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Unique dental implants eliminate bone grafting.

Kathey Samson is Florida born and bred. She’s originally from Homestead but relocated to Brooksville during the summer break between first and second grade, so she considers Brooksville her home. For the past 15 years, she’s worked as a teacher at a small Christian academy in Brooksville. In addition to being a teacher, Kathey is also a loving mother and grandmother.

Photo courtesy of Kathey Samson.

Kathey happily works on one of her favorite activities, doing crafts.

“I have two children, a boy and a girl, but they’re adults now,” she states. “I have two grandsons, ages eight and ten, but they live in St. Augustine, so I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. But we do get together several times a year.”

Kathey enjoys teaching, and being with her students makes her happy, as does visiting with her children and grandchildren. For the longest time, she wanted to display her happiness, but issues with her teeth robbed her of her smile.

“I never had great teeth, but in recent years, they became loose and started falling out one by one,” Kathey describes. “I was very self-conscious. It got to the point that I wouldn’t smile. I wouldn’t show my teeth, and when I talked, I put my hand over my mouth.”

Recognizing that Kathey’s teeth were deteriorated beyond what he could repair, her dentist referred her to Coastal Jaw Surgery for a total smile reconstruction. At Coastal Jaw Surgery, Kathey met with Kenneth L. Anderson, DDS, a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

“Kathey was referred for treatment of several dental issues,” Dr. Anderson recalls. “She had two failing dental implants, periodontal disease and an unstable bite. Her teeth didn’t come together properly, and it was noticeable on her facial profile.

“Upon examination, it was readily apparent that she needed extensive treatment, but she was a good candidate for our Same Day Teeth® process. I explained what Coastal Jaw Surgery offers with Same Day Teeth, and she decided to proceed with that treatment.”

Replacement Options

The dentists at Coastal Jaw Surgery have performed the Same Day Teeth protocol since 2009. They stand out from other practices offering similar processes because they have multiple protocols for performing the procedure. Most practices have one or two.

“We have all the tools in the shed,” Dr. Anderson observes. “We have four different protocols for Same Day Teeth. We choose the one to use based on the patient’s needs and dental situation.

“One protocol is for placing implants and converting the patient’s existing denture to fit over the implants. Another protocol involves fully computer-based guided surgery. With that, we first perform the surgery on the computer, which generates a template for implant placement that is arranged in the patient’s mouth during the actual surgery.”

All of the protocols used at Coastal Jaw Surgery involve providing patients with their final prostheses on the day of implant surgery. Not all dental practices have the option of providing the patient with permanent teeth at the time of surgery. Another protocol involves the use of zygomatic implants.

“When people lose their teeth, they also lose bone mass in their jaw, which is where implants are typically placed,” Dr. Anderson informs. “Zygomatic implants are extra-long implants that are anchored in the cheekbones rather than the jawbone.

“These implants are a newer alternative to bone grafting, a procedure we do when the patient’s upper jawbone is too thin to support the implant. That was the case with Kathey, who had a significant deficiency of bone in her upper jaw.

“So, when we performed Kathey’s Same Day Teeth surgery, we used the zygomatic implants. These implants have a success rate of more than ninety-five percent, but there are a limited number of surgeons in the US performing the zygomatic implant procedure.”

Before and after image courtesy of Coastal Jaw Surgery.

Coastal Jaw Surgery was recently certified as the first ZAGA [Zygoma anatomy-guided approach] Center in the United States. This designation means that their surgeons are certified to place these implants via a protocol formulated by Dr. Carlos Aparicio of Barcelona, Spain. In essence, these implants are utilized for patients who have extreme bone loss in the upper jaw and would otherwise not be able to have implants or permanent teeth at all.

“Kathey didn’t want to go through extensive surgery,” Dr. Anderson explains. “If we didn’t use zygomatic implants, she would have needed extensive bone grafting that requires six to nine months of healing before the implants can even be placed.
“If Kathey did not get Same Day Teeth with the zygomatic implants and went a traditional route instead, it would have taken a year and a half to two years for her to get her permanent teeth.”

Huge Success

Instead, she received new teeth right away. Dr. Anderson extracted Kathey’s remaining teeth and placed the dental implants, five on the upper jaw and four on the bottom jaw, on the same day. She also received the permanent teeth on that day.

“For the top, I received a denture, which I’ll wear while the implants in my cheekbones heal,” Kathey relates. “I’ll get my permanent upper prosthesis in about five months.”

Kathey expected the Same Day Teeth process to be painful, considering everything that’s involved with it. But she was pleasantly surprised to discover that the process wasn’t particularly uncomfortable.

“Dr. Anderson was very detailed and made sure I understood everything about Same Day Teeth. He was very knowledgeable and confident, so I knew I was in good hands.” – Kathey

“From the very beginning, Dr. Anderson was very detailed and made sure I understood everything about Same Day Teeth,” Kathey remembers. “He was very knowledgeable and confident, so I knew I was in good hands.

“When the surgery was over, Dr. Anderson gave me pain pills, which I took for about a week. But I took them mainly because they contained an anti-inflammatory, and that reduced the swelling. Aside from a little swelling, there was really no pain at all.”

Kathey says she’s thrilled with the appearance of the lower appliance she’s already received. The best part about it: It’s got her smiling again.

“My teeth look great and very natural,” she raves. “They’re a very close match to my natural teeth. When people find out that my bottom teeth are a prosthesis, they can’t believe it.

“Since I got Same Day Teeth, I feel confident that my teeth look good and everything is going to stay in place. I recommend Same Day Teeth to anybody, and I absolutely recommend Dr. Anderson and Coastal Jaw Surgery.”

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