Backcourt Rebound

Better than ever after chiropractic treatments.

Basketball is in Courtni Demorest’s blood. Her mother, Diane, played the game and has been coaching it for 32 years. It was only natural that after toying with a couple other sports as a youngster, Courtni went all in on basketball a few years back.

High school basketball player Courtni Demorest found relief for her knee and wrist pain from Dr. Minafri at Riverview Chiropractic Center.

Courtni Demorest

A budding shooting guard, Courtni has forgone the traditional high school route to attend the Impact Basketball Academy in Sarasota. Courtni has already drawn the attention of a few colleges and therefore has realistic dreams of one day playing college ball.

If she makes it, some of the credit for her success will have to go to Steven J. Minafri, DC, of Riverview Chiropractic Center. Courtni, 15, might not be playing at the level she is right now were it not for the care Dr. Minafri recently provided.

“My mother was actually the first member of our family to be a patient of Dr. Minafri’s, and she suggested a while back that I go to see him, too, to help me with some back stiffness,” Courtni explains. “So, he was already treating me when I injured my right knee.”

The knee injury Courtni suffered was a torn meniscus. Largely the result of constant wear, the tear was discovered last November, just before the start of Courtni’s freshman season, which was all but wiped out by the surgery required to repair the tear.

Courtni returned to the court just in time to play in a couple of playoff games this past spring, but after a couple more months of recovery, her knee still wasn’t feeling right. That’s when her mother suggested she have Dr. Minafri look at it.

Manipulative Magic

“Much like the back, there is potential in the knees and other joints for misalignment,” Dr. Minafri educates. “And just as you would with someone’s back or neck, you can treat that with manipulation.

“That’s what I did with Courtni. I started by making sure her hips were even and that her spine wasn’t putting any undue stresses or weight on her knees. I then looked at the specific joint and made some typical chiropractic adjustments there.”

The results of the manipulation were remarkable, Courtni proclaims. She says that after a couple of therapeutic sessions with Dr. Minafri, her knee began to feel more comfortable and a lot more stable.

“On the basketball court, it was a lot easier for me to move in my defensive stance,” she states. “My movement side to side was a lot better, too, and I was a lot quicker than I had been before.”

Dr. Minafri didn’t stop at treating Courtni’s knee. When Courtni later complained of some soreness in her right wrist, which is her shooting wrist, he used similar techniques to correct that problem. Those techniques led to similar results.

“Ever since I started getting the wrist treatments, I’ve had some really good games,” Courtni says. “There was one game during the AAU season this past summer where I made seven three-point shots, so what he’s doing is definitely working.”

It’s working for Dr. Minafri, too. Since seeing the results his therapy has had on Courtni, Diane has recommended the doctor to several of the players she coaches. She also recommended him to her husband.

“I don’t think a lot of people realize all the things Dr. Minafri can do for you,” Diane says. “He doesn’t just adjust the spine and neck; he can adjust your knees, your wrists, even your ears. He does all kinds of things, and he does them well.”

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