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Chiropractic maintenance program reduces flare-ups, setbacks.

An opportunity to play college football was there for him when he left high school, but at five feet, ten inches tall and 190 pounds, John Masiello knew it was best to quit the game while he was ahead.

Regular maintenance care from Dr. Minafri at Riverview Chiropractic Center is one of the things that keep John Masiello going.

Chiropractic maintenance care keeps John on his feet.

“At my size, you can be a pretty good high school player, which I was,” the Long Island, New York native says. “But you’re only going to go so far, and guys like me just tend to get ground down in college, so I passed.”

Now 53 and the owner of a building maintenance company, John doesn’t regret his decision. The fact that he’s battled nagging lower back pain stemming from a wrestling injury he suffered only confirmed his suspicions regarding his body.

“I got hurt just before the county tournament,” John recalls. “It was a lower back injury, and it was so painful, you wouldn’t believe it. So I took two weeks off and went to see a chiropractor who got me into a position to compete in the tournament.

“That was thirty-six years ago, and I’ve been seeing a chiropractor ever since, though more or less for general maintenance than anything else. I’ve become what I consider the poster child for general maintenance. Unless I’m on vacation, I never miss a week.”

John kept his string of regular chiropractic visits intact even through his recent move to Florida, where he has handed those duties off to a strong advocate of general chiropractic maintenance, Steven J. Minafri, DC, of Riverview Chiropractic Center.

Keeping Pain Away

“A lot of people use chiropractors as kind of a BAND-AID®, where they come to see us, and once the pain goes away, they disappear for a while,” Dr. Minafri says. “Inevitably, those same people show up again six months later complaining of the same problem.

“That’s the way most people approach their health in general. The only time they think to do something is when they become symptomatic. But when it comes to what we do, once we’ve got you feeling better, there’s usually more to do to keep you feeling good.

“That’s why general maintenance is so important. It varies from person to person, depending on their issues, but even if you come in just once a month, we can keep those problems that were bothering you in the first place from coming back.

“And there’s value in that. By making those regular visits and receiving what we call maintenance care, you’re not going to be missing days of work or needing to give up your favorite activities or things you might want to do with your family.”

John is a very active person. In addition to running his business, he also works out regularly and plays racquetball. He says he wouldn’t be able to do those things were it not for the maintenance care he receives from Dr. Minafri.

“In all these years, the only time I’ve missed my regular visits with the chiropractor is when I’ve been on vacation for more than two weeks,” John says. “And that’s only happened a few times. The regular visits are what keep me going.

“And what Dr. Minafri does for me is so amazing that I just can’t say enough about him. He is truly exceptional at what he does. I see him every week because that’s what I require, and he knows what to do to keep everything in order.”

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