Do you hear what I hear?

Reaping the benefits of new-age technology.

If you or anyone you know needed some form of financial aid to help pay for college, you probably owe Diane Voigt a debt of gratitude. During her working years, Diane was tasked with getting several federal student loan programs up and running.

Diane Voigt is reaping the benefits of the advancements in technology available in Miracle-Ear®’s latest line of hearing aids.

Diane enjoys the wonders of modern hearing aid technology

“I worked in Washington, DC at the Department of Education, and was initially among those responsible for getting what’s now known as the Pell Grant going,” Diane reveals. “Later, I was the chair of the Federal Direct Loan Task Force.

“It’s not very often that you get a chance to do something important like that, and I was fortunate to have been given a second opportunity to be involved in that kind work. It’s something I’m very proud of.”

One thing Diane, 74, is not proud of is how for years following her retirement and the subsequent move she and her husband made to Florida in 1997, she was too proud to admit to anyone she was slowly losing her hearing.

“It was obvious to me that I had a rather substantial hearing loss, but for years, I pretty much ignored it,” Diane says. “For example, I went for years watching TV at a loud volume but with the captions on because I could not distinguish what anyone was saying.

“There was also a time when I was accusing my grandchildren of mumbling when we spoke on the phone. They weren’t mumbling. I just couldn’t hear them clearly. I couldn’t even hear my phone ring sometimes.

“It was a real problem that I knew was only going to get worse. Finally, after my husband could see that my family and friends were getting tired of me saying, I’m sorry, would you repeat that?, he kindly suggested I get my hearing checked.”

Diane’s husband’s suggestion resulted in a visit to Miracle-Ear, where Diane met Melanee Bryans, LHAS. Melanee’s initial examination of Diane confirmed Diane’s suspicions about her hearing and sparked a relationship that has been immensely beneficial for Diane.

“I go to see Melanee every three months or so just to make sure everything is okay, and the last time I went back, my hearing had deteriorated even more,” Diane says. “I needed new hearing aids, and Melanee recommended a new product that she was very excited about.”

The Latest Thing

The new product Melanee recommended for Diane is one of a series of hearing instruments featuring advances in modern technology that greatly enhance the wearer’s listening experience and ability to hear clearly in all types of environments,

“Just as it is with most everything else in our world, the technology now available in hearing aids has improved markedly in the last several years,” Melanee explains. “In fact, the changes that have been made are literally like night and day.

“I knew those changes were going to benefit Diane, because she’s a very active person who was in some older technology. We fit her with a pair of ME-1 5500 series instruments that are small enough to be worn discretely behind the ear.”

In addition to being discreet, the ME-1 5500 hearing aids also include a direct streaming feature that allows sounds generated by external electronic sources such as a TV set or smart telephone to be heard directly through the hearing device, which makes for a clearer, cleaner sound.

Diane Voigt is reaping the benefits of the advancements in technology available in Miracle-Ear®’s latest line of hearing aids.

ME-I 5500

“With the direct streaming feature, you’re not losing any of the sounds you’re focused on because of all the ambient noise around you,” Melanee explains. “That’s a feature that is proving to be very popular, especially with people who watch a lot of TV.

“If you’re sitting at home watching television with your spouse, you can stream the TV directly into the hearing aid. That allows you to hear the TV clearly while your spouse can enjoy it as well but at a level that is comfortable for them.”

Diane says she is constantly amazed by the features offered through the improved technology available in her new hearing aids. One of those features came in especially handy during a recent outing with some friends, she says.

“We were at a restaurant on the beach one Saturday for breakfast, and it just happened to be Bike Week,” Diane explains. “The place was packed with motorcycles, and they were all making so much noise that I couldn’t carry on a conversation.

“But these hearing aids have a control on my phone that allows me to change the program from universal, which is sort of like everyday stuff, to noisy environment. So I did that, and all of a sudden, all those motorcycles just faded into the background.”

Amazing Improvements

In addition to hearing better in noisy environments, Diane says she can also hear better at home, where she no longer has to watch TV with the captions on and can hear her cell phone ring, no matter where it is.

Diane Voigt is reaping the benefits of the advancements in technology available in Miracle-Ear®’s latest line of hearing aids.

Diane chose this rechargeable option

“When the phone rings, I can hear the ring in my ear,” she says. “Sometimes, I don’t even know where the phone is, but I know that I have a call, which is great. I’m just amazed at the technology available in these new hearing aids. I’m experimenting with it all the time.”

Diane is so impressed with the improved comfort and hearing experience she’s getting from her new hearing aids that she recommends them to anyone who needs an upgrade. And she whole-heartedly recommends Miracle-Ear and Melanee.

“These hearing aids have made a huge difference in my life,” she exudes. “They fit and feel better, and I’m hearing better than ever. And as for Melanee, she’s such a sweetheart and so professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

“It’s very important to go to someone you trust, because I have friends who need hearing aids who won’t go get them because they’re afraid the tester will just try to sell them something.

“I’ve never had that feeling with Melanee, so I’ve told all my friends, Go to see her, because she’s great.

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