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Conservative measures restore deteriorating smile.

Photo byFred Bellet.

Diana Poteet

Diana Poteet, who is looking forward to turning 80 next year, has a sunny disposition to match the sunny places she’s resided. She was born in San Francisco, California and moved to pre-statehood Hawaii in 1953. She remained in Hawaii until two years ago, when she returned to the US mainland and relocated to the Sunshine State.

While living in Hawaii, Diana followed a diverse professional path.

“Career-wise, I was a teacher of little ones,” she shares. “I liked the preschool to kindergartners. But as the years went by, I tried other things as well. I worked for a law firm for a number of years and spent some time in retail, but I retired from corporate McDonald’s® for the Pan-Pacific Basin. And I enjoyed raising my three children as well.

“Twelve years ago, my dad and brother passed on, so I moved in and cared for my mom. When she passed away, I made the move to Florida. One of the things I really enjoy about Florida is the change of seasons. All those years I lived in Hawaii, it was always summer. The seasons and the temperature changes in Florida are absolutely wonderful.”

The change of seasons wasn’t the only change Diana was looking for when she moved to Florida. For years prior to making the move, her sunny disposition had always been clouded by a ragged smile that embarrassed her. Her problems stemmed from a distrust of dentists that began as a child and kept her from routine dental care throughout most of her lifetime.

“As a young girl, I had some unfortunate experiences that led to me not going to the dentist for years at a time,” Diana confesses. “My mother made me go, but once I was on my own, I didn’t. I only went to the dentist when I was in pain, which wasn’t wise, and my teeth really deteriorated. I eventually lost some teeth, so I could only enjoy soft, pureed or liquid food, and I stopped smiling in public.

“When I moved to Florida, one of my agreements with my family was that I would take care of my teeth. I had put it off and put it off and finally, my son asked around about a dentist, and a coworker recommended Dr. Bedi. My son visited him first and couldn’t believe how wonderful he was. He said, Mom, you’re going, so I went. Everything about it was a plus.”

Satnam S. Bedi, DMD, at Anchor Dental Care in Spring Hill, offers a comprehensive range of dental services to restore patients’ smiles. Dr. Bedi and his staff understand that some people get anxious about going to the dentist, so they take a slow, reassuring approach with each patient to make them comfortable and gain their trust.   

“He’s giving me the confidence to get back out there, and I’m really excited about it.” – Diana

“The staff at Anchor Dental Care is a team of four people who clearly care for each other,” Diana describes. “In my mind, if they care that much for each other, they’re going to care for me as well. They were polite, courteous, kind, and they understood my situation.

“Dr. Bedi has a wonderful smile and delightful eyes. A dentist’s eyes say a lot about him. To me, Dr. Bedi’s eyes say, I’m a good man.”

The caring positivity of Dr. Bedi and his staff relieved Diana’s unease about going to the dentist. She was able to relax and allow Dr. Bedi to evaluate her dental situation and determine a treatment plan to restore her smile.

Next Steps

The first thing Dr. Bedi does with new patients is talk. Through this discussion, the dentist identifies the patient’s chief complaint as well as their goals for dental treatment. Using the information he gathers, Dr. Bedi creates a treatment plan to achieve those goals.

When Dr. Bedi creates treatment plans for his patients, he chooses the most conservative approach possible to reach the treatment objective. That was true in Diana’s case as well.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Left to right:
Rachelle Weiner, CDT, CDA;
William Hemme, dental assistant;
Satnam S. Bedi, DMD, MS;
Marlo Waldron, receptionist

“When Diana came to us, she had not seen a dentist in many years,” Dr. Bedi recalls. “Initially, we sat down with her and talked about the restoration process. We wanted her to be comfortable so she would begin to believe in us and what we could do for her.

“Once Diana was ready to proceed, we made a comprehensive record of her teeth. We took impressions, x-rays and a CT scan to examine her bone structure. Diana had a number of failing teeth, as well as some missing teeth. There was also infection present in some of her teeth, which had to be extracted.

“My recommendation was to save the teeth that were still viable and to replace the rest, on both the upper and lower arch, with dentures anchored to her remaining teeth. I put metal coverings on those remaining teeth so we could use them for denture support.”

“I was very happy to hear that Dr. Bedi was going to be able to save a good number of my natural teeth on the top and bottom because that’s important for my overall oral health,” Diana exudes.

“At first, Dr. Bedi thought he might need to do root canals to save some of those remaining teeth, but it turned out that none of them needed that. Imagine my delight. I appreciate that he didn’t do the extra procedures.”

Dr. Bedi’s decision to take a more conservative route and use Diana’s existing teeth rather than surgically placed anchors to support her dentures saved Diana from having to undergo additional oral surgery.

“By taking this approach, Diana came to trust us,” Dr. Bedi says. “When patients trust us and feel comfortable, we can proceed with the next steps in their treatment and ultimately reach their desired goals.”

Food, Glorious Food

After years of being restricted to a mostly liquid diet, Diana’s goal was to enjoy the luxury of eating whatever she wished. She was also anxious to show off her sunny disposition with a smile that matched it.

“With my new dentures, I’m looking forward to the whole world of wonderful food coming my way during the holidays,” says Diana, who is already feeling more confident and plans to be a lot more social with her new smile.

“When I first moved to Florida, there were a few places I didn’t go to because my front teeth were gone,” Diana relates. “I’m planning to go to those places now, and I’m planning to do some other things, like work in a thrift shop as well.

“I’m also a member of Beta Sigma Phi sorority, and I plan to become active again. I know those ladies would’ve accepted me, but I wasn’t comfortable with my smile. But with my new dentures, Dr. Bedi is opening those doors for me again.

“He’s giving me the confidence to get back out there, and I’m really excited about it.”

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