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Physician counts on compression pump to curb her own limb swelling.

While attending a medical conference, Zoraida Catherine Navarro, MD, listened intently as actress Kathy Bates described her struggle with post-cancer lymphedema, a condition in which excess fluid collects in the body’s tissues. The doctor was surprised by what she heard.

Dr. Zoraida Navarro is treated for limb swelling with a compression pump from Acute Wound Care in Bonita Springs.

Dr. Navarro treats many
patients with poor circulation, swelling and severe wounds.

“I didn’t realize the kind of swelling in the legs you get from lymphedema was different from the kind of swelling you get from standing a long time or from sitting for a long period of time on an airplane,” notes Dr. Navarro.

“I also didn’t realize lymphedema could cause so much discomfort and pain along with swelling. Then, it happened to me. My legs swelled and became heavy and uncomfortable. They were also shiny-
looking, like a blown-up balloon, and they felt rubbery. Walking was difficult.”

Dr. Navarro thought at first that her symptoms might be related to a hormonal imbalance or an underactive thyroid. But lymphedema can result from any
condition or procedure that aggravates the circulatory system.

Having recommended a couple of her own patients to them, Dr. Navarro discussed her situation with some of the professionals at Acute Wound Care, an in-home, quality-accredited supply company specializing in hospital-grade compression devices and specialty wound care dressings. One of the company’s therapists suggested Dr. Navarro try a compression pump to treat her leg swelling.

Pump It Up

“Acute Wound Care’s compression pumps mimic the body’s lymphatic system and promote lymphatic flow by moving fluid through the body in the proper direction,” explains Alyssa Parker, a certified compression therapist with Acute Wound Care.

“The pumps assist circulation by contracting the muscles and assisting blood flow back toward the heart. There, the blood is collected, sent to the lungs to be oxygenated and then returned to the body’s organs and tissues.

“They reduce pain and swelling and are an excellent treatment for people who’ve tried elevation, diuretics, massage therapy and compression stockings but have gotten little to no relief from those approaches.

“Compression pumps can also be used to remove fluid that has accumulated in the arms. The pump’s limb-sized sleeves gently massage the limbs, draining the excess fluid back into the body’s circulatory system so it can be naturally eliminated.

“Compression pumps increase circulation in the affected limbs while alleviating many painful symptoms and are both highly effective and noninvasive. For the legs, they are much easier to use than compression stockings.

“Patients generally use the pumps twice a day for forty-five minutes, with an interval of at least two hours between treatments, so it is usually done in the morning and in the evening. While using the pumps for the legs, patients simply sit back with their limbs raised to further assist with circulation.

“To aid blood flow, the pumps have multiple chambers. Each chamber fills up with air, from the foot to the groin. Then, each chamber releases, and the pattern repeats in a rhythmic fashion. In addition to the circulation boost, many patients will see a noticeable difference in the swelling and in the size of their limbs after their first forty-five-minute pumping session.”

Hands-On Approach

The professionals at Acute Wound Care proudly take a hands-on approach to patient care, which includes certified compression therapists delivering the pumps right to the patient’s home, where the therapist also sets up the equipment, instructs the patient on how to use it and adjusts the pump’s
pressure level to the patient’s comfort.

Dr. Zoraida Navarro is treated for limb swelling with a compression pump from Acute Wound Care in Bonita Springs.

The pumps are noninvasive and highly effective

“When we are in the patient’s home, we set the pressure based on the severity of the condition and the physician’s prescription,” states Alyssa. “We then adjust it so the patients are comfortable and will actually meet the requirements of the treatment, so they get great results.”

Once Acute Wound Care received Dr. Navarro’s prescription, a compression therapist contacted her to review the next step and answer any questions. After that, the therapist delivered the device, set it up and explained to Dr. Navarro how to use and care for it.

The compression pump is a prescription device and is approved by Medicare and covered by many commercial insurers. Dr. Navarro is among the many who say they were thrilled with the results of their treatment.

“I was blown away,” she says. “I use my pump every day including at night. When I go home, I sit in my recliner, turn on my machine and call it a day. And when I’m done, I have ankles again. I no longer have cankles or shiny legs.

“I remember the first time I used the pump. My legs went down to half the size they were after just one treatment. And all of a sudden, when I got up, I could walk perfectly well again. The compression pump makes everything in your lower legs work better because nothing has to counteract fluid in areas where it doesn’t belong.”

Physicians throughout Florida have been recommending Acute Wound Care’s compression pumps to their patients for years and have been getting great results.

“Many doctors have told me that they’ve encouraged their patients to use the pumps to reduce limb swelling and improve circulation,” Alyssa confirms. “They say the compression pumps are great, safe, noninvasive devices that supplement the medical treatment they’ve provided to those patients.

“One even told me that he received feedback from his patients, and that they agree the devices and the outcomes are positive. He said the patients also appreciate how good a job Acute Wound Care does of following up and mentioned that all are very pleased with Acute Wound Care and its product.

“That same doctor said he’s so satisfied with Acute Wound Care that he strongly endorses them and their compression devices to other physicians. He said he’s personally thrilled with Acute Wound Care because they help doctors improve their quality of care and the quality of their patients’ lives.”

Dr. Navarro treats many patients with compromised circulatory systems that can lead to lymphedema. She has confidence
recommending the treatment that’s been so beneficial for her.

“I refer many of my patients to Acute Wound Care for their compression pumps. They’re amazing!”

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