Digging Deeper to Defeat Diabetes

Holistic approach eliminates need for medication.

When Yassira Orellana was first diagnosed with diabetes in January of 2016, the 38-year-old mother of three knew that from that point on, her life was going to be a bit more complicated. She just didn’t expect her life to become as difficult as it eventually did.

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Yassira found a better treatment for her diabetes at Root Cause Medical Clinic.

For more than a year after being diagnosed with the disease, Yassira was under the care of a Tampa Bay area endocrinologist who initially prescribed for her a typical diabetes medication designed to lower her blood sugar levels.
In Yassira’s case, however, the medication never worked the way it was supposed to.
“For the year-plus that I was on the medication, I was mostly unresponsive to it,” Yassira explains. “The medication was supposed to be lowering my glucose levels, but they were always very random and often elevated, and no one could really explain why.
“In addition to that, I was experiencing some very bad side effects. One of the worst was a stomach problem that caused me to get real clammy, gave me cold sweats and made me suddenly run to the bathroom. That was really difficult for me.
“But the absolute worst side effect was the kidney stones. After I started taking the medicine, I was getting kidney stones every month. And if you’ve never had a kidney stone, well, all I can tell you is it’s a pain I wish on no one.
“They’re really awful, and the last one I had, it took me a week to pass it. It was just excruciating, and I had it during my middle daughter’s birthday. That’s when I decided I’d had enough and began looking for someone else to treat my diabetes.”
It was in May of 2017 that Yassira began looking for an alternative to the diabetes medication she was taking. When some friends suggested she check out The Root Cause Medical Clinic, she made a call to see what treatments they had to offer.

A Unique Approach

At The Root Cause Medical Clinic, the staff’s goal is to do more than mask a patient’s symptoms through a one-size-fits-all approach to healing. Instead, they dive deep into each patient’s issues to find the true cause of their pain and discomfort, knowing that true healing often requires time and customized care.
With Yassira, that unique approach began with her being given an A1C test, which is a standard blood test that determines average blood sugar levels over a three-month period. Yassira’s test revealed an A1C level of 7.2. That’s well over the normal range of 5.7 or below, which confirmed the previous diabetes diagnosis.
“Since our goal is to get to the root cause of any problem, the next step for us was to dig deeper and find the cause of her diabetes,” explains Jordan Axe, DC, the founder of The Root Cause Medical Clinic. “With diabetes, the big thing is that your cells become inflamed and resistant to insulin, so you need to ask yourself, Why is the cell resistant?
“Often, we inflame and agitate our cells with poor diet, chronic stress, viral infection, bacterial infection and nutritional deficiency. When we do that, the cell gets very upset and becomes resistant. So, with diabetes, we look for those issues. What we found with Yassira was that she had some nutritional deficiencies and some absorption issues.
“Nutritional deficiencies and absorption issues usually occur in the gut, and what we often find with people who have these issues is that they actually are eating nutritiously and making sure to get all the right vitamins. The problem is that they’re not absorbing all those vitamins and nutrition.”
Believing that might be the case with Yassira, Dr. Axe utilized specialized testing that had been overlooked by conventional medicine to determine whether unbalanced bacteria in the gut was causing hormone conversion issues in the liver.
He then prescribed a customized treatment designed to clear the liver of toxins and deposits. When this treatment is combined with an organic diet, it can effectively get the liver back in proper working order.
“The liver is where all your hormones are converted, and insulin is a hormone,” Dr. Axe educates. “But if your liver is overworked, you’re not going to convert your hormones and detoxify properly. That’s why two precursors to diabetes are a lack of hormone conversion and the build-up of heavy metals and toxins.Yassira Orellana quote about Root Cause
If you want to reverse diabetes, you need to reduce inflammation and stress and remove toxins that are blocking your insulin receptors. But you also need to eat less sugar so your cells are more sensitive.
“The bottom line with diabetes is that there are multiple factors that trigger it, so we have to address all those factors in order to reverse it. It’s like a relationship that’s gone bad. It’s usually not just one thing that’s caused it to go bad. There are probably a couple different things that you need to fix to get it back to health.”

Change of Pace

Yassira’s nutrition plan was designed by Sarah Bingham, a nutritional coach who also educated Yassira on how factors such as blood type and even ethnicity can affect the way our bodies absorb certain foods.
Combined with the liver cleanse, Yassira says the nutrition plan worked “wonderfully” as it eventually lowered her A1C levels from 7.2 to below 5.7 and allowed her to get off the diabetes medicine, which eliminated the disturbing side effects.
“That was a big triumph for me,” Yassira says of getting off the diabetes medicine, “because it also eliminated the kidney stones and all those stomach problems I was having. An added bonus is that I also lost weight. So my overall health improved greatly as a result of going to see Dr. Axe at The Root Cause Medical Clinic.
“I was so pleased with Dr. Axe that I even started to get some joint and spinal care from him to help me with some of the joint issues I was having. I absolutely recommend Dr. Axe and The Root Cause Medical Clinic. They don’t just put a BAND-AID on your
problem. They get to the root cause of the issue and fix it, which is what true healing is all about.”

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