Crowned Confidence

Patient feels younger and more self-assured with restored smile

Louisiana native Rhonda Hicks was 30 years old when she left her home state to live in Florida. She initially resided in the Keys, but moved to Beverly Hills in December 2016. While Rhonda loves her new home, she’s been a bit hesitant to show it with a smile. Over time, her teeth began to show their age.

Dr. Gelson Camargo at Nature Coast Dentistry in Beverly Hills gave Rhonda Hicks a new smile using crowns.

Rhonda is thrilled with how the crowns improved her smile.

“When I was younger, I actually had pretty nice teeth, but as I got older, things started to happen,” shares Rhonda. “The top four and bottom four teeth in the front became stained and chipped, and started cracking. I wanted to get some cosmetic dental work done on them.”

Being fairly new to the area, Rhonda was not familiar with local health care providers and didn’t know where to turn for help with her teeth. The answer was revealed to her when she opened a copy of Florida Health Care News and read about Beverly Hills dentist Gelson Camargo, DDS, and his practice, Nature Coast Dentistry. What she read was later confirmed.

“We live near a golf course, so I asked some of the people in the community who play golf about Dr. Camargo, and they recommended him as well,” she states. That was enough to convince her to make an appointment at Nature Coast Dentistry.

Rhonda also suffers from a jaw condition that makes it impossible for her to open her mouth completely while having dental work done. Past dental appointments often became very aggravating and painful. As a result, she didn’t like dentists or going to the dentist. However, Rhonda was elated and relieved when she met Dr. Camargo and his staff.

“Dr. Camargo was very knowledgeable and patient,” she describes. “I’ve never been to a dentist who is that patient and considerate. Most dentists make you feel rushed, so you’re not very comfortable. Dr. Camargo was willing to work with me.

“He also has great assistants. They are very polite and patient with me, and very understanding. His dental hygienist is one of the best.”

Dr. Camargo evaluated Rhonda’s situation, then proposed a treatment plan to restore her teeth and give her a bright, new smile. Rhonda agreed to the plan. She had complete trust in his skills.

“I asked Dr. Camargo what he could do for my teeth,” she recalls. “He recommended crowns on my four top and four bottom front teeth. That’s what I had done.”

Traditions and Technology

Nature Coast Dentistry is part of a local tradition of clinical excellence, with
Dr. Camargo leading the way. The practice is committed to quality and makes sure every patient’s dental experience is comfortable, personalized and affordable.

“As more people today are realizing the importance of healthier, stronger teeth, our focus is on long-term results for our patients,” remarks Dr. Camargo.

A welcoming environment is provided at Nature Coast Dentistry, and a complete line of dental services is available. Dr. Camargo is educated in every facet of dentistry. Their goal is to provide gentle, professional and personal service.

Dr. Camargo and his staff use the latest technology in digital x-rays to generate computerized images with 70 percent less radiation exposure to the patient than traditional x-rays.

“I love my teeth. I like my smile. I feel like I’m thirty years younger.” – Rhonda

“I like to provide the most leading-edge dentistry I possibly can,” observes Dr. Camargo. “I was the first in the county to have digital x-rays, and I was the first one to have a CT scanner in my office. Today’s technologies allow us to do higher-quality work at a lower cost.”

The dentist took advantage of that technology while creating Rhonda’s crowns, particularly when he took an impression of her teeth and made her temporary restorations. The crowning process, from beginning to end, impressed Rhonda.

“First, Dr. Camargo sculpted down my teeth so there was room to place the crowns,” she notes. “He then made an impression and sent it off to the lab. It was done with a computer so he could get a more precise bite.

“After that, he gave me temporary crowns, which he made right there in his office. He’s very good at that. I was amazed by the temporaries; they looked really good. I thought, I’ll just keep these. What do I need the other ones for? But he called me back two weeks later, and then I had a new set of teeth.”

Dr. Camargo continually upgrades his practice with the latest equipment, techniques and technologies, but what makes Nature Coast Dentistry stand out is Dr. Camargo and his staff’s dedication to patients and their families.

“We want each and every one of our patients to be at ease and be satisfied when they leave our office,” he emphasizes. “We want them to have an exceptional experience here.

“The last thing we want to do is run a clinic with assembly-line service. We develop lasting relationships with our patients based on mutual trust, open communication and efficient, considerate service.

“We treat our patients the way we like to be treated ourselves,” he continues. “Here, all of our patients are treated one at a time. We do not rush and we do the right thing. In our office, patients are treated like human beings and not like numbers. If you go to those clinics, you may save some money, but they treat you like a number. Not here.”

Time Passages

To Rhonda, the process for getting her crowns was impressive, and so are the finished products. She’s thrilled by how the new restorations make her look and feel.

“I love my teeth,” she states. “I like my smile. It’s back to the way it used to be. I feel like I’m thirty years younger, and it gives me more self-confidence.”

Rhonda also likes the people at Nature Coast Dentistry, and is pleased with her treatment there. She points out that everyone at the Beverly Hills dental practice strives to make patients happy with their outcomes and the quality of care they receive.

“Dr. Camargo and his staff are very excited for you to like your results,” she reports. “They want you to be happy with your care. It’s not one of those offices where you’re just paying for a service that they do, and you don’t argue. They don’t make you feel that way.

“The hygienist is great, and when she has difficult patients, she takes more time with them. When she cleans my teeth, she has to use a child mouthpiece to open my mouth because the adult size doesn’t fit. She doesn’t have much room to work with in my mouth, but she amazes me.”

The Nature Coast Dentistry staff’s caring attitude and patient treatment have changed the way Rhonda feels about going to the dentist. The office environment also contributes to the friendly and comfortable atmosphere at the practice.

“It’s named Nature Coast because when you’re in there, you feel like you’re in nature,” says Rhonda. “There are huge windows you look out, and you see trees. I recommend them, and have been. I tell anybody who needs a dentist about
Dr. Camargo and Nature Coast Dentistry.”

FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. Photo by Jordan Pysz. Graphic from mkb
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