Who Would Your Doctor Go to for Pain Relief?

Physicians really do know who the best doctors are.

When it comes to pain management specialists, few people attain the same level of expertise and respect throughout their communities as Harold J. Cordner, MD of Florida Pain Management Associates in Sebastian and Vero Beach. Stock photo from istockphoto.com.
Eugene A. Melvin, Jr., MD has battled back problems for years. The excruciating ache in his lower back led to burning pain that ran down his left leg. In 2014, he had a discectomy on his back that provided significant pain relief with intermittent pain complaints. A recent injury caused the pain to escalate with a vengeance.
As an interventional pain management physician with a practice in Orlando, Dr. Melvin was aware of advanced therapies that could help manage his ongoing back and leg pain. He was also aware of the skill and expertise of Dr. Cordner.
Looking for quick relief from his pain, Dr. Melvin first visited several pain management physicians in the Orlando area. During his local visits, Dr. Melvin underwent various injections and ablations, procedures that destroy affected spinal nerves using heat energy, with minimal relief. Prior to his injury, these treatments helped.
“These individuals in Orlando were good doctors, but they just did not have the skills and techniques Dr. Cordner has,” observes Dr. Melvin. “Dr. Cordner performed a unique type of injection on me that really relieved a lot of the pain I was experiencing.
“He used a special technique called a Racz catheter procedure, during which he advanced a catheter into the spinal canal through the sacrum. Once he arrived at the correct location, he broke up some of the scar tissue that was in there causing pain.”
The Racz catheter procedure provided better results for Dr. Melvin than any of the other pain-relieving techniques he had tried previously. Dr. Melvin is contemplating spinal cord stimulation should his leg pain return and will have Dr. Cordner perform this surgery.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Cordner. I recommended him to my father. If I trusted him with a family member, I would trust him with anybody.” – Dr. Glaser

Several years back, when Michael Venazio, MD had his own pain problem, he too consulted Dr. Cordner for treatment.
“I’ve known Dr. Cordner for about fifteen years,” reflects Dr. Venazio. “I refer a lot of my patients to him, and they’re always satisfied. He’s very well respected in the field.”
“I had a fairly significant herniated disc at the L4/L5 level, which was giving me back pain that radiated down my leg,” he explains. “Dr. Cordner gave me a series of epidural steroid injections, followed by a nucleoplasty procedure, which really helped my pain to where it’s minimal to nonexistent at this point.”
The same can be said for internal medicine practitioner David DePutron, DO.
“I have cervical spinal stenosis,” explains Dr. DePutron, “and I have a problem whereby arthritic change of the lower part of the cervical spine intermittently results in pressure on my spinal cord. That causes discomfort and numbness in the fourth and fifth fingers of both hands.
“Dr. Cordner treats me periodically to alleviate that intermittent problem. I have had the condition since 1996, and have not had a need for any therapy other than what Dr. Cordner has provided.”
“I have referred literally hundreds of patients to him,” adds
Dr. DePutron. “We’re lucky to have him in our community.”

All in the Family

Scott Glaser, MD can attest to that.
Dr. Glaser first got to know Dr. Cordner through the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. Dr. Glaser became so impressed by his expertise that he called on Dr. Cordner when his father was struggling with a serious pain issue.
Dr. Glaser’s father suffered with significant spinal stenosis, a condition with which the spinal canal narrows and puts pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. Mr. Glaser was living at home alone at the time. He was in such severe pain that walking and standing were difficult. As such, it was hard for him to get to the bathroom or even get out of bed, and he was living at home alone at the time.
Dr. Glaser knew there were many excellent pain physicians closer to Palm Coast, where his father resided, but none, in his estimation, were good enough for his father except Dr. Cordner. To him, it wasn’t an issue that Florida Pain Management Associates was a two-hour drive from his father’s home.
“Dr. Cordner’s and my subspecialty of interventional pain medicine teaches us just where to put that medication to get the best results. Using x-ray guidance, Dr. Cordner injected that medicine right next to the irritated nerve in my father’s back, and it worked. It worked quite rapidly for my father, within a few days.”
As an orthopaedic surgeon, Kirk Maes, MD, also has good reason to be well aware of Dr. Cordner’s reputation.
“I deal with arthritic patients, and it’s an uphill battle,” says Dr. Maes. “Oftentimes, the goal is to keep our seventy- and eighty-year-old patients out of the operating room, and keep the fifty- and sixty-year-olds on the golf course.
Dr. Maes has the same level of confidence in sending family to Dr. Cordner.
“Dr. Cordner gave a member of my family a series of injections,” he explains, “and she was able to run a marathon afterwards. She’s done really well.
Carlos Vizcarra, MD, has referred family members to Dr. Cordner as well.
“For many years, my uncle has had intractable pain from shingles,” he explains.
Unfortunately, Dr. Vizcarra’s uncle lives in the doctor’s own home country of Peru, where physicians do not offer some of the treatments performed here.
Dr. Vizcarra felt so strongly about Dr. Cordner’s expertise in pain management that he encouraged his uncle to fly to the United States to get the best possible care available.
“My uncle came here and underwent two treatments with Dr. Cordner and he had a great response,” says Dr. Vizcarra. “Dr. Cordner was excellent,”
Another orthopaedic surgeon, David W. Griffin, MD, FAAOS, also had extensive experience with Dr. Cordner before retiring from his practice.

“If I need it, I would absolutely, hands down ask Dr. Cordner to do the spinal cord implant procedure. He is my pain guy!” – Dr. Melvin

“He has some very specific expertise in patients with chronic back pain,” says Dr. Griffin. “It has to do with the technique of radiofrequency ablation of the nerve for patients with severe arthritic facet joint pain.
“Dr. Cordner is the only physician in the area who performs this particular procedure, and I have a great deal of confidence in him,” continues Dr. Griffin. “I have seen patients who have been very happy with his results.”

Common Conclusions

Dr. Cordner stays on the leading edge of interventional pain medicine, so he always has the latest treatment advances for his patients. The advancement he used with Dr. Melvin was the Racz catheter procedure. Both physicians were happy with the treatment’s outcome.
“There’s not a second thought in my mind that if you need a pain specialist, it should be Dr. Cordner,” adds Dr. Venazio. “He’s one of the best pain physicians in Florida. He’s intelligent, he’s well-versed, his pain knowledge is excellent, and his technique is stellar.”
“I have referred literally hundreds of patients to him,” adds Dr. DePutron. “We’re lucky to have him in our community.”
“My patients come to me and they are very happy with Dr. Cordner’s approach, his manners, and his knowledge about pain management,” says Dr. Vizcarra. “I refer at least ninety percent of my pain patients to him.”
“He is without a doubt the most skilled and insightful pain management doctor within two hundred miles,” assures Dr. Maes. “He is the go-to guy around here.”
“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Cordner. Think about it. I recommended him to my dad,” assures Dr. Glaser. “If I trusted him with a family member, I would trust him with anybody.”
Dr. Melvin sums it up perfectly; “The pain doctor goes to the best pain doctor, Dr. Cordner.”

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