Bombard Belly Fat

Drop stubborn pounds and inches while lying on your back.

Gregory Gollhofer is a smart man. Not only did he work in information technology for 37 years, he also fled the brutal cold of the Brooklyn, New York winters and moved to balmy Florida, where he’s lived for the past 34 years.

Gregory Gollhofer and Lizette (alias) lost pounds and inches using Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System at Slim Body Laser Spa in Stuart.

Gregory Gollhofer

For most of his life, however, Gregory struggled to lose weight, especially the extra fat on his belly and chest. But he was smart enough to know when to look in a new direction when fancy diets didn’t work.

“At one point, I weighed two hundred and twenty-nine pounds, was wearing size forty pants and extra-large shirts, and even they didn’t feel comfortable on me,” Gregory reveals. “So, I tried one of those big diet programs.

“I lost fifty pounds, but the weight came right back. I tried to convince myself that program was the way to go, so I went on it a second time, and the same thing happened, so I learned that diet program really didn’t work for me.

“Then, I went to a dietitian, and she taught me how to eat, what to eat and what portions to eat, which was excellent. But following that meal plan was too complex, so I didn’t maintain my weight loss.”

When his attempts at dieting failed, Gregory didn’t give up. He remained open to new approaches to losing weight and eventually discovered a unique option in an unlikely place – his doctor’s waiting room.

While waiting for an appointment, Gregory picked up a copy of Florida Health Care News and read an article about Tred Rissacher, DC, and the Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System he offers at Slim Body Laser Spa in Stuart.

“When I read the article, I said, This is something I’ve never thought about before. Maybe I should look into it and learn more about it,” Gregory remembers, “So, I made an appointment for a consultation to see what was involved with the program.

“My first impression of the spa was excellent. The people who work with you are very professional. Then I met with
Dr. Tred, and I was impressed by his knowledge. He explained how everything worked.

“Before meeting with Dr. Tred, whenever I thought about lasers, I thought of something destructive. But Dr. Tred explained that his laser system is designed to heal the body and could help me lose weight.”

Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System is like a dream come true. With it, many people can lose one to five inches of measured girth while lying on their backs for 30 minutes three times per week for three weeks. That’s with no strict calorie reduction or excessive exercise.

“This dream has become reality in the form of today’s FDA-approved technology called low-level laser lipo machines, also known as red light lasers,” Dr. Tred notes. “There’s no longer a need for people to subject themselves to the risks associated with surgical interventions such as liposuction and tummy tucks, or the use of thermal energy such as fat freezing and hot lasers.

“When applied to the fat layer underneath the skin, low-level laser therapy will produce predictable, consistent, sustainable inch reduction without pain, downtime, rigid food discipline or strenuous exercise. Areas such as the belly, chest, back, thighs, arms and chin can all be safely improved using laser lipo.”

When compared to classic weight loss, the difference is the laser, which works directly on the problem fat cells, causing them to release their contents and shrink. Each 30-minute laser session releases approximately 40 to 60 grams of free fatty acids, or 400 to 600 calories, into the body’s surrounding tissue.

Dr. Tred explains, “The laser treatments release stored calories from the fatty layer of cells, which the body burns as energy. It’s a slow process for the body to absorb and convert those calories into energy with normal exercise and time. That’s where a process called whole body vibration comes in. Whole body vibration use accelerates this transfer of energy.

“Without whole body vibration, it would take two to three days for the body to burn the released calories. Whole body vibration does it effectively in only ten minutes, so patients get results quicker and lose inches more consistently than they would if they relied on home exercise to burn the calories.”

“The laser sessions were very calming, and there was music playing while I was getting treated,” Gregory describes. “The staff put me at ease and made me feel secure that there’d be no outside interference. I got the laser on two spots, my belly and my chest.

“The treatments were nothing. All I had to do was lie on a table, and the staff placed laser paddles on my problem areas, then they moved the paddles every ten minutes. When I finished with that, I went on a special
shaking machine for twenty minutes, and that was one complete treatment.”

While the program does not require calorie restriction or strenuous activity, Dr. Tred does mention that diet modification and some exercise can help the process be more sustaining.

“Patients do need to eat right and move around in order for the results from the low-level laser treatments to be long-lasting,” he urges. “People will be more than happy with the results they see if they follow the entire plan.”

Southern Comfort

Alabama native Lizette* moved to Florida in 2011 after retiring from 20-plus years in the industrial supply business. She says she wasn’t old enough to retire, but her husband urged her to do it anyway, so she agreed. The downside to not working, however, was that her activity level decreased, which had a negative effect on her body.

“I put on some pounds from not doing anything,” Lizette shares. “I developed a double chin, and my stomach was really sticking out. I’d never been overweight, and I was very uncomfortable.

“My clothes felt uncomfortable on my body. I wouldn’t wear fitted clothes, like fitted shirts or dresses, nothing that actually showed my bulges. I wore more loose-fitting clothes because I felt so fat.”

Lizette learned about Slim Body Laser Spa and Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System at a local fundraiser she attended. At the fundraiser, the spa’s staff made a positive first impression on Lizette.

“The people at Slim Body Laser Spa were just so upbeat when I went for my consultation,” Lizette recalls. “I loved Dr. Tred. He was a wonderful person and a class act. I was so impressed that I signed up for the entire three-week, nine-session program.”

Thoughts of weight loss were foremost on Lizette’s mind. She was already exercising regularly by swimming in her pool. She was excited about starting Dr. Tred’s program and seeing what the laser could do for her. Like Gregory, Lizette found the treatments comfortable and calming.

“I was totally surprised by the laser sessions. They were very relaxing,” Lizette confirms. “I just lay there and listened to the music. I took a nap while I was getting the treatments. And after the laser sessions, I went on the whole body vibration machine for ten minutes, which was wonderful. I liked it so much, I bought one for home.”

Strict dieting is not required with Dr. Tred’s program, but staff at Slim Body Laser Spa discuss good nutrition with
program participants. Lizette took advantage of that benefit and made some key changes to her daily eating plan.

“The staff was very encouraging as far as diet, using high-protein drinks and other nutrition suggestions,” she relates. “I got into new eating habits, which was a wonderful experience for me.

“There were two things I pretty much cut out of my diet, sugar and bread. I occasionally have half a sandwich, but it’s very rare for me to go to a restaurant and order a sandwich. My husband is following my exercise and diet plan with me, which makes it easier.”

Gregory was also pleased with the nutrition advice he got from the staff at Slim Body Laser Spa. He liked that they didn’t expect him to follow a complex meal plan, like the one the dietitian created for him, or an extremely low-calorie diet.

“There was no crazy diet,” he assures, “The staff gave me information on certain vegetables and fruits I should eat. The information included the number of calories and amount of sugar they contain compared to what I was eating. They stressed getting enough protein for my body to function during the day.”    

Goal Outcomes Achieved

Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System did for Gregory and Lizette what diets and exercise alone had failed to accomplish. And they were amazed by how quickly they saw changes in their bodies after starting the program.

Gregory Gollhofer and Lizette (alias) lost pounds and inches using Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System at Slim Body Laser Spa in Stuart.

Gregory used his weight loss at Slim Body Laser Spa
as a springboard for a
healthier lifestyle.

“After three treatments, I could tell a difference in the way my clothes were fitting,” Lizette enthuses. “At the end of my third treatment, they measured me, and I’d already lost several inches. After nine sessions, I lost a total of eleven and a half inches and twelve pounds.

“It was awesome. It was so exciting to see the changes in my body. I had a waistline again. I could wear clothes I wouldn’t wear before, like those fitted shirts and dresses.”

Gregory had a similar experience. He realized a difference in his body even sooner, experiencing results right off the bat.

“The changes started right away after the first session,” he marvels. “I noticed I dropped a pound or so of weight, and the size of my body changed. I could tell by the clothing I was wearing.

“I went for nine sessions in three weeks and lost five and a half inches off my belly and one and three-quarters inches off my chest. I also lost nine pounds during that time. I was ecstatic, so I signed up for additional treatments.”

Like Lizette, Gregory also felt more comfortable in his clothes after his laser treatments. He was so pleased with his results, he used them as a springboard to begin a healthier lifestyle that included a nutritious diet and regular exercise. These changes proved very successful for him.

“Before I went to Slim Body Laser Spa, I was wearing size forty or larger pants and extra-large shirts,” Gregory reports. “Right now, I’m between a thirty-six and thirty-eight waist to even things out, and I went down to large shirts.

“When I’m not at Slim Body Laser Spa, I walk about five miles and do forty-five minutes of aerobic exercise in the pool. And for the past four months, I’ve eaten better and lost about thirty-four pounds total to finish at a lean one hundred ninety-five pounds.”

Both Gregory and Lizette are impressed with Dr. Tred, his staff and especially his laser-assisted weight-loss program. They both experienced dramatic results in only nine sessions in three weeks. Thus, they believe in the science behind the laser treatments and have achieved the results to prove it. They’re happy to share what they’ve learned.

“I would suggest Dr. Tred’s program at Slim Body Laser Spa to anyone because it was a totally exciting experience for me,” Lizette says. “Anyone can walk in there and lose three and a half or four inches in three weeks. That’s quite a bit, and it’s pretty impressive.”

“I totally recommend Dr. Tred’s program to my friends,” Gregory agrees. “It’s an excellent option for losing weight. With it, there are no side effects, no pain, no surgery and no dangerous injections. Dr. Tred’s program helped me reduce my size, gain energy and confidence, and achieve a good weight for better health.”

*Patient’s name withheld at her request.
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