that she’s hearing better now, thanks to her new hearing aids. Her doctor inquired about her audiologist.

“He said he has many patients with hearing problems who are unhappy with where they’re going for assistance,” Judy explains. “I gave him Trinity Hearing and Balance Center’s address and phone number. I was very pleased to recommend
Dr. Hansen because I have such great confidence in her ability.”

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