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ED treatment works to enhance performance.

Individuals and groups planning special events often turn to Steve Schmalhorst to rent tables, chairs and other equipment needed for their gatherings. Steve’s worked in the special events industry most of his life.

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Steve Schmalhorst

“I grew up in Connecticut,” he shares. “There were a couple of short stops in between, but primarily, I went from Connecticut to Atlanta, Georgia, then Atlanta to Florida. I’ve been in Tampa for a little more than thirty-one years now.”
Steve has always been successful in his work. Six months ago, he began having difficulties in his personal life. He was disappointed with his sexual response and performance. He didn’t struggle with erectile dysfunction, or ED. He just wasn’t feeling like his normal self in the bedroom.
“The difficulties were really nothing more than any sixty-year-old man might experience,” he relates. “I didn’t have quite the same amount of energy. My level of physical activity regarding my sex life was not the same as when I was in my forties.”
In the course of conversation, Steve mentioned his concerns to his longtime friend and physician, Robert C. Lupo, DC, of Physical Medicine Center in Tampa.
Dr. Lupo offered Steve a suggestion to help increase his sexual sensitivity and enhance his performance.
“I’ve known Dr. Lupo since before he was a doctor,” states Steve. “We’ve known each other for about thirty-four years. When I moved to the Tampa area, I needed chiropractic services, and I went to him.
“One day, I mentioned the struggles I was having, and he told me about the GAINSWave™ procedure. He asked me if I’d like to try it, and I said, Sure, why not? Let’s give it a shot.
GAINSWave is a unique treatment that uses sound wave technology to clear the tiny microvessels in the urogenital region. This increases circulation to the penis, which improves sensitivity and the quality of the erection, intensifying the entire sexual experience.
“GAINSWave is based on the same technology as lithotripsy, the process used to break up kidney stones,” elaborates Dr. Lupo. “When applied to the penis and urogenital region, it breaks up calcium deposits in the tiny blood vessels, such as the small capillaries, improving circulation.”
Dr. Lupo stresses that while GAINSWave is an excellent treatment for men with ED, it is also very effective for achieving erectile, sensitivity and volume improvement. Men like Steve, who are simply dissatisfied with their current sexual performance, can gain tremendous benefits from the treatment as well.
“Steve is one of those patients who did not have ED,” confirms Dr. Lupo. “He was simply looking for a better erectile response and overall improvement in his sex life. He was a perfect candidate for GAINSWave.”
“Dr. Lupo explained the process to me and what GAINSWave does,” notes Steve. “It essentially opens up the arteries in the area where this treatment is being performed, to increase blood flow, which enhances performance.”

GAINSWave for ED

Because sexual health can affect overall well-being, the impact of untreated erectile dysfunction can extend beyond the bedroom.
“We all want to feel good, be healthy and have great sex,” acknowledges Dr. Lupo. “In fact, studies have shown that good sexual energy does many things for health and well-being. These include decreasing stress, providing a stronger functioning immune system, improving sleep, increasing self-esteem and happiness, and much more.”
To reverse ED, Physical Medicine Center offers GAINSWave as an alternative to prescription medications. GAINSWave does more than work to improve blood flow by directing low-intensity sound waves to the urogenital region. The treatment also stimulates the growth of nerve tissue vital for achieving and maintaining healthy erections.

“I noticed an improvement in my ability and total performance after Dr. Lupo treated me with GAINSWave.” – Steve

Men may be embarrassed to talk about ED, but it’s a common issue.
“Male sexual dysfunction in some form affects about fifty-two percent of men, and more than half of those are aged forty to sixty,” Dr. Lupo says.
The condition is frequently related to impairment of the tiny blood capillaries in the penis and urogenital area, which hinders the natural erectile response. Vasculogenic issues, causing decreased blood flow, are estimated to affect some 80 percent of men with ED.
The risk of ED goes up in men with hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Smoking is also a risk factor. All of those issues can affect the intricate blood flow and nerve function needed for a lasting erection.
Increasing blood flow in the right places is the basis of ED drugs like VIAGRA® and CIALIS®. However, not all men are able to take those medications because of contraindications or adverse side effects.

Restoring Youthful Performance

Men have experienced a renewed ability for healthier erections after only a few GAINSWave treatments, assures Dr. Lupo. Just two painless treatments per week over a three-week period is all most men need to restore erectile function.
“GAINSWave’s ability to improve blood flow, increase new vascularization and increase nerve sensitivity in the urogenital region has been pretty phenomenal,” observes Dr. Lupo. “The erection ability is stronger, longer, better and more impressive. It’s taking men back to more youthful times in their lives without the necessity for medications.”
“My partner said she noticed a significant change once I started the GAINSWave procedures,” reports Steve.
The noninvasive therapy is also used to successfully treat a painful syndrome that causes curvature of the penis, called Peyronie’s disease, that is the result of scar tissue.
Dr. Lupo says GAINSWave uses the same technology that has been effective for years in the US and Europe to treat plantar fasciitis; heel, knee and elbow pain; scar tissue, tendonitis and connective tissue injuries.
“GAINSWave emits concentrated blasts of sound waves akin to ultrasound or sonar technology. These sound waves travel faster than the speed of sound, and when applied through the correct number of pulses, frequency and energy, they can have a positive effect on tissue to restore blood flow and nerve sensitivity,” he explains.
“We’re very encouraged by how GAINSWave has been used to treat hundreds of patients without harmful side effects,” concludes Dr. Lupo. “Any man who wants to restore youthful performance should call us to explore whether this is the right option for him.”

Painless Routine

There were no harmful side effects for Steve, either. In fact, he found the noninvasive treatments easily tolerable and even mundane.

Photo by Fred Bellet.

Steve feels more
energetic overall after treatment.

“The GAINSWave treatment was not at all painful,” he describes. “Once I got over the fact that I was exposed to someone, a technician I didn’t know, during the procedure, it was pretty routine.”
Routine or not, Steve achieved positive results with the therapy. Now, he’s quite pleased with his enhanced sexual response and performance in the bedroom. And so is his partner.
“I noticed an improvement in my ability and total performance after Dr. Lupo treated me with GAINSWave,” he says. “And so did my significant other. You could say she was the one who benefitted the most!”

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