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A retired professor of neurology, John Martin*, MD, still enjoys rattling off facts about the nerves and spinal cord and doesn’t miss a beat.Stock photo from
“I enjoy talking about the thing I know best,” Dr. Martin says. “It’s a comfort zone.”
While Dr. Martin may feel comfortable talking old school, he recently decided everyday household tasks are something he doesn’t like as much.
“My wife of twenty years passed away this year, and I was suddenly on my own, and I soon discovered that daily chores, like cooking and light cleaning, were not my thing. I needed some help.”
Dr. Martin’s wife suffered a long battle with leukemia and later developed Alzheimer’s disease before her passing. To assist with her daily care, Dr. Martin turned to A Nurses Touch Healthcare, a Vero Beach nurse registry, to help him care for her.

Patient Commitment

Sue*, CNA, HHA, has been registered as an independent contractor with A Nurses Touch Healthcare for 13 years. She is assigned to Dr. Martin.
“It’s a great company to be registered with, and I am happy here,” Sue says. “As soon as I heard Dr. Martin wanted me to come back and help him out, I was thrilled. I loved caring for his wife, and I have fond memories of that. Dr. Martin is a really sweet man. And he is very smart. His mind is sharp. I enjoy having conversations with him. He keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure.”
Sue assists Dr. Martin with grocery shopping, preparing meals and light housework, such as making beds and straightening up the house.
“Dr. Martin is very self-sufficient; he really isn’t a cook,” Sue says with a laugh. “He spent his days in the classroom teaching, so he likely didn’t take the time to develop cooking skills. I help him with that and whatever else he may need me to do. I am with him three days a week for a few hours each of those days.”
Additional activities of daily living that independent contractors can assist clients with include bathing, dressing, feeding; transferring in and out of beds, chairs or wheelchairs; and transportation to doctor appointments.
“We provide many levels of care, including RNs, LPNs, certified nursing assistants, home health aides and companions,” describes Karen Henderson, registered nurse. “And it is all provided with the utmost proficiency and compassion. When we visit someone’s home for the first time, we are not only assessing our client’s need for care, but also his or her personality, lifestyle, interests and preferences so that we can best match our independent contractors to the client’s likes and dislikes.”

Through The Years

Through 68 years of marriage, Robert and Mary Lee have done everything together. They’ve become accustomed to each other’s speech and actions and know each other’s likes and dislikes without question.

Photo courtesy of A Nurses Touch Healthcare.

Whenever possible, Robert and Mary enjoy lunch together.

In his younger life, Robert, now 91, spent time in the US Army. He then went to work as a teacher and district administrator. Mary worked briefly in education as well.
“I taught business education classes for eighteen years, and for nineteen years, I was assistant superintendent of Michigan Public Schools,” relates Robert. “I handled the business department.”
“I was also a teacher for a short time,” notes Mary, “but I did not do it for very long.” She had a family to raise. She and Robert have two children, and now one grandchild and one great-grandchild.
Even after 67 years, Robert and Mary were content to live together in their Vero Beach home. Not long ago, however, they were forced to separate due to changing health circumstances. Mary continued to live at home, but Robert moved to assisted living at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions.
Eventually, they both found themselves in need of a little help. Much like Dr. Martin, the couple turned to A Nurses Touch Healthcare.
The CNA assigned to Robert was Lauretta Scott, who assisted him after he fell and hurt his shoulder. Lauretta initially cared for Robert during his stay in a rehabilitation facility, then later at his home.
“I returned to him after rehab because he was having difficulty doing some of his daily activities,” explains Lauretta. “A while later, I went back to help him when he broke his hip. Now, he’s living at Brookdale, and I’m with him again.
“When he first got to Brookdale, he used to pull the alarm and things like that, so I am there to kind of curb his behavior. I also keep his room clean and change his linen. Sometimes, I play cards with him.”
“I win at Blackjack,” jokes Robert.
Mary needed care when she fell and broke her arm late last year. That made it difficult to do her daily activities and chores around the house. She was pleased with the service Robert received, so she called A Nurses Touch Healthcare. Kristi Anderson was referred to Mary’s care.
“She had a fall in December and needed a little assistance because she couldn’t use her left arm,” states Kristi. “Mary is very bright and alert and does everything on her own, but I’m helping her out while she gets her strength back. I’m actually helping to guide her so she’s able to do things on her own again.
“I help out with her laundry and her bathing, and I do simple things around the house. I assist her with activities like getting clothes in and out of the washer and dryer, using the shower heads and other things around the house that she needs to be able to do on her own. We go over to see Robert for lunch every now and then.”
“We have a very good relationship. I love her,” Mary affirms.

Personalized Plan

While A Nurses Touch Healthcare aims to offer a full range of services, their ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality of care they can for each of their clients.
“When we go into a home to evaluate needs, we try to match clients with independent contractors who best suit their personality,” Karen explains. “We are very thorough in making sure that we provide the best possible care that we can give. Our clients are our top priority.”
As far as Robert and Mary are concerned, they’re thrilled with the new friends they’ve made in Lauretta and Kristi and are pleased that A Nurses Touch Healthcare referred these caregivers to them.
“A Nurses Touch Healthcare is a very good company,” states Robert, “and I have a good time with Lauretta. She takes good care of me.”
“I’m very happy with my care,” adds Mary. “I would highly recommend A Nurses Touch Healthcare.”
Dr. Martin says he, too, would gladly refer anyone who requires specialized home care to A Nurses Touch Healthcare.
“They can do anything you need,” he says. “They took good care of my wife and were a blessing to us. Now, they are here for me, too. It really helps me out a lot.”

*Patient and caregiver names withheld upon request.
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