Banish Belly Bulges

Relax your way to losing stubborn pounds and inches.

After years of working for a company doing web design, Jamie Burns decided she’d rather work for herself. In 2004, she started her own business, Working Girl Creative, where she now does web design from home. The decision to be self-employed turned out to be life-altering for Jamie in more ways than one.

Jamie Burns and Nancy Flanagan lost pounds and inches using Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System at Slim Body Laser Spa in Stuart.

Jamie Burns

“I do a lot of networking for my business and for an organization I’m involved with,” she relates. “Along with that, there’s a lot of volunteering and many charity events. At one of those events, I won a certificate for laser weight-loss treatment sessions.

“I’d spent the last year trying to lose some of the weight I gained, weight that just crept up on me over the years. It was mostly around my midsection. I tried a number of different diets but didn’t make any headway losing the weight.”

The failed diets frustrated Jamie, as did the way her clothes were beginning to feel on her. She had to stop wearing anything form-fitting because it exaggerated the bulge around her middle. Eventually, she reached a tipping point and made a decision to act.

“The clothes I had were becoming uncomfortable,” she shares. “Certain clothes, like clingy blouses and leggings, I put in the back of my closet and didn’t want to look at them. I got to the point where I looked in my closet and said, Wait a minute. I don’t want to go up another size.

“Then I thought, I’ve got to change something. So, I decided, I’m going to do something completely different than I’ve done before. I’m going to sign up for those laser weight-loss sessions.

The certificate Jamie won was donated by Tred Rissacher, DC, of Slim Body Laser Spa in Stuart.

“When I walked in, it felt like a spa,” Jamie recalls. “It was very professional and organized. I was immediately greeted by the girls at the reception desk. I’ve known of Slim Body Laser Spa for years from going to the Women’s Power Lunch, so that was one reason I was comfortable trying something that had laser in its title.

“Dr. Tred then showed me a video and explained how the program worked, and it made so much sense to me, much more than the other thing I looked into, which freezes fat cells. I said, Okay, I’m going through with this.

“The actual process was easy. I just laid on my back for 30 minutes, while the laser released the stored calories, I listened to music like you’d hear in a massage spa, and it was very calming.”

Each 30-minute laser session includes three ten-minute treatments on different problem areas. When the sessions are completed, patients are encouraged to go to an area called the whole body vibration room, confirms Dr. Tred.

“The laser treatments release stored calories from the fatty layer of cells,” he educates. “It’s a slow process for the body to absorb and convert those calories into energy with normal exercise and time. Whole body vibration accelerates this transfer of energy.

“Without whole body vibration, it takes two to three days for the body to burn the released calories. Whole body vibration does it effectively in only ten minutes, so patients get results quicker and lose inches more consistently than they would if they relied on home exercise to burn the calories.”

“Everyone there was so encouraging,” notes Jamie. “They offered nutrition advice, as well.”

Goodbye Girth

Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System is like a dream come true. With it, many people can lose one to five inches of measured girth while lying on their backs for 30 minutes three times per week for three weeks. That’s with no strict calorie reduction or excessive exercise.

“This dream has become reality in the form of today’s FDA-approved technology called low-level laser lipo machines, also known as red light lasers,” observes Dr. Tred. “There’s no longer a need for people to subject themselves to the risks associated with surgical interventions such as liposuction and tummy tucks, or the use of thermal energy such as fat freezing and hot lasers.

“When applied to the fat layer underneath the skin, low-level laser therapy will produce predictable, consistent, sustainable inch reduction without pain, downtime, rigid food discipline or strenuous exercise. Areas such as the belly, chest, back, thighs, arms and chin can all be safely improved using laser lipo.”

After my nine weeks, I lost eight and a half inches in my midsection as well as eight pounds.” – Jamie

The difference is the laser, which works directly on the problem fat cells, causing them to release their contents and shrink. Each laser session releases approximately 40 to 60 grams of free fatty acids, or 400 to 600 calories, into the body’s surrounding tissue.

“Those released fatty acids are absorbed naturally and made available to the body in the form of energy, which is typically utilized over the following day or two,” explains Dr. Tred. “That’s where whole body vibration comes in. It enables that fatty acid to move more quickly from the surrounding tissue into the body’s metabolic system, where it is burned as energy.”

While the program does not require calorie restriction or strenuous activity, Dr. Tred does mention that diet modification and some exercise can help the process be more sustaining.

“Patients do need to eat right and move around in order for the results from the low-level laser treatments to be long-lasting,” he comments. “People will be more than happy with the results they see if they follow the entire plan.”

Singing and Slimming

Unlike Jamie, Nancy Flanagan was content to work for others. She was a teacher and guidance counselor for 30 years before retiring and relocating from her native Rhode Island to Florida. She’s like Jamie in other ways, however. Nancy, too, had areas of stubborn fat that wouldn’t budge with any diet she tried.

“When I retired and moved to Florida, I gained weight and was just not happy,” she states. “My problem areas have always been from my waist to my knees. I’ve been on different diets my whole life, and it’s been a yo-yo. My weight’s been up and down, up and down.

“Although I’ve never been extremely overweight, I’ve always looked and felt better when I was slimmer. I’d been struggling to button up my jeans, and my jean shorts were just not working.

“I’d recently visited friends and family up north and was embarrassed because I gained those extra pounds. I thought, I need to jumpstart my weight loss. I want a quick fix that will be long-term.

That fix wasn’t hard for Nancy to find. She lives near Slim Body Laser Spa and regularly passes the sign touting Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System. She often considered the program that to her seemed like a miracle. She wondered if it would work for her.

“I’d drive by that sign and say, Geez, I’d love to try that,” she discloses. “I’d watch videos on the Slim Body Laser Spa website and think, All those people making testimonials couldn’t be making that up. They couldn’t get real people to use their names and pictures if it isn’t true.

“Then one day, out of the clear blue, my husband started singing the Slim Body Laser Spa jingle. Then it all came together. I told my husband, It can’t hurt. It’s a free consultation. That’s when I finally decided to go and check it out.”

As soon as Nancy arrived at Slim Body Laser Spa, Dr. Tred met with her to show her the educational video about the program and answer all of her questions. She was impressed with the spa, the program and the doctor.

Jamie Burns and Nancy Flanagan lost pounds and inches using Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System at Slim Body Laser Spa in Stuart.

Before & After

“Slim Body Laser Spa was a very warm and friendly place, especially for people who are self-conscious about their weight and a little leery about what the program is all about,” she describes. “Dr. Tred stayed with me so long that the receptionist had to come in and say, You’re running over time. Your next person is here.

“There was no question after I spoke with Dr. Tred. I knew his program was for me. I signed up right then and there.”

Initially, Nancy was concerned the laser sessions might be uncomfortable. She was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite was true.

“They’re so relaxing,” she admits. “They have this soft music playing and dim lighting. I wore my own clothes, but they had me wear these dark glasses, then I’d drift off to la-la land. The sessions were amazing.

“At first, I wondered what the laser was going to do to me, but all I felt was a very light warmth. It’s cool in the laser room, so that warmth feels good, like a heated seat. It’s wonderful. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

Results Beyond Belief

Jamie and Nancy both took Dr. Tred’s advice and followed the entire plan. Each saw significant differences in their bellies and other problem areas using Dr. Tred’s Ultimate Laser-Assisted
Weight Loss System.

“Slim Body Laser Spa guaranteed a loss of three inches, but after nine sessions, I lost ten inches and about eight pounds,” marvels Nancy. “It was unbelievable. My husband asked me if the treatments were only done on my abdomen because he was certain my legs looked thinner, too.

“I laughed at first, but sure enough, the cottage cheese cellulite on my thighs was disappearing. The results of Dr. Tred’s laser weight-loss program are beyond belief.”

For Jamie, the experience was similar. She, too, was in disbelief at the success of the laser treatments. And like her career choice, the results of Dr. Tred’s program were ife-altering for her.

“After my nine sessions in three weeks, I lost eight and a half inches in my midsection as well as eight pounds,” she enthuses. “It was great that the results were so immediate, and it was so encouraging after struggling for a year to make some progress with my weight. And to have this happen in only three weeks!

Slim Body Laser Spa guaranteed a loss of three inches, but after nine sessions, I lost ten inches and about eight pounds.” -Nancy

“I won that certificate last year in October, and I had it hanging on my refrigerator. One day, I said, Come January, I’m going to use this certificate and go to Slim Body Laser Spa. It was one of many New Year’s resolutions I made. I finally made one that’s working.”

After losing pounds and inches, Jamie and Nancy both say they are happier about the way their clothes are fitting. Nancy can button her jeans without hesitation, and Jamie is dragging out of the back of her closet some of the items she once banished there.

“My clothes are much more comfortable now, and I don’t worry about having to buy bigger sizes,” confides Jamie. “I’m now able to wear tops that are a bit more clingy and other form-fitting clothes I couldn’t wear before.”

The three-week, nine-session program is not the end of the road for either Jamie or Nancy. They plan to use the progress they made at Slim Body Laser Spa as springboards to living healthier lifestyles and furthering their weight-loss goals.

“There’s no such thing as a magic pill, no matter what you do,” acknowledges Nancy. “The program at Slim Body Laser Spa was a way to jumpstart my weight loss. Dr. Tred told me the laser removes the outer layer of stubborn fat. The rest is up to me.”

“I absolutely recommend Dr. Tred’s laser weight-loss system at Slim Body Laser Spa to anyone who’s not seeing progress losing weight with what they’re doing on their own,” adds Jamie. “It was definitely successful for me.”

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