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For 41 years, Doris* dedicated herself to the field of education, spending the last 20 years as a school principal. During her career, Doris depended on her eyes to see her students clearly. Over time, she began experiencing uncomfortable symptoms that threatened her clear vision and affected her activities.Maureen (alias) was treated with the LipiFlow® system for dry eye disease by Dr. Salinger.

“My eyes had progressively gotten worse over the past twenty years, particularly the past ten,” she shares. “They became dry, inflamed and itchy. There were days when my eyelids were so swollen, I could hardly open either eye. I couldn’t read. I couldn’t crochet or sew.

“It was very painful because my eyes were extremely itchy. If I rubbed them, they’d get sore, my eyelids would swell. I’d sit with ice packs on my eyes, then I’d put the heating pads on my eyes. But nothing worked.”

To help ease some of the discomfort, Doris started using autologous serum eye drops, which are processed by her eye doctor from her own blood serum. After a while, she needed to use the drops more often, and they weren’t enough to give her substantial relief.

“I was using the serum drops about five to six times a day,” she recalls. “I was supplementing them with preservative eye drops that had oil in them, which I bought at the drugstore. They didn’t help much. My eyes stayed dry and inflamed.

“Then, I happened to get a copy of Florida Health Care News in the mail. There was an article about a patient of Dr. Salinger’s. That’s how I learned about his unique treatment for dry eyes.”

The article was a testimony about the exceptional care provided by Clifford L. Salinger, MD, a board-certified ophthalmologist, cornea and refractive surgeon and dry eye specialist. Dr. Salinger is the founder of The Dry Eye Spa & V.I.P. Laser Eye Center, where he offers a revolutionary treatment for dry eye disease called LipiFlow.

“I read the article and thought, What can it hurt? My eyes haven’t gotten any better in a long time. And I was worried I might go blind,” says Doris. “So, I set up an appointment with Dr. Salinger.”

Dry Eye Symptoms

“Doris had a long history of irritation, discomfort and dryness,” describes Dr. Salinger. “She had seen several other eye care professionals and tried several different treatments. They helped somewhat, but she was still suffering.”

The dryness, itching and inflammation Doris was experiencing are symptoms of dry eye disease, also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca. It is a syndrome that affects millions of Americans, who also suffer from intermittent blurry vision, excess production of tears, burning and stinging.

Dr. Salinger offers comprehensive testing and treatment for dry eye disease.

He evaluated Doris through diagnostic tests that assessed the condition of the oil layer of her eyes and the aqueous, or water, layer. He also measured the salt concentration of her eyes through tear osmolarity and checked for inflammation with a test called InflammaDry®.

Dr. Salinger confirmed Doris had dry eye disease caused by multiple factors.

“There are several worthwhile treatments for dry eye disease that have been used over the years,” notes Dr. Salinger. “They include hot compresses and anti-inflammatory steroid eye drops, which historically have been part of our comprehensive medical therapy for patients with this condition.”

For Doris, Dr. Salinger recommended LipiFlow.

When addressing dry eye disease, there are four factors to consider, the doctor educates. They are exposure to the elements, such as wind; inflammation, the quantity of tear production and, most importantly, the quality and stability of tears.

The quality of tears is a significant component of dry eye that can be treated medically.

Dr. Salinger utilizes the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System from TearScience® to help restore a healthier layer of tears on the surface of the eye. It works through relieving blockages of the eyelid’s oil glands. Subsequently, oil production is enhanced for improved tear quality.

“Dry eye disease patients are often treated for aqueous deficiency, or not enough of the water layer,” explains Dr. Salinger. “What we now know, however, is that the majority of the condition is typically caused by evaporative tear deficiency, not aqueous deficiency. This problem is primarily due to the dysfunction of the oil glands.

“What we find is that ninety percent of the individuals we treat in our office with LipiFlow experience some improvement to significant improvement of their dry eye disease after one treatment.”

The three-step treatment takes about an hour, with cleaning of the eyelids before the LipiFlow procedure and expressing the oil glands in the eyelids afterward.

“Other doctors don’t typically do the expression of oil glands, but we find that adding this step enhances the benefits of LipiFlow more rapidly, and they last longer,” observes
Dr. Salinger.

“Apparently, people have oil glands on the top eyelid and on the bottom,” offers Doris.
“Dr. Salinger told me the oil glands sometimes get backed up. That’s why your eyes get so dry. He used a small tool and squeezed each one of those oil glands on my eyelids.

“The process worked for me.”

“With Doris, we performed the LipiFlow treatment with the oil gland expression,” confirms Dr. Salinger. “She had significant improvement and has maintained that improvement since last year.”

LipiFlow Beats Dry Eye

Doris experienced excellent, lasting results from her LipiFlow treatment. She is pleased by the difference in her eye health.Maureen (alias) was treated with the LipiFlow® system for dry eye disease by Dr. Salinger.

“My symptoms are completely gone,” she reports. “I have no swelling in my eyelids. I have no itching. Before, my eyes would get so inflamed, it almost looked as if they were bleeding. I don’t have any of that anymore.”

Without the dryness and inflammation affecting her eyes, Doris is back to her activities with no problems. She’s able to read, crochet and sew again, so there was no hesitation when she was needed to hem her grandson’s school pants and sew some patches on his shirt from robotics camp. Recently, she was again called upon for her sewing skills.

“Last week, my six-year-old granddaughter was in a recital, and her costume was too long for her,” says Doris. “My daughter-in-law asked if I would hem it for her. I sewed that, too. I couldn’t have done any sewing last October or November.

“I’ve already recommended Dr. Salinger and his LipiFlow treatment to several friends with dry eyes. For me, it was a miracle!”

FHCN staff article. Stock photo from Lipiflow graphic courtesy of Dry Eye Spa. mkb
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