Crash Course

Your best option for care following an automobile accident.

Imagine giving a quick shove to a tin can with a marble in the bottom of it. Now imagine that tin can is your car and the marble is your head. During an automobile accident, even when properly restrained, our head moves the way that marble moves inside the can.

Niki Cocke went to see Dr. Minafri for care following a car accident. She soon discovered that she had gone to the right place.

Niki has regained full range of motion in her neck and back.

It’s that sudden, violent forward and backward movement of the head that causes a lot of accident-related neck and back injuries, and Niki Cocke can attest to how damaging those injuries can be, even when the accident is a minor fender bender.

“I was stopped at a stop sign when the car behind me got hit from behind,’’ Niki explains. “The impact of that crash caused the car behind me to hit me. Immediately after that, I didn’t feel a thing. I didn’t even go to the hospital, because I felt fine.”

About 48 hours after the crash, Niki developed a headache. A few hours later, while at work, the accountant began experiencing discomfort in her neck while sitting. Later, her fingers and toes began to tingle. Then the entire left side of her body went numb.

Concerned about her deteriorating condition, Niki began looking for a chiropractor. In particular, because of her work schedule, she searched for one who sees patients after 5 p.m. Her search eventually led her to Riverview Chiropractic Center.

It was a fortunate discovery for Niki because Riverview Chiropractic Center is the practice of Steven J. Minafri, DC, who has worked with accident patients since he was 18, when he was a medical technician serving with a rescue squad in New Jersey.

“I’m well versed in what happens to the body in a car crash,’’ Dr. Minafri says. “Because of my experience, I know what needs to be done to restore someone’s activity level and get them back to the way they were before the accident.”

Based on his knowledge, Dr. Minafri began his treatment of Niki by first ordering an MRI to determine precisely what damage was caused by the accident. That MRI revealed that Niki had suffered pinched nerves in both her neck and upper back.

In response to his findings, Dr. Minafri first treated Niki with therapies designed to reduce the inflammation in her neck and back and calm any spasmed muscles. He then went about the task of re-aligning her skeletal structure.

Niki received therapies to relax her muscles and whole-body vibration therapy (WBV) to strengthen her musculoskeletal system. She also received intersegmental traction therapy to re-establish normal range of motion in her neck and back.

“This therapy is delivered while the patient lies on a bed that has a series of rollers beneath it that roll up along the spine,’’ Dr. Minafri educates. “The rollers gently stretch and mobilize the vertebrae, which restores and enhances their mobility and motion.”

Niki, who was also finding it hard to breathe because of the pinched nerve in her back, began her therapy in June, attending a session three times a week. She is now being treated twice a month for maintenance purposes and says she feels great again.

“I feel so much better in every way,’’ she exudes. “The headaches, tingling and numbness are all gone, and I’m breathing normally again. I can’t believe how well everything worked out. I definitely made the right call going to Riverview Chiropractic Center.

“Dr. Minafri is great, and his staff is awesome. Everyone there is so friendly, professional and personable. It’s a place I highly recommend. I couldn’t be happier with the treatment.”

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