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Ugly vein clusters can lead to painful blood clots.

As a dishwasher at a local retirement center, Dennis Bailey spends 40 hours a week standing. In his free time, the Akron, Ohio native goes to the gym to work out and lift weights. He also likes to bicycle, swim and square dance.

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Dennis no longer has the awful swelling and ugly veins in his legs.

All the time on his feet eventually caught up with him in the form of ugly varicose veins on both legs. He also began to experience other symptoms that annoyed and distressed him, despite efforts to care for his legs.
“I always wore support stockings at work, but my veins got so bad my ankles would swell and become inflamed,” describes Dennis. “I had pain in my legs, which would ache and cramp all the time. I elevated my feet and took Aleve® to help with the swelling and pain. My legs were painful, but it didn’t keep me from doing anything.
“I had clusters of veins on both legs for a long time. They just got to the point that I had to do something. I went to the walk-in clinic next door. They told me the problem was in my veins, and I needed to get them taken care of.”
The staff at the walk-in clinic recommended a few physicians that Dennis could visit. One, however, stood out from the others due to his extensive experience and expertise. He was vein specialist Douglas H. Joyce, DO, of Joyce Vein & Aesthetic Institute. Dennis called and made an appointment.
As a vein specialist, Dr. Joyce immediately recognized venous disease by Dennis’ symptoms. Initial symptoms of venous disease include swelling, tired legs, spider veins, varicose veins and a feeling that the legs are getting progressively heavier. Over time, venous disease slowly worsens. Left untreated, it can lead to skin discoloration, thickening and ulceration.
Dr. Joyce impressed Dennis from the start.
“He knew what he was talking about,” states Dennis. “He examined me and did an ultrasound. He explained what was going on in my veins and how dangerous it was. He answered all of my questions, then recommended I get a laser procedure in both legs.”
When Dr. Joyce examined Dennis, he noted his legs had the classic appearance of varicose vein clusters. The ultrasound showed his venous disease was most significant in the greater saphenous veins in both legs, but was present in others. The doctor performed saphenous vein laser ablation and his single-needle perforator laser ablation on Dennis.
“The procedure was very simple; I watched him do it. And it didn’t take very long. That was impressive. I thought I’d be in pain afterward, and he gave me pain medication. I took one before I went to work and one before I went to bed. That’s all.”
Later, Dr. Joyce performed a second procedure to remove the most affected veins from Dennis’ legs.
“Once the laser procedures were completed, we could then address the prominent vein clusters. We made a series of very specific, little nicks about a millimeter long over the veins and removed them. This is called microphlebectomy.”
Not only were Dennis’ procedures simple and quick, his recovery was also rapid with little downtime. “I had the laser procedure done on Wednesday, was off on Thursday and back to work on Friday,” he remarks.
Quote by Dennie Bailey regarding Joyce Vein.

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“There are two systems of veins in the legs,” notes
Dr. Joyce. “There are the high-pressure, deep veins in the middle of the leg, and the low-pressure, superficial veins near the surface of the skin.
“The superficial veins collect the blood from the skin and transport it through the deep veins, which have valves in them. The deep veins create pressure by using leg muscles when a person walks to eject the blood all the way up to the heart.”
The valves in the deep veins are designed to close tightly to keep blood flowing toward the heart. If the valves fail, blood can flow backward out to the superficial veins near the skin. When this occurs, the superficial veins respond like balloons, stretch and fill up with blood. The result is varicose veins.
“There are many veins supplying the skin,” explains Dr. Joyce. “When a connected vein section is exposed to that high pressure, a cluster of varicose veins develops.”
Dr. Joyce stresses that varicose veins are not just a cosmetic problem. They represent a major inefficiency of the blood drainage system in the legs. With the vein clusters, there’s also an increased risk of forming blood clots in the legs.
“Blood is intended to move through veins in a straight manner,” he describes. “When the veins get tortuous, as with the clusters, blood meanders through the twists and turns. As a result, blood flow slows down and runs into turbulence. At that point, it can clot.
“If people put a little extra pressure on those areas, by crossing their legs or falling asleep with a book on their legs, the veins clot. This is horribly painful, and it’s very difficult to treat when someone comes in with a clotted vein. I always tell people it’s best to take care of the vein problem before anything like that can happen.”
Dr. Joyce is a pioneer in treating all of the causes of venous disease of the leg. He has developed new techniques to treat venous disease, including single-needle laser ablation, a noninvasive method of treating the diseased veins responsible for advanced venous conditions.
“Joyce Vein and Aesthetic Institute is one of the few centers in the United States performing a significant number of the single-needle ablation procedures,” notes Dr. Joyce. “We teach physicians from all over the world how to do this technique. We have developed it to the point where it’s quite successful and have performed more than fifty-five hundred procedures, with a very high success rate and almost no complications. Overall we have performed close to seventeen thousand venous laser procedures.”

Images courtesy of Joyce Vein and Aesthetic Institute.Fantastic Outcome

The ablation and microphlebectomy procedures took care of Dennis’ venous disease and relieved his symptoms. He no longer suffers the painful, annoying results of disrupted blood flow in his legs, and he’s back to his activities in comfort.
“I feel fantastic, so much better,” raves Dennis. “I have no swelling anymore. I can ride my bicycle without my legs swelling. I have no more pain or cramping in my legs, and all those vein clusters have cleared up.”
Dennis didn’t know what to expect when he first visited Dr. Joyce, but he’s very glad he did. His time with Dr. Joyce and his staff was excellent, and it resulted in a positive outcome. He’s more than satisfied with his experience.
“I’m happy with everything they did at Dr. Joyce’s office,” says Dennis. “I’m impressed with the staff. They are so kind, and everything went smoothly. Most of the time, I was in and out. The laser procedure only took about ten minutes, and I got successful results.
“I recommend Dr. Joyce to a lot of people. When they ask where I went, I tell them Joyce Vein and Aesthetic Institute!”

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