Confidence Booster

Implant-secured dentures provide sensational, functional smile.

New Jersey native Francis Scheideler worked a lot of different jobs before he moved to Florida a few years ago. He was a truck driver for a while and once owned and operated his own pizzeria. He also worked as a maintenance mechanic in a sewage plant.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Francis Scheideler Sr.

Now 77 and retired, Francis currently stays busy serving as an American Legion chaplain and as a Eucharistic Minister serving Holy Communion to patients at area hospitals. He also has a seasonal, part-time job – playing Santa Claus.

No matter the role, Francis is always interacting with the public in some form or fashion. That’s why he recently sought to correct a longstanding dental issue, one his general dentist did not feel comfortable attempting to correct on his own.

“I had a bridge that was damaged and anchored to a tooth that was bad,’’ Francis explains. “It was a relatively big bridge, so the plan was to put me in dentures. Except, I didn’t want the kind of dentures you put in and take out all the time.”

Eager to provide the fix Francis preferred, his general dentist recommended he visit John W. Thousand IV, DDS, at Dental Specialists of North Florida.

Dr. Thousand’s recommended implant-secured dentures as the fix for both the top and bottom arch and together, Dr. Thousand and Francis’ general dentist worked out the details and made that happen.

Secure Smile

Implant-secured dentures don’t slip or move the way standard dentures can. That security is what Francis wanted, so he accepted Dr. Thousand’s recommendation. During his next visit, Francis’ remaining lower teeth were extracted, his implants were placed, and his teeth were secured into place.

The implant-placement procedure for Francis’ upper arch proved a bit more complex, so Francis had to wait for the implants to heal before receiving his permanent upper denture. He now has both upper and lower teeth that don’t come out. Needless to say, he is smiling with more confidence than ever.

Before and after images courtesy of Dental Specialists of North Florida.“The procedure wasn’t bad at all, and the wait for the permanent upper arch was worth it,’’ Francis exudes. “I’m really glad I went with the implant-secured dentures because it’s like I have a whole new set of real teeth.
“And let me say this about Dr. Thousand: He’s very well educated, and his temperament with his patients and his concern for his job are exemplary. I recommend him to everyone I see who has dental issues like mine.”
Dr. Thousand says results like Francis’ are what he’s in the business of providing.

“We’re all about giving patients confidence,’’ he says. “If your self-esteem is low because you don’t have the smile you want or you can’t chew properly, we can change your life because we’re going to give you a great-looking, functional smile.”

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