Chairside Compassion

Fear is removed and confidence restored with this Boca Raton dentist.

A history of dental anxiety resulted in an onset of oral health issues for Elizabeth Freeman.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Elizabeth is proud of her smile thanks to Dr. Fatmi.

A native of New York, Elizabeth relocated to Delray Beach about four years ago. For several years prior to her move to the Sunshine State, Elizabeth avoided the dental chair, but a Saturday afternoon emergency forced her to seek help.
“I had a dentist in New York, but I wasn’t seeing them like I should have been, as I had a fear of dentists from a young age,” she explains. “After the move here, I came down with a really bad toothache one day. Of course, this happened on a Saturday, and very few dentists are open, or even answer their phones. I looked up some dentists online in my area and came across Dr. Fatmi, and they had an emergency number listed. I called and he got me right in. I was so thankful.”
Naved Fatmi, DMD, at Regency Court Dentistry, came up with a long-term treatment plan after seeing Elizabeth on that Saturday afternoon.
“She came in with an abscess and a very bad infection,” Dr. Fatmi states. “I treated her for that and saved the tooth. She started coming in sporadically to fix a tooth here and there. One day, I told her we needed to come up with a long-term treatment plan to fix her mouth or else we were just putting BAND-AIDS® on everything. I wanted to save her teeth and create a beautiful smile for her. She agreed that a treatment plan was a good idea.”
After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Fatmi created a six-month treatment plan that included implants and crowns.
“We placed crowns on the front four teeth up top, as well as implants in the upper back with crowns over those implants,”
Dr. Fatmi explains. “I pretty much restored her upper jaw. On the bottom, we have crowned two of her teeth so far.
“Implant-supported crowns are excellent for replacing individual teeth, which was the case with Elizabeth. When a tooth is missing, the best way to restore that missing tooth is with a dental implant with a crown overlay.
“In addition to implants and crowns, I also got her mouth cleaned up and her gums healthy,” Dr. Fatmi continues. “Elizabeth was in pretty bad shape orally when I first saw her, and I explained to her that her mouth needed to be overall healthy for the treatment plan to be effective.”
Elizabeth says she has never met a dentist like Dr. Fatmi.
“He is kind, caring and professional and never pushes a thing on you that is not necessary,” she says. “The fact that he is open for emergencies on weekends is amazing. He is the one who called me back when I called the emergency number. What other dentist does that? His staff is amazing. I used to have so much anxiety and avoided dentists, but not with him. I look forward to going now.”

Beyond Cleanings

Dr. Fatmi and his staff work hard to ensure that the experience in the office is pleasant and relaxing. “We treat people comprehensively, from beginning to end,” he assures.
Regency Court Dentistry provides that comprehensive care in a comfortable, non-judgmental, relaxed environment. They specialize in denture repairs, extractions, root canals and crown repair.
Additional services available at Regency Court Dentistry include Invisalign®, veneers, inlays and onlays, whitening, and emergency services.
Many patients are pleased to discover that they can also get their old silver fillings replaced with a newer material made from a resin or porcelain composite, a significant improvement and often a prelude to a whitening treatment.
“As Elizabeth quickly learned, we also see patients on the weekends and after hours,” notes Dr. Fatmi. “We pride ourselves on our emergency services. If someone is in pain and calls the office and presses option two, it goes directly to my cellphone. This is how Elizabeth was able to reach me so quickly that day. When snowbirds are visiting South Florida – and we do have a lot of snowbirds – many of these people are in town on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and we’re able to see patients on the weekends, take care of their issues and get them back to their general dentists up north.”
In addition to offering complete dental services, Regency Court Dentistry is a true citizen of the Boca Raton area.
Dr. Fatmi and his staff participate in many local events and outreach programs such as Head Start dental exams conducted at Florence Fuller Child Development Centers, and The Arc of The Glades program on behalf of the Dental Home Initiative for people with developmental disabilities.
Quote by Elizabeth Freeman regarding the service she received from Regency Court Dentistry.“We are proud of the results we provide our patients, and especially pleased to play an active role in our community,” concludes Dr. Fatmi. “Going to the dentist should not be a scary or traumatic event, and we invite even those who are nervous about needed dental work to come in and let us help them.”

Back to the Big Apple

Having only lived here in Florida a few years, Elizabeth says she is relocating back to New York for family reasons.
Despite the distance, she says she plans to continue to entrust her dental care to Dr. Fatmi.
“I have lots of friends here, so I will plan my visits around dental appointments,” Elizabeth says. “He’s terrific and very knowledgeable, and I don’t want to go through finding another dentist. I feel like I finally found one I can trust and where I am not just a number or a face in the crowd. They know me by name, they greet me when I walk in and they know what I like and what bothers me. They know how to ease my fears and keep me relaxed. They are an unbelievable group of professionals.
“I can chew food now and not be in pain, and I can smile like I never have before! He really did give me back not just my smile, but also my confidence, and that is something that really touches me. He is not just a dentist; he is a human being who cares. He is honest and never pushy.
“He does a lot of volunteer work in the local community, and that says a lot about him as well. It shows the kind of person he is. I highly recommend Dr. Fatmi. He treats everyone he meets with care and compassion. You won’t be disappointed!”

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