Dental Do-Over

Bright smile revealed with Teeth in a Day.

Nearly 20 years ago, retired banker Barry Quinn, 64, survived major surgery on his heart. Complications from the operation, however, affected the Boston, Massachusetts native’s dental health.

Dr. Jason Edwards of Advanced Oral Surgery of Tampa in Valrico and Land O’ Lakes treated Barry Quinn’s failing teeth with an implant-retained upper arch.

“My teeth look really good. I can smile again, and that’s the best part.” – Barry

“I had open heart surgery when I was forty-five, and during the procedure, the doctors and nurses damaged almost every tooth in my mouth,” Barry recalls. “It happened because of all the stuff they put down my throat, tubes and everything else. I got hairline cracks in all of my teeth. I ended up getting root canals and crowns all over my mouth, but one by one, my teeth started coming out.”

Even with missing teeth, Barry managed to eat without difficulty. He was, however, embarrassed by his toothless smile.

“I didn’t really have any trouble chewing,” he confirms. “I got used to being toothless and worked around it. I ate with my back teeth, and used my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I improvised and got through it, but I hid my smile most of the time.”

Barry got along this way for a few years. The damage that had been done during his surgery, however, was irreversible. Despite visiting a dentist regularly to maintain the best dental health possible, Barry’s teeth began to give him more and more trouble.

“At first, I considered getting dental implants to replace my teeth, but I didn’t have the money for that,” he admits. “So I tried to save what I could. Finally, when my front teeth started falling out, I decided, It’s now or never.

“I was originally going to get a full set of traditional upper dentures, but my dentist in Brandon recommended Advanced Oral Surgery of Tampa. My dentist told me they had a new procedure for dentures, and they were having really good success with it.”

At Advanced Oral Surgery of Tampa, Barry met with Jason Edwards, DMD. Barry was immediately impressed by Dr. Edwards’ sensitivity and chairside manner.

“I have a fear of dentists, but Dr. Edwards was excellent,” Barry states. “He was very reassuring, and I could tell he was interested in helping me with my situation. He made me feel very comfortable.

“I already knew I wanted dentures, but I didn’t want regular dentures. Dr. Edwards recommended Teeth in a Day, with a new upper arch of teeth supported by implants. He then showed me on a computer exactly what he was going to do.”

Arch Versus Denture

The feature Dr. Edwards used to explain to Barry the process of fitting him with new upper teeth is called virtual surgical planning.

“It’s a nice feature,” Dr. Edwards says. “With the help of a CT scan, we’re able to perform the surgery on the computer without doing anything invasive to the patient. It helps patients understand their situation and the options we have available to help them.

“Using the CT scan and computer, and by assessing Barry’s smile, I was able to determine if he had enough bony foundation to restore his smile with Teeth in a Day. In many areas, he had enough bone, but in some areas, we needed to grow some bone. We also needed to perform a sinus lift.”

When people have been without teeth for some time, they can lose bone mass in the jaw. With bone grafting, the oral surgeon uses either the patient’s own bone or donor bone to restore the bone and generate new bone growth.

“The bone graft gave Barry the building blocks he needed to grow enough bone to support the dental implants that support his new teeth,” Dr. Edwards informs. “As for the sinus lift, it sounds scary, but it’s really not.

“It’s like handling a balloon. We manage the sinuses very gently, and for Barry, we were able to support his sinuses, grow new bone, place the implants and give him new teeth all in one day.”

Dr. Edwards notes that Barry’s new appliance is not technically a denture.

“When Barry left, he actually had temporary teeth that were screwed in,” explains Dr. Edwards. “That’s called a temporary arch. It’s shaped more like a horseshoe, and it more closely mimics natural teeth. A denture covers the palate. The temporary arch doesn’t.

“And when I say temporary, what I mean is that Barry will keep these teeth for four to six months before he gets the permanent arch. This allows him to adjust to his new smile and confirm that he likes the shape and length of his teeth. We want him to like the way he smiles.”

Smiling Again

Dr. Edwards has already achieved that objective. Barry says he’s very pleased with the appearance of his new upper teeth. He says he’s especially happy that he no longer has to hide his smile the way he once did.

Dr. Jason Edwards of Advanced Oral Surgery of Tampa in Valrico and Land O’ Lakes treated Barry Quinn’s failing teeth with an implant-retained upper arch.

Before & After Treatment

“My teeth look really good,” he enthuses. “I can smile again, and that’s the best part of the whole thing. Now, my smile is great. Everybody loves my teeth. They look good and feel good. I can’t even tell it’s an arch.”

Barry will wear his temporary upper arch for a few more months. When Dr. Edwards determines that Barry’s implants and gums have healed sufficiently, the temporary arch will be replaced by the permanent version.

To ensure that Barry’s implants and gums heal properly, Dr. Edwards has recommended that Barry stay away from eating hard and crunchy foods for a while. Knowing that he’ll be rewarded in the end, Barry says he doesn’t mind the temporary restrictions.

“I started out eating soup, pudding and gelatin, but I’m already up to fish and other soft food,’’ Barry reports. “I had eggplant parmesan for supper last night. I can’t have steak, ribs or pizza yet, but I will eventually, and I’m excited about that.”

Barry is also excited about the fact that he will have a say in how his permanent arch will look. He adds that he’s equally excited about how convenient it will be to wear and take care of his new arch.

“I’ll get to pick the color of the teeth and all that,’’ Barry enthuses. “And my permanent teeth will just snap into place. I really like the convenience of not having to take them out every night to soak them. I highly recommend this type of tooth replacement.

“The process was really quite good. I went for the initial consultation, and when I went back, it was a one-day process. I was in the dental chair for a few hours. When it was done, I left Advanced Oral Surgery of Tampa with a full set of upper teeth.

“That’s why I’m just delighted with my experience at Advanced Oral Surgery of Tampa. Dr. Edwards and his office team are amazing. They’re the best. I definitely recommend them to anyone.”

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