Continuous Synchronization

Hearing aids communicate with each other 1200 times per second.

Chicago native Kasey Witte, 30, is a full-time nanny for her two nephews, ages three and one. In her role, she does everything from diaper changing to potty training, meal planning to providing first aid. When a change in her hearing affected her ability to hear her children, she worried about their well-being.

 Photo courtesy of Kasey Witte.

With her new hearing aids, Kasey says she hears everything.

“A few years ago, my family and friends noticed a major change in my hearing,” shares Kasey. “I was having a difficult time following conversations, and was not very engaged in the discussions. I was also having trouble hearing everyday things such as a knock on the door or the doorbell ringing. Talking on the phone was a problem as well.
“Over time, my hearing continued to decline, and I started having a hard time hearing my nephews opening doors and running around the house. It became a safety issue. That was my biggest concern.”
Kasey took her suspicions to her primary care physician, who suggested she visit a hearing specialist. She went to a local provider and was prescribed hearing aids the same day, but she was unhappy with the instruments they recommended and didn’t wear them.
“My family started searching for other hearing aid specialists, and they came across an article in Florida Health Care News about Knoblach Hearing Care,” recounts Kasey. “I read the article on one of their patients, and everything about it spoke to me. That’s when we decided to research the office further. Then, we scheduled my first appointment.”
Knoblach Hearing Care in Largo is the practice of Dean M. Knoblach, a board-certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. From the moment Kasey walked in the door, Dean made her feel welcomed and comfortable. Immediately, she felt she could trust Dean to find a good hearing solution for her.
“The first part of the visit was Dean just getting to know me, how I got where I was and where I wanted to be in the future,” she recalls. “The second part was the testing. He went through a step-by-step process and concluded I had a profound hearing loss. Then, I went through a trial of the hearing aids he recommended, and I was very happy with them.”

Industry Advancements

“Kasey arrived at Knoblach Hearing Care after having lackluster results with her previous hearing aids,” notes Dean. “In her work as a full-time nanny, Kasey needed devices that were adjustable. She had to be able to hear her nephews when they were a distance away from her and also when they were right next to her.
“Kasey needed something comfortable to wear that took care of the different environments she was in on a regular basis,” confirms Dean. “Some of the latest technology released in our industry, and the technology we recommended for Kasey, involves wireless pairing of the hearing devices.

“Dean and the hearing aids he recommended have completely changed my life. I went from feeling like I was on mute all the time to hearing everything.” – Kasey

“It’s not Bluetooth® pairing, but rather continuous synchronization of the left and right hearing aids with each other. These devices identify what they are hearing and where the sound is coming from, automatically measure the room size through echolocation, and then adjust themselves for maximum speech clarity and noise management. They complete this process twelve hundred times per second.”
The most recent version of this continuous synchronization technology was just released in August 2017. It has all the capabilities of the current technology, but it is smaller.
“These new instruments are the size of a pencil eraser,” describes Dean. “They literally came out a few weeks ago. We started using them days after their release, and they’re amazing.
“These wireless devices that talk to each other have changed sound management. They’re the biggest change I’ve seen in the hearing aid industry since 1983.”
Improvements to the rechargeable battery technology are other recent advancements in the industry. The newer batteries can provide 24 hours of service from a single charge. If these batteries lose their energy, 20 minutes of charging can provide up to seven hours of battery life.
“These new batteries will last for five years,” elaborates Dean. “Before, batteries only lasted three hundred charges, which didn’t even get people through a year. Then, they had to replace the battery cell, which is costly and takes time. The older batteries also took four hours to charge, and there was no quick-charge capability.”

Enjoying Life Again

The continuous synchronization hearing aids from Knoblach Hearing Care make a huge difference for Kasey. She says her hearing is even better than normal because she can now hear things she never could before.
“Dean and the hearing aids he recommended have completely changed my life,” she enthuses. “I went from feeling like I was on mute all the time to hearing everything.
“My work has changed dramatically as well, especially from a performance and a safety perspective. Now, I’m able to hear everything my nephews are doing. It’s truly unbelievable.”
Kasey loves her new hearing aids, so she wears them. She’s no longer having difficulty with the activities she struggled with before. Now that she can hear people clearly in conversations, she’s spending more time with her family and friends.
“I’m more engaged than ever before,” she reports. “My social life is thriving. I’m back to being a regular thirty-year-old. I’m trying new stuff, getting back in touch with old friends and going out to lunch or shopping. I used to avoid making or returning phone calls because I couldn’t hear. Now, I want to do it all the time.

“You never know what you’re missing out on until you can really hear it. I wish everybody with a hearing problem could find the joy I feel” – Kasey

“That is a huge step for me, and a major confidence builder. I feel like I’m really enjoying life again.
“You never know what you’re missing out on until you can really hear it,” she adds. “I wish everybody with a hearing problem could find the joy I feel. I highly recommend Dean and Knoblach Hearing Care to anybody who is struggling with hearing loss! Anybody!”

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