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Mary Ann Cavallo had worn contact lenses for years. But over the last year or so, she noticed that even with her contacts in, her vision was getting worse.

Mary Ann Cavallo had cataracts removed by Dr. Craig Cole at Premier Eye Clinic in Port Orange.

Everything is vibrant
and bright for Mary Ann
since her cataract

“Driving was the most difficult situation,” Mary Ann relays. “I drive all over the place. That’s my lifeline to the world. I was not seeing the traffic light – whether it was red or green. I couldn’t really read the road signs clearly, either.”

“Mary Ann was seen in our office for a routine examination,” explains Craig N. Cole, MD. “After examining Mary Ann’s eyes, it was determined a stronger prescription was not the answer, and that her cataracts were the problem.”

Mary Ann shares that a few years ago, she was diagnosed with cataracts.

“My optometrist told me I had cataracts a few years ago,” Mary Ann says. “I knew they had to progress to a certain point before they could remove them. I think he thought I was at that point, since my overall vision had not changed as far as the need for a stronger prescription. He wanted a surgeon to look at my eyes to look at those cataracts.”

“After examining Mary Ann, I determined that the cataracts had progressed to a point where surgery was necessary to remove them,” Dr. Cole confirms. “In addition, I wanted to test Mary Ann to make sure nothing else was causing her decreased vision, including glaucoma, macular degeneration or dry eye disease.”

Mary Ann says she was surprised how bad her vision actually was.

“When Dr. Cole looked at the cataracts, he asked me, Did you drive here today?” Mary Ann remembers. “He said I would have failed the driving test if I had to take one. I knew my eyesight was bad and getting worse, but I suppose there are things you tell yourself you get used to seeing incorrectly. Your mind plays tricks on you.”

No More Worries

After consulting with Dr. Cole, Mary Ann received standard lens replacements after the cataracts were removed in conjunction with the LenSx laser-assisted cataract surgery system.

“We discuss all options available with every patient so they understand the benefits of each different replacement lens and that they have a voice in the decision making process,” shares Dr. Cole. “The most important thing to us is that each patient is well informed about all their options and understands their choices.”

Mary Ann’s cataracts were successfully removed and her astigmatism was corrected using the LenSx, a laser-assisted cataract surgery system.

“This particular laser assists during specific surgical steps,” explains Dr. Cole. “It softens the cataracts so they can be removed more easily, and it corrects some astigmatism. In addition, the incisions are made much more precisely and are better calculated with the laser itself, rather than with a blade. Using this laser also promotes a shorter healing time.”

“At Premier Eye Clinic, we strive to be on the forefront of technology,” Dr. Cole shares. “Having this latest technology allows us to provide the most advanced care to our patients.”

Mary Ann admits she was a bit worried about undergoing cataract surgery.

Mary Ann Cavallo had cataracts removed by Dr. Craig Cole at Premier Eye Clinic in Port Orange.


“I didn’t want to be awake or feel any pain,” she recalls. “It’s scary to even think about having surgery on your eyes. As it turned out, it’s not a big deal, once you do it. Everything went well at the surgery center. Dr. Cole and the entire staff were attentive and really wonderful.”

Since her surgery, she now wears readers only occasionally, for close-up reading, and her distance vision is spectacular. “The results are unbelievable,” she raves. “I can drive now and not worry about my safety or the safety of others because I can read the signs and see the traffic lights without an issue. You don’t realize how bad things are until you see things clearly again. Everything is brighter now. Things used to be dimmer. Now, everything is vibrant and bright.”

“A Number One Experience”

A retired nurse, Mary Ann knows a good doctor when she sees one.

“I was very apprehensive at first because I know that a good, reputable doctor is harder to find these days,” Mary Ann says. “But I ended up being pleasantly surprised by Dr. Cole. He is talented, attentive and he builds trust. I’ve recommended him to friends several times.

“I had what I would call a number one experience,” she continues. “No follow-up issues. The entire staff is great. I’ve never had a doctor take care of me who has such a wonderful staff. As a retired nurse, that is something that I am very aware of. They are interested in you as a person. They truly care, and it shows.”

FHCN article by Judy Wade. Photo by Jordan Pysz. Graphic from courtesy of Premier Eye Clinic. mkb
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