Doing It Digitally

Smile restored using dental implants with Same Day Teeth®.

The threat of severe dental health issues has long loomed over Brooklyn, New York native Cira Stang. For years, dentists warned the now 86-year-old about deteriorating gum disease and the impact the condition could eventually have on her teeth.

Cira Stang received implants and a Same Day Teeth® smile reconstruction from Michael Pikos, DDS, at Coastal Jaw Surgery in Spring Hill.

Cira Stang

By 2016, her smile was indeed devastated.

“As I got older, my gum problems got worse, just like the dentists said it would,” she shares. “My teeth weakened and started falling out. I ended up with only eleven teeth in my mouth, six on the top and five on the bottom.

“My diet consisted of soup and pasta, things I could swallow without chewing because I had no molars. I’m a happy person, but it was very difficult to smile in front of people because all they could see was two teeth in the front and nothing else.”

Determined to regain her healthy smile, Cira was disappointed when the first dentist she consulted on the matter told her that the remaining teeth needed to be removed but said she was not a candidate for dental implants to secure a denture due to bone loss in her lower jaw. Cira sought a second opinion, and that dentist said he would do the implants, but wanted a surgical consultation.

“He said I had to be interviewed by a surgeon before he would do the implants,” confirms Cira. “He gave me the names of some surgeons, but he indicated that Dr. Pikos was the best.”

The surgeon recommended to Cira was board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon Michael A. Pikos, DDS, of Coastal Jaw Surgery. Dr. Pikos is a global leader in dental implants and surgical reconstruction. In addition to his stellar reputation, he is also known for his unique process for smile restoration called Same Day Teeth.

Cira liked Dr. Pikos immediately and chose to stay with him for her restoration treatment.

“I was very comfortable with Dr. Pikos,” she relates. “He made me a full upper denture, performed surgery and put dental implants in my bottom jaw. Then he put the temporary teeth in immediately.”

Virtual to Reality

Many dental practices offer dental implants, but Coastal Jaw Surgery sets itself apart by using an advanced approach. Unlike most others, the dentists at Coastal Jaw Surgery use a fully digital process for planning and performing implant surgery.

“We use a computer software-based approach,” verifies Dr. Pikos. “Our diagnostic work is done this way, and our treatment is carried out using models and guides created by the software.

“We begin the process by taking impressions of the patient’s mouth and getting a cone beam CT scan. That information is introduced into the software at the lab we use in Reno, Nevada. We then have an online meeting with myself, the restorative dentist and the lab.”

During that meeting, all of the data on the patient is combined. Using that information, the software simulates the final result and identifies the steps to achieve it.

The results of the simulation include a view of the final result’s appearance. They also indicate the types of implants required as far as length and diameter, and the proper placement locations for the implants.

Cira Stang received implants and a Same Day Teeth® smile reconstruction from Michael Pikos, DDS, at Coastal Jaw Surgery in Spring Hill.

Before and After Dental Treatment

“All of that is predetermined,” says Dr. Pikos. “We begin with the end in mind and literally work backward. Most dentists do the process differently, using an analog approach as opposed to our all-digital process.”

To assist Dr. Pikos further, the lab creates a detailed, three-dimensional model of the patient’s mouth, and performs the implant surgery on it. From this, the lab creates very precise surgical guides that detail the steps of the surgery.

“The guides act like a flight simulator and allow me to perform the surgery virtually,” notes Dr. Pikos. “It’s like doing the surgery in my mind. Then, on the day of surgery, my brain links the virtual with reality. My brain thinks I already performed the surgery, which technically I did. Because of that extra, virtual step, the surgery goes perfectly.

“In addition to making a full upper denture, I put five implants in Cira’s bottom jaw, and they hold a twelve-tooth bridge. For Cira, we knew ahead of her procedure what we needed to do to achieve an excellent result with our Same Day Teeth process: a brilliant smile and full function.”

Wonderful Feeling

Cira reports that the Same Day Teeth process at Coastal Jaw Surgery wasn’t difficult at all. She received temporary teeth the day of the procedure, and she has since received her permanent dentures. She couldn’t be happier with the results.

“It feels wonderful being able to eat again,” she enthuses. “Now, I can have steak and pork chops. I eat chicken wings and spareribs. There’s no limit to what I can eat. My dentures also look natural. The color matches my skin tone.”

Before Same Day Teeth, Cira was ashamed of her teeth and hesitant to smile. Now, she’s proud to show off her new teeth.

“I’m happy with my smile now,” she comments. “I smile all the time.”

She credits the dentist and his process for her excellent results.

“I recommend Dr. Pikos and Coastal Jaw Surgery, as well as their Same Day Teeth process, one hundred percent,” offers Cira. “I was comfortable withDr. Pikos, and his staff made me feel like I was family. I definitely recommend them.
Dr. Pikos is a saint on earth!”

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