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Pounds and inches disappear with safe, natural weight loss system.

Suzanne Gralnick had a long, active career in nursing and hospital administration. Her last position was serving as a school nurse in Maryland. The Westchester, New York native retired and relocated to Florida. It may have been the slower pace of Southern living that resulted in a few added pounds and increased inches around her belly.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

After nine sessions, Suzanne lost nine and a half inches around her waist.

“For about a year, I put on some extra weight around my middle, and I wasn’t happy about that,” she admits. “My clothes were a little tight around the waist, and I didn’t want to have to go up another size.
“I also wasn’t moving as well as I had been. I’m usually very active, and I stopped being as active, and that frustrated me. Even though I’m going to be seventy-five, I don’t consider myself old.”
Suzanne wasn’t having any success losing weight on her own, so she made up her mind to find help eliminating those extra pounds and inches. She considered many weight loss programs, and one she discovered stood out to her.
“I researched multiple weight-reducing methods, including fat freezing,” she confirms. “Then, one day, I was waiting in my doctor’s office and picked up a copy of Florida Health Care News. I saw an article about Slim Body Laser Spa.”
From that article, she learned about Tred Rissacher, DC, of Slim Body Laser Spa in Stuart and the Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System he offers.
“At first, I thought, This sounds too good to be true,” recalls Suzanne. “But I kept the article. It took probably six months for me to finally say, I’ve had enough. One day, while I was out running errands, I drove by Slim Body Laser Spa and said, I’m going in, and I did.
“I spoke to the staff about their program. After explaining it thoroughly, I thought it might be for me. They measured me, gave me my first treatment, then they measured me again. I lost an inch and a half, so I thought to myself, This might actually work. I signed up for the nine-session program.”

Two-Fold Treatment

Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System includes nine 30-minute laser sessions over three weeks. Laser energy is applied to the body, which safely causes microscopic pores to form in the fat cells.
The fat leaks out of the cells through these pores and is absorbed by the body. It is then burned as energy or removed from the body naturally. The result of this process is flat, empty fat cells and a lighter, more slender body.
The laser is delivered through eight little “paddles” that house the laser energy. Each paddle is about the size of a cell phone. The laser energy is cool, does not heat up and causes no discomfort.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Suzanne’s slimmer figure has given her self-confidence a boost.

“The treatment sessions were very relaxing, to the point where I almost fell asleep,” describes Suzanne. “They treated my abdomen in three areas, the middle, upper and lower. The laser was on for a total of thirty minutes. All the while, they had nice, soothing music playing. I felt just a little warmth from the laser, but it was nothing at all.”
In addition to treating Suzanne with the laser, the Slim Body Laser Spa staff also counseled her on proper nutrition. They suggested small changes she could make in her diet that would help in her weight loss efforts and improve her health overall.
“I was never one to read ingredients or monitor what I ate,” reveals Suzanne. “The staff taught me to be more conscious of what I put into my body. They instilled in me the importance of having at least twenty grams of protein at each meal, as well as keeping my sugar intake low and drinking plenty of water.”

Long-Term Solution

More than 4,000 people have shed thousands of stubborn pounds and inches over the past six years with the help of Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System. Dr. Tred’s system succeeds when other attempts at weight loss have failed.
The difference is the laser, which works directly on the problem fat cells, causing them to release their contents and shrink. Dr. Tred’s laser system is a safe and quick solution to stubborn fat.
“Most people want to get the fat off safely with good nutrition, minimum exercise and no downtime,” observes Dr. Tred. “This laser treatment is an effective method that doesn’t take long. In a series of nine thirty-minute sessions, patients can lose three to nine inches of belly fat, and their health will improve dramatically. This allows for a long-term solution to keeping the weight off.”

“When I was done with my nine sessions, I lost nine and a half inches and nine pounds.” – Suzanne

Dr. Tred’s laser system can treat many problem areas, including belly fat, muffin top, back fat, bra bulge, chin fat, upper arms, thighs and male breasts. The doctor does mention, however, that diet modification and some exercise can help the process to be more sustaining.
“Patients do need to eat right and move around in order for the results from these treatments to be long-lasting,” he verifies. “People will be more than happy with the results they see if they follow the entire plan.”

Continuing Gains

When Suzanne first read about Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System, she was skeptical. Yet, she kept the article and turned to Slim Body Laser Spa when all else failed. She was amazed by the results she achieved by the end of her initial course of treatment at Slim Body Laser Spa.
“When I was done with my nine sessions, I lost nine and a half inches and nine pounds,” she marvels. “I was so thrilled I immediately signed up for the maintenance program, and since August, I’ve lost a total of eighteen pounds.”
The weight loss has made a big difference in how Suzanne’s clothes fit her. Not only did she avoid going up a size, she’s now comfortable in clothes she’d long outgrown. Her new, slimmer figure has improved her self-confidence and her mobility.
“At this point, I’ve gone down a size in clothing,” she enthuses. “I was just cleaning out and reorganizing my closets and found I fit into things I haven’t worn in over a year.
“I feel one hundred times better about myself. I have more energy, and I’m doing more around the house. I can only praise Dr. Tred’s laser system.”
Suzanne has praise for Dr. Tred and his staff as well.
“The staff at Slim Body Laser Spa is absolutely fantastic,” she elaborates. “They are very experienced, caring and encouraging. They help you every step of the way.
“Dr. Tred has a wealth of knowledge, not only because of his chiropractic background, but also because of everything he’s researched about nutrition and health. He and his staff are there to give you the support you need to succeed in whatever goal you set.
“I have recommended Dr. Tred’s laser weight loss system at Slim Body Laser Spa many times. It’s well worth the investment!”

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